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El Morya speaks of false gurus and false teachers:

Down through the centuries we have appointed our messengers prophets of the law, teachers of the way of the Christ consciousness and of the Buddhic light. Others whom we would call unappointed or self-appointed messengers have come forth to blatantly usurp their ministry and their office in hierarchy. And so there is abroad in the land an enticing spirit, beguiling as the serpent, that is not the true spirit of prophecy. Nor is it come as the gift of the Holy Spirit; it is the voice of rebellion and of witchcraft, of vain talkers and deceivers. These are the crystal-ball gazers, the psychic readers and self-proclaimed messiahs—bewitched and bewitching, coming in the name of the Church yet denying the true Church, coming in the name of the Logos yet their lives a betrayal of true reason and the law.

They are the archdeceivers of mankind. They would take over the person and the personality of the ascended masters and the real Gurus. Setting themselves up as gurus, they sit in the lotus posture smoking the peace pipe with the false hierarchy, dispensing drugs along with demons, and even training their disciples in the manipulation of sexual energies for heightened sensual gratification. In their all-consuming lust for power, they teach the way to God through sexual perversion, abuses of the body, and the desecration of the Mother. And the light they steal from those they ensnare is used to satisfy their mad cravings and to control vast segments of the population through witchcraft, variance, and mortal cursings.

Others are in the business of training “channels” and psychic healers. They know not the difference between spiritual and psychic energies—the pure and the impure stream. Thus the gullible they make channels for the energies of the pit, for the diabolical murmurings of familiar spirits and of “wizards that peep and that mutter.” The false hierarchies and the fallen ones come in many guises, seeking to impress an infant humanity with their sleight of hand, trance and telepathy, their flying saucers and other trappings.

I say woe to those who are adept in the mental manipulations of Matter and astral energies yet have not the Christ—the snake charmers and charlatans who display a phenomenal control of bodily functions yet have not one iota of soul mastery! As if they had a thing to offer mankind which mankind cannot get directly from their own Christ Self, their own I AM Presence, and the living flame which God has anchored within the heart!

Some of these, deceived and deceiving others, go so far as to say that everyone should be a psychic channel, everyone should develop his psychic powers. Like the magicians in Pharaoh’s court,[1] they hold up to our messengers their psychic phenomena and they say, “See, we do the same thing!” Not so! Like the fallen ones who, in their attempt to level hierarchy, would make themselves equal with the sons and daughters of God, these psychic channels would cause our messengers and their work with the living Word to become muddied by the flood of psychic material being released by the false hierarchy.[2]


The false guru replaces not only the twin flame but also the individual I AM Presence and the personal Mediator and Teacher, the Holy Christ Self, and aborts the search for the Beloved by various means, including:

  • Attaching the chela to himself by means of various devices such as Tantric initiations or forced raising of the Kundalini prior to the attainment of a certain self-mastery and equilibrium gained through the balancing of karma.
  • Engaging both male and female neophytes in sexual rites, secret mantras for the supposed transfer of supernatural powers or so-called initiation, thereby engendering emotional attachment or mindless enslavement to himself.
  • The lure of ancient traditions, languages and lineage whereby the false guru lays claim to legitimacy by association with or descendancy from the ascended masters, Gautama Buddha, Maitreya and Sanat Kumara, as well as by physical adeptship through developed siddhis (powers), including the mischievous misuse of the mantra (black magic)
    • manipulating nature spirits into capricious control of elemental forces heaping disaster against enemies or those in disfavor or
    • influencing the sincere, trusting student to do the bidding of the false guru.
  • Encouraging the practice of meditating on the guru’s picture together with the recitation of the guru’s “secret” mantra: this practice, instead of giving light to the chela, is the means whereby the false guru, having no light of his own, in fact takes the light from his chelas.
  • The entrapments of dress, diet, airs of holiness and meditation for private peace, powers, and personal gain (including financial) without application to the goal of world service all lead to a path of selfish introspection—a counterfeit of the Path of Jesus Christ and his disciples taught by the ascended masters—divorcing aspirants from the mighty Work of the ages: the saving of souls and a planet in distress through full participation in the economic and political challenges of self-government and individual economic and spiritual self-determination in God’s grand experiment in free will.

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