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Paul the Venetian, chohan of the third ray, has given much teaching on the subject of art. Here are some excerpts:

Art as the precipitation of love

I come in the flame of art—art as more than a painting or a sculpture but art as a way of life, as a way of balance, as a way of movement within balance, as a way of portraying energy fields, and as a way of setting before the eyes of many souls a glimpse of Infinity, a point of contact with a higher art that they cannot yet perceive.

Art is the precipitation of love in a form that communicates in the silence, in the knowing, and also in the thunder and in nature and in starlight glowing.

Art is a vehicle that God uses to convey himself to you, to convey yourself to you. Art as music and as dance and as drama—art as the portrayal of life—is the pink-flame way of instructing mankind in the discipline of the Law that is necessary for the bringing forth of the highest creativity in the individual.

There are art forms, and forms of art. To find these essential forms we look to nature, to the patterns of the Holy Spirit. We look to subatomic particles. We look to the basic geometric forms, to the golden ratio of the release of energy. We look at pure forms in nature. And we, as the artist who is the instrument of the Greater Artist, portray a fusion of these forms from out of the formlessness—a symmetry of manifestation through which a special dispensation can flow—a special release of light, a special release of victory....

Negative forms in art

The light of the pure art of the Creator is shining upon this world, and yet that light is a banner that is not unfurled. It has not been seen, for those who have the ability to portray the light are not portraying the forms. The light is flowing and yet it is confined to imperfect matrices, imperfect patterns. And the artists of this decade, the artists of the Spirit intended to incarnate, they have come. And yet they have taken on the ways of the world.

And so, you see, the young who have the sense of art have been trained in forms that are patterned after the disintegration spirals. They have identified with discord, even with the patterns of the microbes of disease. They have tied into the manifestations of the misuse of the sacred fire. They have tied into the downward spirals of civilization, and sometimes ... their art is an expression of the human effluvia that hangs in the astral plane. And because their soul sensitivities have not been developed, have not been sensitized, they have psychic senses that tune into the astral plane, and thus there before you is the chaos and the confusion that is the misuse of the Mother flame.

When souls gaze upon these forms of art and take them into their subconscious, they outpicture in their auras ... this effluvia, this misqualified substance, and the substance of the pattern behind that manifestation. And so there is a programming of the mass consciousness through imperfect forms in art, of patterns of the astral plane in music, in dance, on stage, in sculpture, in still life. Therefore mankind are outpicturing those patterns at an alarming rate. There is the schism of consciousness. There is disease. There is the breaking down of the four lower bodies.

These art forms are conveyed in advertising and they are conveyed in the voodoo cults, in satanic cults as perverted rhythms. Everywhere in the world there is seen the desecration of the Mother flame through imperfect art forms, simply because of what has been called “the great divorce”[1]—the divorce of the soul from the Holy Spirit, from its patterns and from the patterns of nature.[2]

Much that we see as art and music today in the popular culture causes the scrambling of the inner engrams of the blueprints of past golden-age civilizations and etheric cities and retreats, where there is a pristine manifestation of the geometry of being and where the likeness of the inner patterns is brought forth in magnificent works of art.

Art ought to be a representation of the potential of each and every one—what man can do, what man can become, what he can aspire to! Art should represent the next level of ideas, creativity and invention instead of the degradations of the depressed, the chaotic, those who do not have an integrating fire, for they long ago snuffed it out. To call chaos art is to be asleep to the fact that chaos in any discipline, whether it be science or art, must lead to the chaos of the mind and the chaos of civilization.[3]

Contact with the Holy Spirit

Understand that for the true art of the golden-age culture to come forth, mankind must make contact with the Holy Spirit and return to the assimilation of God as Father and as Mother, as Christ flame, and as the fusion of that flame in the cloven tongues of fire.

Children must take in the patterns of nature, of the flowers and of the trees, of the skies and of the stars, and even the patterns and the formations of the stars in the heavens. Let them gaze upon a blade of grass rather than upon that discordant art form or that discordant music, so-called. Let them learn to listen in the within to the music of the spheres. Let them learn to hear the sound of the electrons whirling in their orbits....

You must understand that these children who are being born and who have been coming forth for the last decade are highly sensitized to cosmic frequencies. When they are subjected to imperfect art forms and sounds and images, there is a dulling of their inner senses, a pressing down into the within of those abilities of the soul to contact cosmic levels of awareness....

