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The Gemini mind is a term used by El Morya in his dictations of October 8, 1977, and November 10, 1977. Morya defined the Gemini Mind as “the mind that is poised at the point of the Christ, betwixt the current of Alpha in the crown [chakra] and the current of Omega in the base-of-the-spine chakra—parallel lines of consciousness.”

El Morya explained:

It is the mind of the God Mercury poised on the wings of the Mighty Blue Eagle of Sirius. The twofold action of the wings are the currents of Alpha and Omega—also represented in the right and left arms of the Maltese cross, the cloven tongues of fire of the Holy Spirit....

The fullness of the Gemini line is reached when the soul steps into the shoes of the Christ Self. When the seeming two become one, when Alpha and Omega are the whole, then you live and move and have being in that mind which was in Christ Jesus, which is indeed the mind of God.

The Gemini mind is inaccessible to those who resist the soul’s reunion with the Real Self. Those who resist that reunion must evermore dwell on the track of the lower mind. That track, representing only half of the polarity, does not have the potential for wholeness. And therefore, it can never reach the vastness of the mind of God or even comprehend the fullness of the plan of Life.

Every ascended master teaches his chelas the value of the Gemini mind for taking dominion in the earth planes, for the rule of the self, for the resolution of all division within the personality—and, mind you well, for the drawing back to the center of the four lower bodies that have been split by the divisive tactics of the fallen ones.... Thus, let us reestablish the potential for the Gemini mind—as above, so below.[1]

Attaining the Gemini mind takes striving. It takes the tension of creativity. It takes desiring to get to that point, because you’re pulling away from a whole mass consciousness that is not the mind of God in Christ.

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