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The Watchers were angels who left off from their service to God, abandoned their God-estate (consciousness), and fell to earth through lust.

The Watchers had once shared with the holy Kumaras the heavenly offices of the Great Silent Watchers and the World Teachers as guardians of the soul purity and the evolution of the I AM Race. The Great Silent Watchers guard the purity of the Christ consciousness and Christ image out of which souls of Light are created.

Some of the Watchers were sent by God to instruct the children of men, according to the Book of Jubilees 4:15. These Watchers subsequently fell when they began to cohabit with the “daughters of men.” G. B. Caird (Principalities and Powers) cites the Apocalypse of Baruch, which says that it was “the physical nature of man which not only became a danger to his own soul, but resulted in the fall of the angels.”[1]

Watchers and the Book of Enoch

The fall of the Watchers is described in the Book of Enoch. Once cherished by Jews and Christians alike, this book later fell into disfavor with powerful theologians because of its controversial statements on the nature and deeds of the fallen angels.

The trouble began, according to the Book of Enoch, when the heavenly angels and their leader named Samyaza developed an insatiable lust for the ‘daughters of men’ upon earth and an irrepressible desire to beget children by these women. Samyaza feared to descend alone to the daughters of men, and so he convinced two hundred angels called Watchers to accompany him on his mission of pleasure.

Then the angels took oaths and bound themselves to the undertaking by “mutual execrations”—curses. Once such a pact was sealed, betrayal was punishable by unnamed horrors. The angels descended and took wives from among the daughters of men. They taught the women sorcery, incantations, and divination—twisted versions of the secrets of heaven.

The women conceive children from these angels—evil giants. The giants devour all the food that the men of earth can produce. Nothing satiates their hunger. They kill and eat birds, beasts, reptiles, and fish. To their gargantuan appetites, nothing is sacrosanct. Soon even Homo sapiens becomes a delicacy.[2]

As the story goes, one spiteful angel named Azazyel creates accouterments for their consorts—like eye makeup and fancy bracelets—to enhance their sex appeal. As for the men, Azazyel teaches them “every species of iniquity,” including the means for making swords, knives, shields, breastplates—all the instruments of war.[3]

There, millennia ago, someone explained war not as a man-invented or God-sent plague, but as a vengeful act of a fallen angel barred from the planes of God’s power. The implication is that man, through one form of manipulation or another, latched on to the war games of the fallen angels and allowed himself to commit genocide in defense of their archrivalries.

The judgment of the Watchers

But there is more to Enoch’s account of the Watchers. When the men of earth cry out against the atrocities heaped upon them, heaven hears their plea. The mighty archangels—Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Suryal, and Uriel—appeal on behalf of earth’s people before the Most High, the King of kings.[4]

The Lord orders Raphael to bind Azazyel hand and foot. Gabriel is sent to destroy the “children of fornication,” the offspring of the Watchers—by inciting them to their own self-destruction in mutual slaughter. Michael is then authorized to bind Samyaza and his wicked offspring “for seventy generations underneath the earth, even to the day of judgment.”[5] And God sends the Great Flood to wipe out the evil giants, the children of the Watchers.

But in succeeding generations (after the sinking of the continent of Atlantis) the giants return once again to haunt mankind. Likewise it seems that the Watchers will hold power over man (in some curiously undefined way) until the final judgment of these angels comes, which, the author implies, is long overdue.

