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Intuition is a faculty of the heart, the faculty of the Christ consciousness that is anchored in your heart flame. It means going within to the heart and drawing out therefrom the knowledge of the vastness of a cosmos.

Intuition, working with the Christ mind and the faculties of the Christ mind, is another aspect of the yin and the yang of your being. The mastery of the outer with the mind; the mastery of the inner with the heart, putting the two together, you get the wholeness of Alpha and Omega, the Father-Mother God.

In a family, usually it will be the father who has the hard, cold way of looking at facts. The mother will make decisions based on how she feels, on the intuition of her heart. Hopefully, she is attuned to her heart and not to her subconscious patterns of her feelings or whatever happens to be in the astral plane at that moment. Purity in heart means that we can be very accurately guided by intuition.

The mind needs intuition because the mind does not know the future or the past. The mind has the Logos, the logic of God, in order to be able to figure out what to do next logically. But logic ends where intuition begins because unless you have intuition, the ability to go within and know God and see how God sees life, you can make a mistake with logic. So we need both. We need Father and we need Mother. We need positive and we need negative, Alpha and Omega, the whole flow.

Out of intuition comes forth creativity. The scientist in a laboratory who is trying to discover something new or prove a new theory many times will act on a hunch. He has used his logic, his knowledge, all that science has taught and where that science has brought him to. Then he has to make a leap from what he knows to what he doesn’t know. And what enables him to make a leap and postulate a theory is intuition. So on that hunch, he does experiments which he thinks will lead to a given discovery.

We all use these faculties together, but we could use them more and we could refine our awareness of these faculties. There is the Christ mind and the carnal mind. The carnal mind gets into the serpentine logic, a false logic based on relative knowledge. The Christ mind gets into the logic of the Logos, the unfailing logic of God.

Intuition can be psychic, which comes from a very low attunement with astral forces—you can feel things, and psychic readers make readings and prophecies, and so on. That is a perversion of real intuition, which is God talking to you in your heart.


Elizabeth Clare Prophet, October 4, 1975.