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The lake of fire, referred to in beloved John’s recording in the Book of Revelation, into which “the fearful and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars”[1] are cast, is a place of transmutation and change where the perpetually self-burning, all-consuming sacred fire, itself embodying the qualities of the masterful Divinity, does set all Life free from the painful memory of both the sinner and the cause, effect, record, and memory of sin .

The lake of fire is a giant focus of the Great Central Sun Magnet on the “surface” of the God Star, Sirius, larger than the planet Earth. The moment that any misqualified energy comes in contact with the lake of fire, the sacred fire consumes the cause and core of the misqualified substance. The energy is restored to the perfection of God, returned to the fiery core of the Great Central Sun Magnet as part of the Source of life, and used again, even as the potter remolds the clay that he has fashioned into a form which he desires to now cancel out .

A flaming sea of liquid fire, it swallows up the horrendous creations of the black magicians, their demons and astral beasts of prey, the mass effluvia of planets and large forcefields of misqualified energy. All of the accoutrements of the black magicians who are sent to Sirius—in effect, all that is not worthy of being perpetuated—are dumped into the lake of fire for transmutation; these creations melt in the fervent heat of the universal solvent as cities have been swallowed up in molten lava. The purified energies then rise to the Great Blue Causal Body to be used in the precipitations of the Sons of God.

The vision of this lake of fire and the knowledge of the lake of fire by the fallen ones has resulted in their development of the doctrine of hellfire, damnation—eternal punishment in the fires of hell. It is the fallen ones who have created this false theology. They have and purveyed it to the holy innocents.

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