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Archangel Gabriel has spoken of the danger of aliens in their spacecraft:

The chief enemies of mankind that are physical today are those who come in spacecraft as fallen angels and robotic creations, looking much like flesh-and-blood humans or aliens. These have manipulated the race long before the race had identity in God, having lost it through neglect of the God flame. Thus, earth has been subject to the prowlings of these beings who have raped her body and her mind.

Understand that enemies that are physical yet unseen are deadly. And they use all manner of technology in disobedience to God; their time is short but in their time they cause much destructivity. This is the root of planetary hypnosis—the blinding of the minds, the hypnotic spells that cause the people of earth to be nonresponsive to the call of the Great White Brotherhood and the Ascended Masters or to the dangers at hand magnified by fallen angels at every level.

Thus, beloved, there is a fraternity of Light. And the saints robed in white[1] are called the Great White Brotherhood. It is why we tarry with earth, why the Archangels are present and angelic hosts. For the Lightbearers under the net of such magnetic fields, created out of the misuse of God’s energy, have no hope of life or endurance without our protection.

The calls made by Keepers of the Flame daily sustain our angels in the protection of every Lightbearer, seed of Christ, every son of God on earth. Without the protection of angels at the physical level protecting the mind and heart, the earth today should have already passed through a period of annihilation not seen in many tens of thousands of years.

Do not underestimate the Call nor the dedication of those who have perceived the power of the dynamic decree to open the physical octave as one would open a trapdoor of a giant cylinder whereby many angels can descend to defend your life and health at the cellular level.[2]

Saint Germain has also spoken of this danger:

People of the Light, do not tarry in the false teachings of a false hierarchy that does not extend to you a vision of what in actuality is coming upon the nations but concerns itself rather with personal entertainment or even the promise of deliverance through UFOs.

I tell you, beloved, the hour has come when the Lightbearer must choose between the path of the Divine Mother and the true ascension or the path of the UFOs, which promise a flesh-and-blood deliverance but, beloved, cannot give you that which you already have, which only you can acquire through the magnificent consummation of your spirit with the living presence of God![3]

El Morya spoke of the danger of aliens on the occasion of the Harmonic Convergence[4] event held August 16 and 17, 1987:

By much communication of misguided psychics, so-called UFOs have already gained a dangerous entry into this very octave. The allegiance of many is utterly and completely given....

Keepers of the Flame must be aware that these fallen ones and aliens are utterly, and I say utterly, fearful of those who embody the Light of Sanat Kumara. They are not omnipotent nor are they omniscient, but they have used science and retain those accomplishments that were known upon Atlantis and Lemuria for destructive purposes, for manipulating life. Their goal is indeed that ‘communion’[5] whereby they shall take from the bodies of this lifewave, as they are able, all the light and secondary light that humanity themselves have received from those outposts who are the sons of God in their midst.

Beloved, they desire the Light and the genes[6] of the Lightbearer. And thus, they would approach those of the highest attainment for one purpose: to combine the seed of the fallen ones, even of Satan and Lucifer, with the seed of the highest Christed ones.[7] For thereby they have determined to do in this age what they have accomplished in many ages: the prolongation of the life of their own bodies and then that of the robot creation which they have brought forth. You will realize, then, that the very presence of the seed of Light in their genes can extend the life of that particular physical evolution for long decades, centuries and aeons....

Now we are about the challenge that does come when, through an erroneous psychic prediction, there has been the gathering of many thousands who are determined to achieve that number of a critical mass necessary for a vibrational convergence with the false gods of the UFOs. The first order of business for Keepers of the Flame of Life, then, is to visualize and call forth from the octaves of Light a blue sphere around the planet at the line where the physical meets the astral plane. Let this sphere be a barrier between those in physical embodiment and the aliens in their spacecraft who seek to find a window of contact and consonance on those two days noted of the sixteenth and seventeenth of the month of August.

Blessed ones, as my scribe has written down this day, if the people of earth in these numbers elect to establish this tie with these Nephilim gods and their spacecraft, if the allegiance be established and the tie made, there will be no recourse from unleashing cataclysm from the highest levels of the Cosmic Council. There will be no life worth living for Lightbearers on earth, as there occurs a grave overtaking of those who have not yet discovered the seed of Light within themselves. Understand just how critical these days and weeks are and just how much it does indeed lie in your hands to prevent this tie.

Following this, of course, beloved, there will continue to be a greater acclamation, by some, of the people of the Lie in their spacecraft, a greater desire for a convocation by certain humans with these their progenitors. Know, then, that the Great White Brotherhood and all angels of Light and Archangels are fully equipped to deal with the entire fallen race of aliens making their way to this planet. All of them may be turned back, beloved, but only in answer to the call of those who are the true Lightbearers of the earth.[8]


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