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Statue of Apollo (Roman copy of a Greek bronze original)

Apollo and Lumina are guardians of the Cosmic Christ consciousness. The Elohim of the second ray assist those who desire to know God through the mind of the Son, the second person of the Trinity. For the Elohim of the second ray, all is “the instantaneous precipitation of the mind of God.”

Ancient Greece

The god known long ago to the Greeks as the mythological Apollo could well be the representation of the memory of an ancient encounter with the Elohim. After thousands of years, however, the gods and goddesses assumed more and more human traits in the minds of the people. Hence, what is currently attributed to Apollo as the god of Greek mythology may not necessarily reflect the actuality of the Elohim.

Apollo was known in the Pythagorean tradition as the symbol of masculine beauty, the solar god who personifies the spiritual light of which the sun is the physical image. He represented the descent of heaven on earth. Apollo is considered by some to be the Solar Logos, the Mediator, Vishnu, Mithras, Horus, the Universal Word. Apollo was lawgiver to the Greek city-states. As the god of divination and prophecy, he communicated to humanity by means of prophets and oracles as in the famed Oracle of Delphi.

Statue of Apollo from the Temple of Zeus, Olympia

The flame of illumination

Apollo’s flame is a golden yellow enveloped in a sheath of blue lightning. The blue flame acts as a protective forcefield of energy surrounding the light of the Christ. This blue lightning cuts through the density of human error and misqualification, clearing the way for Lumina’s golden flame that manifests the perfection of the seven aspects of the Christ mind. The twin flames of Apollo and Lumina infuse earth, air, fire and water with the intelligence locked in the center of the atom—the essence of the diamond-shining mind of God.

Apollo and Lumina want us to focus on education and the quickening of the mind of God within all mankind. On July 6, 1975, Apollo came with a major dispensation of a rod of illumination for the stepping-up of the minds of humanity. Apollo said this dispensation is delivered only once in ten thousand years. He said: “Mankind may, if they choose, employ the rod to enter a new era and a golden age.”[1]

The Great Divine Director explained that this electrode of energy could turn around all negativity that has ever been superimposed upon us. “This dispensation came in order that for the remaining quarter of the century, the lightbearers should have every advantage possible to increase divine awareness,”[2] and so that the mind of God could be restored within them.

You may visualize the rod of illumination being activated within you. See it as an intense golden light pulsating within your brain. See this electrode burning up all impurities that would impede the flow of God’s light in your mind. Also see a corona of golden light that is the manifestation of the mind of God superimposed over your own head and over the heads of the children of light on earth.


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Apollo and Lumina’s retreat is located in the etheric plane over Lower Saxony, Germany. In preparation for the coming golden age, tremendous tides of illumination’s flame are being released from this temple. The millions of angels who serve under Apollo and Lumina are ready to go forth to raise the consciousness of the entire earth to the level of the Christ in answer to the calls of the students.

These angels, together with those angels serving at the retreats of Jophiel and Christine, Lord Lanto, the God and Goddess Meru, Lord Gautama Buddha, Lord Himalaya, Lord Maitreya and the World Teachers, Jesus and Kuthumi, should be called upon on behalf of the enlightenment of all mankind, for they are equal in every respect to the tremendous task at hand. Ask them to bring about illumined, intelligent action in all situations, especially those that affect the future of earth and her evolutions.

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