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When beloved Mother Mary dictated the first seven mysteries of the rosary, the eighth mystery and the mysteries of the five secret rays, it was with the fond hope that sons and daughters of God throughout the world would respond to the call of the Mother ray and salute the Flame of Life as the incarnation of the Word of the Mother. The Blessed Virgin stated that when sufficient numbers among the Keepers of the Flame would give with diligence and devotion these sacred mysteries centered in the lives of Jesus and Mary and in the prophecies of the Old and New Testaments, she would release the Fourteenth Rosary.

The Mystery of Surrender

Mother Mary came to the tower where she had come before and gave me the Fourteenth Rosary, which is the Mystery of Surrender. It is unlike any other of the rosaries; it is beautiful beyond belief. It teaches us to let go; it teaches us to prepare for the hour of the crucifixion. It includes the prayer of Jesus to the Father before his crucifixion. That prayer is called “The Hour Is Come.”[1]

I have noticed that among the disciples of the masters, it is an hour for surrender, and that this rosary has come precisely in the right moment, when, in order to progress any further, even the most advanced disciples must surrender their family, their loved ones, their children, their name, their fame, their accomplishments, their ego—all of the thoughts that we have about ourselves.

The understanding of surrender is that you do not lose what you surrender. You give it to God for safekeeping, and he gives back to you what he wants you to keep for him. It is saying to God, “I will not hold these things as my possessions, but I will understand that I am a caretaker and that I keep them for you, and that at any time you desire to have them returned, I am willing to give them up.”

So many times we take God’s light, his energy, the children he gives to us, and we say, “It’s mine! And I will defend it at all costs.” Well, we should defend it not as mine but as God’s, and so we’re ready to release it.

My heart leaped in anticipation of the coming of the Mother and her revelation of this rosary. And so she came. She came to La Tourelle, where she had originally appeared to me to explain the new Hail Mary and the devotions of disciples of the Anointed One for the Aquarian age. She stood in the same spot where she had originally appeared as a ray of light—the epitome of Womanhood when realized to its fullest dimension—where she had explained the Hail Mary as the salutation to the Mother ray and to the light of Alpha and Omega locked in the white-fire core of Being.

Mother Mary gave me the Hail Mary for the soul’s absorption into the immaculate conception of the Cosmic Virgin and for the weaving of the tie to her own blessed heart as the Mother of Jesus the Christ and as the archetype of golden-age woman. She said, “The Hail Mary is for the resurrection of the energies of life in the bodies, souls and minds of the children of God upon earth; and it will release matrices of perfection for the transition of consciousness into the New Age.”

The Hail Mary is the mantra of the Mother that she released to affirm the identity of the supplicant as a son, a daughter, of God praying for the intercession of the Divine Mother in the moment of the soul’s initiation in the victory over sin, disease and death. Yes, it is in the hour of the victory that we would invoke thy aid, O Blessed Mother!

Mother Mary’s teaching on the Fourteenth Rosary

For the victory of the fourteenth station of the cross and the culmination of the spirals of the thirteen rosaries in the consciousness of the Christ, the Blessed Mother has come to teach us how to surrender, how to let go of a false identity fabricated in Matter. She has come to show us how to release into the fires of the Holy Spirit the struggle and the sense of struggle and all of the components thereof—how to dissolve every counter manifestation to the point of light that is our Real Self in God. With all of our determination, with all of our striving to be free and the intensification of devotion that often becomes the tensing of the sinews of the mind and the stretching of the soul’s imagination, the Mother comes to us, and as she stands at our side, we hear her voice so lovingly explain:

Stop your wishing and your willing, my children. Cease your murmuring and your struggling against the Flame of Life. And when the day is over and you have fought the good fight of keeping the flame of harmony, let go! Oh, let go, my children! Let all that you have held dear go into the flame. Fear not; for I am near, and our God is also here—a consuming fire of immortal desire desiring to be free. Let God’s energy and all of the patterns you have superimposed thereon flow into the central sun of your own divine Reality. Let go of your worldly accomplishments and of your spiritual accomplishments. Let go of your name and your fame and the coordinates of your awareness in Matter.

Give all to God and let him give back to you that which he desires you to keep. My children, let The Mystery of Surrender be the ritual of submitting to the flame all of the garments of your consciousness as you would put your wash into the washing machine. Yes, give everything to Him. And while you sleep at night, let the Holy Spirit cleanse and purify every cell and atom, your innermost thoughts and feelings and each shadowed shaft that hides in the folds of your garment.

Take The Mystery of Surrender and let it commemorate the moment of your dying unto Reality—the moment of the letting-go of each justification of the human ego, of a false sense of responsibility wherein you think friends and family and loved ones are dependent upon you instead of upon God. Let go of the things that you think you must have. Let go of the things that you think in your pride you will never do or the things that you think you will always do. Let go of all human attachments. Let go of every ambition except God’s desiring within you to be God.

Reinforcing your hour of victory

The Fourteenth Rosary gives each devotee of life the opportunity to formulate his own prayer of surrender at the conclusion of the rosary. Let it be the surrender of death and dying, of the laws of mortality and every sense that would frame the soul as mortal.

“The Hour Is Come,” the prayer of Jesus the Lord Christ unto the Father in the hour of his surrender, preparing for the initiation of the crucifixion, is the declaration of the Christ within the devotee in the hour of the soul’s liberation unto eternal life. When Jesus looked up to God and he had finished his mission he said, “Father, the hour is come. Glorify thy Son that thy Son also may glorify thee.”[2] And so that prayer is given in this rosary not as a responsive reading, but by you as you are centered in the Christ.

This rosary may be given daily or weekly or whenever you feel the surge of resurrection’s fires propelling consciousness to the point of surrender into the Eternal Now, into the I AM THAT I AM. It marks the initiation for Christhood through which your soul will pass on the thirty-third step of initiation into the sacred fire. Each time you give the ritual in the full power of the spoken Word, you are reinforcing your victory in the hour of victory’s initiation. And you are commemorating the hour of the victory of Jesus the Christ and of every other ascended master who has walked the earth and overcome the last enemy, returning to the heart of God on the path of surrender.

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The Fourteenth Rosary is available as a booklet with the entire text of the rosary and as an audio recording with booklet.


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