The main theme of the Book of Enoch is the final judgment of these fallen angels, the Watchers, and their progeny, the evil spirits.[6]

The Watchers and the Nephilim

The Bible records that Enoch “walked with God: and he was not; for God took him.”[7] We know him today as the Ascended Master Enoch, and he comes again to reveal the plots of the fallen ones and to give further explanation of the teachings found in the Book of Enoch:

Understand, then, the mystery that is so clearly written in my book. These Watchers came down lusting after the daughters of men,[8] who themselves were defiled and entered into the defilement of the holy angels. These daughters of men were the very ones who were the offspring of the Nephilim—Nephilim who had descended even before the hour of the Watchers for the violation of the seed of God. And in their lust for power, they themselves took the seed of God and combined it with the seed of animal and therefore produced neither a god nor a man but a devil incarnate, even the evil spirits.[9]

Thus, these daughters that were the offspring became the focal point of verily what has been called animal magnetism—the animal element of Homo erectus and the magnetism even of the Great Central Sun Magnet that is contained in the holy seed of holy angels. Thus, without authority, these fallen ones established the enthronement of the carnal mind. They created not god, not animal, not man, but what has been called a kind of man, a race of mankind hewn out of the rock of Light and yet enslaved by the lesser creation.

And whence cometh the lesser creation? It is also the product of genetic manipulation. And therefore one can look back and further back and discover these self-styled Darwinians[10] who, in the very origination of the evil of their hearts,[11] determined to enslave the Christic Light ’gainst whom they rebelled in the courts of heaven.

Thus, there are levels of rebels called fallen ones. And the Watchers represented a class all of their own who responded to the lust of power, to the mockery of God, to the entering in of the misuse of the life-force itself.[12]

The Watchers today

Fidel Castro (1950s). Purity and Astrea said that the Watchers’ “archetype is personified in Fidel Castro.”[13]

These fallen ones are with us today in positions of power in Church and State as prime movers in matters of war and finance, sitting in the banking houses and on policy-making councils that determine the actual fate of mankind by population control and genetic engineering, the control of energy and commodities, education and the media, and by ideological and psychopolitical strategies of divide and conquer on all fronts. They have been from the beginning the spoilers of the dream of God and man. This is an ancient conspiracy that is still with the mankind of earth and will be with us until children of the Light receive the true knowledge concerning the seed of the Wicked One and the seed of the son of God.

The Watchers are always the ones at the top and behind the scenes, and they consider themselves far superior to the Nephilim class. They consider themselves the superrich, the elite, having the highest and best genetic strain on the planet. There is no question that the Watchers consider themselves a different race—a different evolution separate from and having all the little people beneath them. They think that the little people exist only to be pawns in whatever game they happen to be playing.

The Nephilim are a lower order of angels, and they are the ones who frequent with laggards who have betrayed their Christhood. They are found more in the fields of science, genetic engineering, population manipulation, philosophy. They seek to control society through psychology, socialism, liberalism and other ideologies; whereas the Watchers are always found in positions of power in money, in law, in government and in the economy.

The Watchers, by their words and their deeds, have been eroding our planet for a long, long time—our civilization, our religion, and if they could, our very souls. And so, as we are attentive to the ascended masters and their directions, we should always realize that the key reason for all teachings and all direction, all admonishments, all calls for decrees and various practices that we have are for the protection of the soul from its vulnerability to the perpetual manipulation of spacecraft, laggards and Nephilim and their scientists who have long since blended in with the evolution themselves.

The offspring of the Watchers

Out of the union of the Watchers with mortals came the giants who are mentioned throughout the Old Testament—for example, in the story of the shepherd boy David and the giant Goliath.[14] These giants are the offspring of these mighty Watchers, who once held the office at the same level of the Great Silent Watchers. It was their responsibility to hold the Cosmic Christ image for all evolutions. So their fall was great, and today they are the powerful and the mighty among earth’s evolutions. They have a very large physical presence, and when they are not compromised by intermarriage, they retain that large stature.

These are the enemies of Archangel Michael. They are your enemies also. And you need to know yourself, know the enemy of yourself in the carnal mind, know your vulnerability to the personality cult and the death cult, the money cult, the success cult of these Watchers. They put out the signal that we should have the desire to be like them—to dress like them, to look like them, to share in their power and above all, to gain their approval. Many people spend dozens of embodiments attempting to gain the approval of the Watchers.

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