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The first page of the Epistle to the Hebrews, from the 1611 edition of the King James Bible. This bible and the plays of Shakespeare (both produced by Saint Germain in his embodiment as Francis Bacon) were instrumental in the development of modern English.

The English language is a descendant of a high Atlantean tongue, which comes from angelic tongues. It was chosen by the Brotherhood to be the language in which they would release the teachings of the I AM to the world.

England is Angleterre in the French, “angel land,” and the British Isles are an ancient focus of descent of angels of light. English is the language on earth that is closest to a pure angelic tongue, and this is why the ascended masters can use this language to convey their teachings—it has the purest symbolism.

English, Hebrew and Sanskrit are key languages. Ancient Greek is key because the New Testament was written in Greek. The Old Testament was written in Hebrew, and the original Hebrew is very close to an angelic tongue. Sanskrit is also an angelic tongue. Those are the languages in which are hidden the greatest truths of the prophets—they are a meditation on the Word. Understanding Sanskrit gives you a greater understanding of God, and that is also true of the English language.

The universal language

Gautama Buddha has explained that the masters would like to see people of all nations learn English:

Beloved hearts, the people of this nation have an endowment and a protection from the Master. Therefore, we make it known that for the integration of the Word and the entering into the universal age and an international unity of nations and peoples, it is truly a requirement that English be taught in the very lower schools to the littlest children of every nation upon earth. For this your must decree. For, beloved, how can they choose a path and a Master whose language and writings and entire dispensations and initiations are in a language that is foreign to them? Whether for commerce or education or the arts or brotherhood, there are manifold reasons why this, the language so rich in its incorporation of many other languages, should be the common knowledge of every schoolchild throughout the planet.[1]

Sanat Kumara has given further teaching on this subject:

Some of the languages spoken by the people on earth today are so far removed from the original Word of the angelic tongue as to be inadequate for the transmittal of light. For this reason, the Ascended Master Saint Germain chose the English language to deliver the teachings of the Word on the I AM Presence. For the same reason, the dictations of the ascended masters delivered through our messengers over the past fifty years have also been released in the English language.

Inasmuch as there are numerous laggard languages in use today as well as the tongues of fallen angels, whose languages quite understandably are also fallen languages, it is the desire of the Great White Brotherhood to see English become the second language in all nations. For the new tongue of the dynamic decree spoken in unison by hearts of light the world around will surely precipitate a rolling momentum, reversing the tide of darkness and bringing in the long-awaited golden age of peace, freedom, enlightenment, and universal love.[2]

Saint Germain specifically asked his students to learn the English language:

First the decision and the vow, the determination, the commitment. Then angels will take thee in their charge and protect thee. Then comes the definition of the Path and the period of study—study and chelaship—that you might become, therefore, knowledgeable in those Teachings so carefully given, so meticulously pronounced. So much there for you to find. It is inescapable and unquestionable that you must master the English language. I have chosen now a number of embodiments to use this language. It is fruitful and vast. Borrowing from all other languages, it does become an instrument of the universality of the Christ Mind.

Be it so, I, too, am subject to the Lords of Karma. And if they have decreed it, set aside your questioning and your resistance and get on with this mastery and take the Mother’s gracious offer—opportunity in the name of Portia to study and master the [English] language in such a very short time and therefore to be able to delve into the mysteries that are revealed in the Word. Our translations are for you the opening of the door. You must push it wide open and step through and get on then with perfecting yourself as examples of myself throughout Europe.

Blessed hearts, I speak out of profound love. And you must understand how Love does teach his children. Love, as the Mother flame within me, must come after you to let you know that in many areas of learning on this continent there have been highly disciplined ones who have become masters of science, of art, music, and every branch of human endeavor. They have stood out in the centuries. And always they are characterized as the ones who have been self-disciplined for a virtue, for a cause, for a talent, for a vision, for a goal.[3]

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