Hierarchies of the Pleiades

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In our portion of the universe, the seat of the Great White Brotherhood is the Pleiades. This cluster of stars was named by the Greeks for the seven daughters of Atlas and Pleione. The cluster is situated in the constellation Taurus at a distance of four hundred light years from earth and has an angular size somewhat larger than that of the moon. Of the five hundred stars in the group, six are easily visible to the naked eye. These stars are known from ancient times as the Seven Sisters (the seventh Pleiad was, according to legend, lost or in hiding), and they focus the seven rays of the divine feminine.

The Pleiades

In 1970, the Elohim Cyclopea announced that the hierarchies of the Pleiades had released a dispensation for the manifestation of the divine blueprint of planet Earth. Cyclopea said:

By the power of the Elohim this night there is being superimposed upon this planetary body the forcefield of the Great Blue Causal Body. And its full-gathered momentum of all the hierarchies and hosts of light shall be superimposed as a matrix of victory upon this planetary home.... I, Cyclopea, have seen the vision. And that vision of future triumph, of present reality shall consume all past failure if men will determine to align themselves with the great creative purposes of God....

I am this night painting before you the vision of the Holy City, the magnificent City Foursquare, the divine kingdom that shall come upon earth even as you keep the flame. And whenever you see reports of problems, of crises, of injustices in your newspapers, I am calling by the power of the Elohim in the name of Almighty God with the permission of your Holy Christ Selves that that vision of the City Foursquare shall flash forth from your consciousness into the world, into that situation, into the problem areas as a divine matrix of the cosmic cube, that City Foursquare that is the key to each man’s overcoming, the key to the ascension of the very planet itself.

And so I say by the power of Mighty Victory, by the power of that six-pointed star of divine balance as Above, so below, by the power of the all-seeing eye that penetrates in the center of that star, I am focusing within your consciousness this night and anchoring within your own third eye the vision of that Cosmic City Foursquare....

That focus is the most powerful image that can be brought forth for the manifestation of Christ and the kingdom of God upon this earth. It contains within it the full power of the World Mother and her divine matrix of the entire material universe for the manifestation of the Christ.

Therefore the Elohim admonished all to guard their vision from ...

... the horrendous forms that come through the media, through the television, through the movies.... Let the All-Seeing Eye of God penetrate to ascertain what is occurring in the world, to ascertain the position of the evil forces. And then, let that projection of the cosmic cube be stamped upon them, sealing the place where evil dwells by the power of the Most High God. The entire hierarchy of the Pleiades is behind this experiment for the complete transformation of the planetary orb by the power of the All-Seeing Eye of God. Therefore, I say, I give you the key: Call to the Pleiades and the hierarchies thereof. There are millions of cosmic beings with their cosmic retinues who will come forth in answer to your prayer, millions of Cosmic Christs who will carry into manifestation that divine blueprint.[1]


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