Cosmic honor flame

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The cosmic honor flame is a flame of white tinged with gold, an activity of the fourth and sixth rays.

It is the flame of the integrity of the Holy Spirit, of the honor of Alpha and Omega. You can’t have the Holy Spirit if you don’t have honor and integrity. The Maha Cohan, as the flame of living comfort and the cosmic honor flame, gives us the initiations of the Holy Spirit. The Maha Chohan will never compromise and give to you the Holy Ghost unless your temple is undefiled by dishonor or lying or any kind of manipulation or deception.

By invoking the cosmic honor flame, by giving mantras to it, standing up and being counted in our communities for honor and principle and good government, for right causes, we will turn the tide, God in us will turn the tide of darkness on planet Earth.

The ascended masters on the cosmic honor flame

Sanat Kumara has said of the cosmic honor flame:

Above all things you might pray for from the Holy Kumaras, pray for the cosmic honor flame. And measure all actions, all musings of the mind by the honor that was the signet of your Thomas Becket, your Thomas More, whom you honor as your Chief and Counsellor.

Is honor not the quality that you so laud in your Teacher?

Will you not, then, make it your own?

Without your word as your honor, without your actions as your honor, how can you walk the straight and narrow path wherein you commit wrong toward none but good toward all?

That is the beauty of the honor flame. When you speak in honor, when you do not repeat gossip, when you do not engage in criticism, condemnation and judgment, especially during the cycle of Capricorn, you will see how you liberate yourself to enter in to the cosmic honor flame, which is a positive attribute of the sign of Capricorn. It is a high honor. And out of honor come the blessings of the Great Divine Director, whose Great Blue Causal Body amplifies the God-Power of the Capricorn hierarchy.

Archangel Gabriel has said:

There is a cosmic honor flame! Live by it! Serve it!

And know what it means to have access to the courts of heaven! Know what it means to speak the name of Gabriel and to have Gabriel at your side. Consider the price. The cosmic honor flame is the flame of the Holy Spirit! It is the flame of the ascension!

All who have not the flame, I say of them, they shall not pass into the circle of our oneness, into the Guru-chela relationship! They shall not cross over the line of the circle of our wholeness![1]

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