Art and the emotional body

It is music and art and forms that govern the flow of mankind’s energy, especially their feelings. The angels, such as the great artist Michelangelo, an angel, took incarnation to show mankind the perfect forms of God and man that are in the temples of light, where mothers and fathers are taken to contemplate the divinity of the soul aborning.

You see, the feeling body of mankind is a giant sea of energy, a tremendous power in the desire body. And this power must be channeled, and it is always channeled through feeling. Whatever can arouse the feelings of mankind and cause these feelings to be free flowing into patterns, this will control the destiny of the individual soul.

When we see masses of young people gathered at festivals where discordant rhythms and sounds are put together as music, when we see thousands allowing the entire contents of the emotional body to flow into these patterns—and then we see how these patterns containing this energy are released into the astral plane, becoming a floating grid and forcefield that endangers the very equilibrium of nature—we wonder, “How can we bring in a golden age?” For golden ages are always noted for the flowering of creativity in the soul, for the release of creativity. This is that love burning within your heart, that love that must burn on....

The true purpose of art

We who serve on the third ray look for the revolution of love. We look for love as art and as the discipline of art to take command of civilization, to draw mankind away from their anxieties and their tensions, to heal the hearts that beat out of rhythm with the cosmic heart, to heal the bodies where cells are in rebellion to the divine blueprint.

We look to art and music coming forth out of the genius of souls now in incarnation and coming. We look to this to restore a planetary momentum of movement toward the Source, of creativity and all that leads mankind unto that Source—the noble, the true, and the virtuous. This is that which will usher in the golden age.

Art must be a form, whatever its expression, whereby the soul can get onto the spiral that is cycling toward the center. And the perfect art is the art that keeps the attention from point to point, making that triangle of manifestation in the painting or in the sculpture—the trinity of the threefold flame of life. Art is a point of meditation upon the life within....

The classical forms of art, the great works portraying the Madonna that were released in the Renaissance—art forms that portray the family and happiness and joy, light colors and nature, the birds of the air and the beautiful cloud formations, beautiful children and beautiful faces—these should be in the nursery, in the playroom, in the recreation rooms. These should be in the classrooms, where the children can tie into that art and remember those periods in the etheric plane when they lived in the etheric cities and also journeyed to the etheric temples, where they have seen the world’s greatest artists and their paintings.[4]

The effects of art

Seldom do those in the field of art realize the enormous effect that they exert upon their society by reason of the patterns of their own life which carry forth into their art. For the life, the thoughts, the feelings, and the concepts that the individual has are an art in themselves. And a man’s total personality is reflected in his work, which then becomes the expression of the inward art which he is. Thus through art, when it is used for the communication of noble ideas, as God intended, the forcefield of human thought becomes tethered to the divine.

The bounties of God’s eternal grace are to be found everywhere; these are worthy to be preserved not in one, but in many art forms. Knowing this, artists and artisans ought to seek the Holy Spirit and the patterns thereof as a means of ensouling their work with the essence of the heavenly matrix and the power of the Sacred Word. Thus men will learn to transfer to their lives, as they have in their art, the expressions of a higher and more permanent beauty. And they will understand how to fashion their art of living after their art, even as their philosophy of living has shaped the media of their art. For in both they will have acquired the discipline of preserving only those precepts which are worthy to endure....

The true work of art can be nothing more or less than a catalyst whereby the human transcends itself and becomes one with the Divine. The true work of art must convey a universal principle through the presentation of a personal and particular aspect of Life. It must take the individual from the specific to the general, from the personal to the impersonal, without binding his consciousness to doctrine or dogma, without confining his soul to planes of consciousness not native to its own. The true work of art has many meanings for people of diverse backgrounds; allowing for the confluence of multifaceted ideas through the one Mind, it serves to integrate humanity into the Body of God, captivating souls at various points of the upward-moving spiral, the great godward cycle of individual initiation and fulfillment.[5]

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  1. “The great divorce” may refer to C. S. Lewis’s novel by the same name, in which the narrator details his dream vision of both hell and heaven. Elizabeth Clare Prophet, on October 10, 1975, used the phrase “the great divorce” in her teaching. She said, “I speak of the great divorce because the souls of mankind, over tens of thousands of years, have been divorced from the inner identity, from nature, hence from the Holy Spirit—from the communion with life in the fiery core of the atom, of the mountains, the hills, the streams, and the waters.... We have lost our spiritual senses, our soul senses; they have atrophied. And so our contact is almost nil.… We find, then, a great security in knowing that all of the masters’ teachings serve one focal point—to reconnect us to that inner reality.”
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