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Ruth Hawkins

Paul the Venetian’s twin flame is the ascended lady master Ruth Hawkins. Ruth was born February 18, 1907, in Topeka, Kansas (also the birthplace of Clara Louise Kieninger). Ruth was living in Albuquerque, New Mexico, when she made her ascension in October 1995 at the age of eighty-eight.

She was a fiery, stalwart soul who gave greatly to the cause of the Great White Brotherhood. She had blonde hair and beautiful crystal-clear blue eyes. Her manner was regal, and she carried herself with dignity.

Her service to the masters

Ruth first found the masters’ teachings through the I AM Activity around 1936, when she was twenty-nine years old. While Ruth was a member of the Bridge to Freedom in the 1950s, Paul the Venetian gave a dictation revealing that Ruth was his twin flame and that when she ascended, her name would be the Goddess of Beauty.

From 1963 to 1973 Ruth was the director of The Summit Lighthouse Study Group in Los Angeles, which was then called Saint Germain’s Freedom Group. At that time it was one of the largest Summit Lighthouse groups in the country. Every Thursday afternoon for nearly twenty years Ruth held a vigil with other Keepers of the Flame.

In 1971 in a service conducted by Mark Prophet, Ruth Hawkins was knighted by Saint Germain for her tireless and faithful work and her meritorious service to the ascended masters. He knighted her Lady Adoremus.


Ruth dedicated her life to Paul the Venetian. At his request, she made a trip to France with another devotee in the fall of 1984. They rented an apartment in Paris where they decreed for France every day for four months in the morning, afternoon and evening.

Ruth and her friend lived in a square called la Place du Tertre, where hundreds of artists set up their easels to paint. Ruth talked to the artists about art and showed them the Chart of Your Divine Self and pictures of the masters. She always carried with her a stack of wallet-sized Charts of Your Divine Self. Whenever she got the chance, she would give a Chart to someone. By the time she left Paris, many of the artists had a picture of the Chart on their easels.

Ruth and her friend found that the French usually responded favorably to foreigners who knew French. Although Ruth didn’t know any French when she arrived in Paris, the people loved her anyway. Ruth’s apartment was near the Basilica of the Sacré-Coeur, and Ruth and her friend frequently went to the Sacré-Coeur and other cathedrals to pray for Paris. They would sit in the pews and decree to Astrea.

Ruth and her friend also did many violet-flame decrees—half an hour three times a day. They felt that there was much hardness in the city and that the violet flame was needed to soften it so that the people would accept the light. Ruth acquired a violet-color transparency. She would hold it up to her eyes and look through it to see the city covered with violet flame.

She held the immaculate concept for all life and never spoke unkindly about anyone. Her friend said it was as if she never saw anything negative in people.

Ruth herself was beautiful and always well-groomed and finely dressed. One day Ruth and her friend were riding a subway in Paris. A mother who looked very poor boarded the subway with her little boy. The boy, about eight years old, was dirty and his clothes were raggedy. There weren’t enough seats for them, so Ruth said to the child, “You can sit on my lap.”

The little boy climbed onto Ruth’s lap and Ruth looked directly at him. She told him how beautiful and special he was; she told him that he was God’s child. The little boy looked back at Ruth and smiled. It was clear that he believed her. When Ruth and her friend got off the subway, Ruth said nothing about how dirty and raggedy the child was. Instead she commented to her friend, “Wasn’t he the most beautiful child you ever saw?” That is what she thought about all children.

Every day around 3:30 pm, when the children got out of school, Ruth and her friend would take a walk to see them. Ruth would smile at the children and say “Bonjour.” And every Thursday the two women held a vigil for the youth.

Her artwork

As the twin flame of Paul the Venetian, Ruth was wholly devoted to truth and beauty. She was an artist and she poured her devotion into her painting. Ruth said that if it were not for Paul the Venetian, she would not have been able to paint. Sometimes, under his direction, she would begin a portrait before she even knew whom she was going to paint.

She created many portraits of the ascended masters, which are still used as focuses for the masters’ presence. Mark Prophet said that if she continued painting, she would make her ascension. Her work included portraits of Paul the Venetian, Saint Germain, Mother Mary, Nada, Kuan Yin, Sanat Kumara and Lady Master Venus.

Her ascension

Though Ruth knew that Paul the Venetian was her twin flame, at times she was assailed with doubt that this was true. She remembered an embodiment when they had been together and she had doubted him. Ruth felt that if she was to make her ascension in this life, she would have to have total faith in Paul the Venetian. She did overcome her doubt and maintained total faith in her twin flame.

Paul the Venetian was waiting for Ruth when she made her transition, having fulfilled all her commitments to life and balanced her karma. They requested that Ruth experience her ascension from the Temple of the Sun, the etheric retreat of the Goddess of Liberty over Manhattan. The Goddess of Liberty is Paul the Venetian’s spiritual Mother.

Paul the Venetian’s retreat, the Château de Liberté, is on the etheric plane over southern France, but currently he is holding classes in the Temple of the Sun. Ruth wanted to take her ascension from the Temple of the Sun because of her deep love for Saint Germain and for America. Ruth Hawkins’ ascension flame is now permanently anchored in the etheric octave in that retreat over Manhattan.

While Ruth was in embodiment, she anchored Paul the Venetian’s flame in the earth. The master said that she single-handedly carried his torch of the love ray. Since Ruth is now ascended, Paul the Venetian has requested that each one of us carry one flame of the torch of the love ray that she held. We can call to Paul the Venetian and Ruth Hawkins to intensify love in the hearts of people of the world—especially in the youth.

Portraits of the ascended masters by Ruth Hawkins

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