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Maitreya established his first mystery school on Lemuria, the ancient continent that sank where the Pacific now is, in order to rescue the lightbearers from a civilization of darkness and of the fallen ones. Since that time, the mystery school of Maitreya has been withdrawn to the etheric octave, to the Himalayas, and only the very few souls of light were allowed to go there to find Maitreya and to study under him.

On April 9, 1971, Maitreya invited the students of the masters to visit his retreat, the Focus of Illumination:

Your consciousness may travel on wings of infinite harmony into our domain; and then I am sure that we will be able to teach you in a manner calculated to free you from the dregs of your own human feelings, delusions, confusions and problems.

Here you will be free to receive the blessing of higher initiation conferred upon you first as an idea, as a concept. You will receive from us the direction to return to your body temples with the understanding that your feet, having walked upon the white marble of our retreat, will have received the blessing of our light—not only your feet, but also your entire consciousness, that you may understand that the way to cosmic initiation is to become involved with those beings of light, that band of holy light ones, who are with me....

The white-robed ones are in place, and the flame is upon the altar—the flame of initiation, the flame of purity. Many of the cosmic monks, so-called, the devotees of the Spirit (I think you would call them “cosmic monks”), are now trooping into the vast marble chapel we have erected here in the etheric realm in the Himalayas.

Come! Let us arise and enter into the temple in the skies over the Himalayas and be at peace. The formation of the cosmic figure of Kuan Yin is upon the altar. She will soon replace it by her gracious presence, and the oil in the lamps of mercy will be lit....

I extend to you evolving upon this planetary body, from the Far East, from our etheric home of light, a welcome to visit us often in your finer bodies while your physical bodies sleep. And then let your souls awaken within our retreat that you may have the knowledge and the desire and the beautiful concepts we desire to convey to you.

For initiation is the conferment of mantles of accomplishment, of cosmic achievement. Initiation is the personal accomplishment of the soul, one with the Holy Christ Self, wedded to the God Presence and invoking in the human levels of thought and feeling those transcendental experiences that are the forte of our radiance released unto humanity today....

The dawning doorway of our initiation is ever before you! Let none ever forget that magnificent doorway with those beautiful carvings of cosmic crosses upon it. Let them never forget the angels of record who stand to the right and to the left of that doorway, and let them never forget that lamp of cosmic knowledge that is carved just above the lintel itself.

O beloved ones, you are welcome here again and again and again—until at last the refreshment of your souls has gained for you a crown that will not perish from the universe, that is a crown of personal achievement under the aegis of the spiritual Brotherhood and the fraternity of light who are with you now and confer upon you the mantle of our blessing.[1]

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