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AUM, OM (H-ome) [Sanskrit “I bow, I agree, I accept.”] The most abstract and yet the most concrete symbol of divinity. An instrument of self-realization. A word which carries the approximate light vibration of the English words Amen or “I AM”; the name of God.

Each of the letters stands for a component of our divinity. The A comes forth from Alpha as the initiator, the creator, the origin of spirals of consciousness, the origin of being. It is the thrust of power. The M is the OM of Omega, the conclusion, the integrator and the disintegrator of form and formlessness. From the A to the OM, all of the vastness of creation is contained. And the U in the center is you, the Real Self, the Anointed One, the Christed One, the Buddha of the light—you in universal manifestation, in particular manifestation, the Trinity. This is the power of preservation, of concentration, of cohesion as identity.

Serapis Bey says:

There is a pulsating sound throughout the Universe which has been described as the Holy AUM or OM. Others have referenced it as the “Amen”: It is the Infinite, moving through the cusp of the finite and quivering with the Infinite Life of the Eternal.[1]


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