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Ray-O-Light is an ascended master who focuses the fearlessness flame—a piercing white light tinged with emerald green. Ray-O-Light assists Sanat Kumara, Lord Maitreya and Jesus Christ to bind the seed of the wicked; he also works with K-17 and Lanello. Ray-O-Light and his legions of fearlessness-flame angels will come in answer to your call.

After his ascension in the light, this one desired no more to carry a mere mortal name and asked to simply be called Ray-O-Light. The Presence of God reached out from the heart of beloved Helios and Vesta and Alpha and Omega and said, “So shall it be for all eternity. Thou art Ray-O-Light! And thy mission unto all life shall be the illumination of mankind. And thou shalt be able to bring just that wherever thou art, namely, thou shalt be a radiance of my light.”[1]

Ray-O-Light says:

Would you like to know how I inherited fearlessness flame? I tell you, I was also embodied in Mater. I also walked the path of initiation, and when I came to that place where all of the demons of the night and the fallen ones assailed me to take from me my own blessed Christ-awareness, I knelt in prayer.

I called out to God as God gave to me the awareness of these hordes of darkness in their array. And I tell you, the discarnates that assail the holy innocence of the devotees number in the millions, and as vultures they come to attack the soul—the soul that is about to be set free in the ritual of overcoming.

God showed me the horror of the night and of the fallen ones, and I cried out to him in my prayer, and I said, “O God, you are greater than all of this, your flame and your light able to consume the darkness!” And I called to God for the specific action of the Christ consciousness that I knew must exist. For no thing, no shadowed one could occupy time and space without God providing the counterpoint of light, of freedom! And I called forth the dissolving action of the light of the Christ. I called forth the ray that I knew would dissolve all that would assail me in the hour of my victory.

And I would point out to you that in that moment I faced, as you will face in the moment of your overcoming, the entire momentum of fear on that planetary body, fear of evolutions without attainment, fear of the fallen ones of the second death and of the judgment. And all of that fear was upon me as the clouds of the night. Yet I concentrated on the faith in the element of grace that was able to counteract that darkness.

By that faith in the ultimate existence in God of the element to counteract fear, I received, after many, many hours of prayer, the vision of fearlessness flame descending out of the great God Star as a pencil-light across the sky descending. And I gazed, and I saw, and lo, the descending of that fire came unto me—to the very place where I knelt in prayer. And as that ray descended, I saw the components of the inner light. I saw something of the chemistry of God. I saw elemental beings ensouling that ray. I saw the piercing white light and the action of the emerald ray, piercing all of that darkness!

And, lo, as the ray descended, I saw the dissolution of worlds of fear and doubt and all separation from God. And in the place where darkness was, I saw, lo, angels, hosts of light, and I heard the music of the spheres carried in fearlessness flame. And as the ray descended, it burst as a fire around me, and I was enveloped in that fire, that fearlessness flame! And it burned through me and through my soul and through my chakras and through my four lower bodies, and it burned until I became that flame.

And I surrendered all vestiges of lesser awareness outside of the Great God Flame, and I saw that God called me to be the fullness of that flame to many lifewaves. I saw that God placed upon me the greatest initiation of fear, that I might receive the greatest blessing of its antidote. In order that I might carry that fire and be worthy to carry it, I must needs first perceive all that would oppose that fire, that I might give answer unto the LORD whether I would stand fast to focus that flame in the face of all that would oppose it until the ultimate consummation of the planes of Mater.

You see, precious ones, whatever virtue you invoke from the heart of God, you must first slay the darkness that will assail that virtue. And God will not lower into the chalice of your heart the elements of that flame until you have stood by your own light, your own determination, your own momentum!—until you have stood to conquer those who would challenge you the moment you would receive that energy.

“Keep moving!”

Ray-O-Light explained how to overcome all projections of fear:

You stand in time and space. Before you is the great highway of life. And there will be times when you will feel yourself as in a snowstorm, with your staff that is the teaching to guide you on your way. And in the robes of the pilgrim, you will move against the wind and the storm, scarcely able to see a foot before you. And you will press on, making, as it were, scarcely little progress on that path. And there will be days when the storm will cease, and there will be a calm and you will see the rays of the sun. And once again the rains will come, the lightning and the thunder will be heard, and the crackling of the storm.

