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On July 6, 1984, Omri-Tas announced a dispensation for the multiplication of our decrees to the violet flame:

If in all reverence, with inner attunement, a sense of yourself in your Christ Self as priest or priestess of the sacred fire, if with all your heart and deep within your heart you will take, then, fifteen minutes each day to give profound and loving invocations to the violet flame in my name (and please remember to use my name, for I am the one from whose causal body this dispensation comes), then we will take that offering, measure for measure as it is devoted, as it is profound and sincere, the very weight of its power and light. Therefore, by the quality of it, quality for quality, it shall be multiplied in your life ten times!

The following decrees qualify for this dispensation.

Title Decree Number
Violet Fire and Tube of Light Decree 0.01
Mighty Cosmos’ Secret Rays 0.03
I AM Alert, Awake, Awake! 0.05
O Mighty Threefold Flame of Life[1] 0.06
I AM the Light of the Heart 0.07A
Heart, Head, and Hand Decrees
(through the Forgiveness decree)
Six Mighty Cosmic Light Calls 5.00
Decree for Freedom’s Holy Light 5.01
More Violet Fire 5.02
Decree for the Great Cosmic Light 5.03
Set the Elementals Free 7.07
Light, Set Me Free! 7.07A
Decree for World Mercy 7.20
Friends of Freedom 7.22
For World and Individual Freedom 7.23
Cup of Freedom 7.24
The Flame of Freedom Speaks 7.26
World Victory 7.27
Charge the Earth with Violet Fire 7.28
Great Karmic Board 7.29
The Living Flame of Cosmic Freedom 7.30
The Patriot’s Decree 7.33
The Great Divine Director[2] 10.08
“I AM The One” 70.00
Violet Fire, I Love Thee! 70.01
I AM Immortal! 70.02
The Fiat of The LORD 70.03
I AM the Violet Flame 70.11
Radiant Spiral Violet Flame 70.12
Violet Flame from the Heart of God 70.13
O Violet Flame, Come, Violet Flame! 70.14
O Saint Germain, Send Violet Flame 70.15
The Law of Forgiveness 70.16
Violet-Purple-Pink 70.17
Arcturus, Blessed Being Bright 70.18
Violet Flame Is ... 70.19
Affirmations 72.00
Affirmations 72.01
O Violet Flame, Flood the World! 73.00

Omri-Tas’ dispensation is specifically for violet-flame decrees from violet-flame masters. It does not include calls, preambles or songs.[3]

During a service on November 4, 1989, the messenger gave these comments about the Omri-Tas dispensation:

I want to recommend to the decree leaders that when you do violet flame, do the fifteen minutes, because nine minutes is going to count for nine minutes and that’s all, and you can’t come back later and give another six. You have to give fifteen minutes all at once, it has to be straight violet flame, and you need to do your calls to Omri-Tas beforehand.

She then led the congregation in giving violet-flame decrees from the Save the World with Violet Flame 3 recording, which consisted of the body of decree 70.13 (9 minutes) followed by the preamble of 70.18 (1 minute) and the body of decree 70.18 (24 minutes). She explained that this would qualify as 30 minutes for the Omri-Tas dispensation. This implies that preambles can be given between violet-flame decrees without this counting as a break in the solid block of violet flame. (However, as explained above, the times for the preambles don’t count towards the total that will be multiplied.)

The following decrees and mantras release the violet flame, but they do not qualify for the dispensation by Omri-Tas:

Krishna has said we could use his mantras to multiply the violet flame:

The multiplication of the Krishna mantra by the power of the violet flame and the violet flame by the power of the Krishna mantra is an indomitable force![7]


Compiled by the editors.

  1. The messenger has stated that Zarathustra, the author of this decree, is a violet-flame master. [Elizabeth Clare Prophet, June 8, 1990.]
  2. “The decree to the Great Divine Director is a violet-flame decree because he is a seventh-ray master as well as a first-ray master. He is the Guru of Saint Germain. And that is why the Great Divine Director’s call is on the violet-flame decree tape.” The Great Divine Director is also the Manu of the seventh root race. [Elizabeth Clare Prophet, August 18, 1991.]
  3. Elizabeth Clare Prophet, August 18, 1991.
  4. In response to a question as to whether Kuan Yin mantras qualified for the Omri-Tas dispensation, the messenger said, “Kuan Yin is a seventh-ray master, but her mantras are not violet-flame decrees.” [Elizabeth Clare Prophet, August 18, 1991.]
  5. “Do you know, beloved, that all mantras of the Buddhas do invoke the violet flame? Therefore when you give the Buddhist mantras, you are calling forth the violet flame.” [Vajrasattva, Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 36, no. 40, September 15, 1993.]
  6. “And when you give the Hail Mary, even then the violet flame is released. For Mother Mary has determined in counsel with us, with the Darjeeling Council, that in response to the Hail Mary said by those of the new age there shall be accordingly a release from her heart of her own full-gathered momentum of the violet flame from her own causal body of Light.” [Saint Germain, Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 30, no. 37, September 13, 1987.] On August 18, 1991, the messenger stated that the Hail Mary does not count for the Omri-Tas dispensation.
  7. Lord Krishna, “My Heart/Your Heart One,” Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 35, no. 8, February 23, 1992.