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The ascended masters of the Great White Brotherhood have revealed that the Inner Retreat and outlying areas come under the protection of a great crystal dome. When this teaching was first revealed the dome was covered with the darkness of Death and Hell. The explanation was that darkness naturally gravitates towards a vortex of light to be transmuted, as well as to attack it and to create a barrier so that the lightbearers of the world will not reach the place of light.[1]

Lanello spoke of this dome on February 26, 1989:

Blessed ones, the Lightbearers who would come here must get through the hordes of Death and Hell that surround outside the walls of this retreat, that come here drawn as moths by the Light or to take the Light. They are drawn to their death, else they come for the very purpose of separating from you the Lightbearers of the world and preventing them by their wedge of Darkness from finding and entering this place.

For this reason we gave to you recently the vision of the great crystal dome with which Alpha and Omega have sealed the entire Inner Retreat and Royal Teton Ranch. This crystal-dome covered retreat, being atop a very high mountain, is the most prominent feature (on the inner planes) of the entire Western Hemisphere. And the light of that dome ... and the light of the decrees and auras of those living under it is intense. But the forces of Death and Hell have established and do continue to establish a thickness of blackness outside the dome of their own misqualified substance and their own decrees and auras of darkness ranging from fifty to several hundred feet outward, depending on how much decree work you do on that which has become a vortex of mass effluvia.

Thus, beloved, such a conspiring of Darkness and the Dark Ones does demand a continual clearance and that is why we have set Friday night for the weekly clearing of the area outside the walls of the retreat as well as of your own four lower bodies.[2]

The dispensation of an additional wall outside the dome

On October 6, 1990, Cyclopea and Virginia announced the building of an additional grid of light for the protection of the Inner Retreat:

During this speaking we have built a giant grid of light. It is a reward to this Community for labors won, not lost, beloved. And this grid of light, as the presence of Elohim of the Fifth Ray, can hold far greater Light than you have held before without it. It does encompass the spiritual body of the Community as well as the physical body. It will hold a weight of Light to which you must become accustomed....

One hundred thousand legions of Elohim of the Fifth Ray are the builders of this grid of light. They shall work throughout this night and day and another day unto the fulfilling of this grid that is as a cradle, a cradle for Light, a cradle for the Manchild, a cradle for the Christ being born in you as your soul is born in Christ.

A very large circle is drawn. It is a circle far beyond the walls of the Inner Retreat. This circle is drawn now as the extension of the grid. It does encompass larger territory that may now be protected by legions of Light—this the reward for the labor accomplished.[3]

Three days later, Lady Master Venus gave the following report:

As you look upon the walls of the Inner Retreat this night, they are clear. As you look upon the dome, it is also clear. And the legions of Cyclopea have completed seven-eighths of the structure of the grid of light, which is for this Community a manifestation of protection of vast proportions.

Now, beloved, look across the plain—the plain that surrounds the Inner Retreat at inner levels and extends as far as the horizon, representing the world and its day-to-day doings.[4]

Protecting and sustaining the dome

The messenger would periodically give reports on the condition of the dome over the Inner Retreat and of the area outside the dome, then direct the community in the spiritual work that was needed for the clearing of the forces of darkness moving against it. In one of those sessions, she made the following comments:

So between the inner and the outer wall we have had to clear various conditions, a great deal of astral substance. That has been cleared. And what we see between those walls always reflects the open door of ourselves in the Community, the staff and the Keepers of the Flame. And so we can gauge where we are on the Path by whether or not this space is clear. This is our space that God has given to us. It is the space of our retreat on the etheric octave, which does not correspond exactly geographically to the physical but does include the physical.[5]

On a later date, the messenger explained that maintaining the protection of the retreat is also a matter of self-mastery:

If you are an adept you know what is invading and inhabiting your form and you recognize that subtle human habits of the human consciousness are a magnet, the polarity for drawing that substance to you.

So if you slump into certain stages of comfortability in the way of the human consciousness that you feel are tolerable on the Path, but in fact are below the level of the Christ, you are subject to entities and you will pick them up like static when you go out into the world. And if you are vulnerable, even as you walk around this ranch within the walls of the Inner Retreat and under the dome of the Inner Retreat, so the entire Community becomes vulnerable, and this may occur through each and every one of us when we are not on guard.

You have shown what you can do for God in dealing with the labors that we have been given. I would like you to consider what a waste of time it is to put in hours of decrees and then to get into a state of consciousness that simply opens the door all over again to things of a lower nature coming through. There is so much more that we can achieve if we will be attentive to the path of adeptship.[6]

On May 13, 1997, the messenger stated: “We must daily make calls for our Church and its members to protect and sustain the dome of light over this retreat and create a fortress of light.”


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