Each step you advance, you advance by the action of fearlessness. That fear that you must conquer is the conglomerate of your own human consciousness amplified by the fallen ones who live by fear not love.

Press on, chelas of the light.... For the fallen ones who have come disguised as followers of the Prince of Peace come saturated with the entities of doubt and fear and pride and tyranny! They come to thwart the release of the light—the high frequencies of the Buddha, of the Kumaras, of Maitreya, of the World Mother. They come to release their smoke screen. And you will find that men will be trembling in outer darkness, and the fear that shall come upon them is the fear of the last days. And in their fear, they will rise up to defend their position, the false position that has no tenure in the mind of God.

You will see, then, ere the vanquishing of all evil on the planetary body, the rising of the tide of fear. And inasmuch as the children of God know not how to combat that fear—know not the name of Ray-O-Light or the mighty action of fearlessness flame—I call to the devotees of the Great White Brotherhood to invoke fearlessness flame, that you might preserve your sanity from the vanity and the profanity of the fallen ones who assail you and would tear from you your own Christ-mastery.

This is the path that Christ walked. He cast out fear as the demons, as the palsied one.[2] He cast out fear of death and want. He cast it out in every form and lived to prove the law of excellence and of love.

You must fulfill the life of the Piscean conqueror ere you can fulfill your divine plan in Aquarius. And the majority among you will not be allowed to take your ascension until you have fulfilled your divine plan in Aquarius. And the fulfillment of the divine plan is a necessary requirement of your ascension....

Here is the key, then, to overcoming that fear that stiffens the corpse itself, that fear that stiffens the flow of life—the fear that ultimately is the death of self-awareness. The key is to keep on moving!

When you find yourself in a snowstorm or a blizzard, you will not curl up on the side of the road, for you know instinctively you will freeze to death. You keep moving! This is the key to the conquering of all fear. Keep moving! Keep active! Move through the elements, move through the mirage of fear! Pierce! it with your sword and discover the island in the sun, the place of light, the Garden of Eden.[3]

Ray-O-Light is your ascended master friend, who comes “sometimes at your darkest hour, when the shadows seem to be closing about you and it seems as though you cannot walk another step of the way.”[4] He teaches you to hold onto your God Presence through every trial and brings a ray of hope from God. He has promised that whenever you whisper his name, Ray-O-Light, and remember that you, too, are a ray of light—he will bestow upon you the peace of his Presence.

He enlists you to join the legions of fearlessness flame. There are ten thousand angels in each legion, ready to be called into action by you. They are angels of action, swift to run. They will cast out doubt and fear, death and disease, and they will cast out the fallen ones. Ray-O-Light says:

Now these ten thousand are kneeling before you. They carry the shield of faith in the left hand and the sword of righteousness in the right. They are dressed in white with robes of emerald green. They kneel before you because they give allegiance to the Christ within you. They acknowledge the Christ as the authority to command them into action. They kneel to receive the command of your Christ consciousness to go forth into Terra this night to bind the fallen ones....

You have seen the vision of those who will come forth in an instant when you breathe a whisper, O God, O fearlessness flame, legions of Ray-O-Light, come forth! And suddenly you will find yourself encamped about with their light, and you will stand and behold the glory of God as they cast out all unreality and clear the way for the coming of the son, the daughter of God.

Now, I say, would you not feel just a little bit sheepish to ever again entertain fear? So, then, I have succeeded in my mission in coming. I have conveyed to you the momentum of my love for fearlessness, for I see how fearlessness liberates the creative power of the cosmos! I have seen what a world can be without fear. I have seen the glistening of the crystals of the mind of God, the creativity, the divine art and the culture. I have seen what life can be when life is free of doubt and fear and death! So, O God, O God Almighty, let these be the electrodes that convey to Terra the new birth in fearlessness flame.[5]


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