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Picture of Phylos the Tibetan from A Dweller on Two Planets

Phylos the Tibetan is newly come into the order of the ascended masters and the fraternity of the Great White Brotherhood. He made his ascension in 1989 after working since the nineteenth century as an unascended adept at inner levels.


Phylos’ embodiments are revealed in the book A Dweller on Two Planets, dictated by Phylos the Tibetan to his amanuensis, Frederick S. Oliver. (Amanuensis means “secretary”; it is not a messenger but simply someone who has the vessels necessary to write down what is given to him by an unascended or ascended adept.)

Phylos began dictating the book to Frederick Oliver in 1883 or 1884 when Oliver was seventeen or eighteen years old. The book was published in 1899. In his preface to A Dweller on Two Planets, Phylos calls himself a “Theochristian student and Occult Adept.” He is a student of the mysteries of God and of Christian mysticism.

A Dweller on Two Planets is divided into three books. In Book One Phylos unveils the karmic record of his embodiment as Zailm Numinos on Atlantis. Book Two covers Phylos’ embodiment in the nineteenth century as an American gold miner by the name of Walter Pierson. In this embodiment he comes face-to-face with the karma he made on Atlantis; he is initiated into the inner mysteries and is given a vision of his past and his future. Book Three reviews some of Phylos’ past lives prior to his Atlantean embodiment as Zailm and explains why Atlantis fell. Phylos says that he wrote A Dweller on Two Planets in the hope that others would learn from his mistakes.

Phylos writes: “I have sought to explain the great mystery of life, illustrating it with part of my own life history, extracts which cover years reaching into many thousands.” Speaking of the suffering he had to endure as a result of his errors, he says: “No words can paint the suffering of the expiation. I scarcely propose to try, and shall rest content if a realization of some part of it shall deter others from sin.”[1]

His service today

Since he has become an ascended master, Phylos has spoken profoundly on the path of balancing karma, on the path of suffering and the need to balance suffering with joy. He explains that the quality of God-happiness is essential to meet adversity, and he asks us to see ourselves in every part of life that is suffering. He says:

May you see yourself in every life who suffers. May you know that as long as life suffers, a part of you is suffering with that life, for God is one. May you understand, as the leaves of my book have given up much profound teaching through the messenger, that the path to be walked is worth every joy that you encounter and every sorrow.

For you are sending energy back to God and receiving it again. And as quickly as you send to God light for the transmutation of error, so as quickly does he send to you light that is Truth incarnate within you. And this oscillation from your heart to the center of the sun of your I AM Presence, to the center of the Great Central Sun is the beginning of the acceleration process whereby you shall know that oscillation to the point of the speed of light and then beyond.

You are an extension of that Sun here and now but perceive yourselves not as rays of light or energy pulsating, going and returning and being magnetized to the great Polestar of Being....

I am Phylos, and I come from the battleground of earth unto the realms of glory. As you go through my book, you shall have an experience with yourself at inner levels if you meditate, if you decree, if you give the Ashram rituals[2] and maintain your attunement with the masterful beings of Venus who are called upon in your rituals.

My book is a companion to the ascended masters’ path that has been laid before you by Saint Germain and El Morya and Mother Mary and Kuthumi and Djwal Kul and Jesus and Gautama. It is an assist to you, and I am grateful to have the messenger expound upon it and elaborate upon those advances that have come forth in the century since I dictated it.

Thus, it is an open door and considered by the Darjeeling Council to be among the best of books to present to the new student on the Path, for it does contain keys for the awakening of many souls, as they recognize themselves in the streets of Caiphul [capital city of Atlantis], participating in Atlantean life, whether at the end of Atlantis or in the great golden-age civilization of Jesus Christ.

All these we have known. And some of you have found this day your footprints left in the sands now at the bottom of the sea. How strong are the footprints of karma! Yet stronger are the footprints of heroism and Christlike deeds! Strong are the footprints of honor, black those of deceit, deception.

May you build carefully, stone upon stone, the pyramid of your life. This was the teaching of the adepts of the Great Pyramid that was outpictured in the many pyramids that we built in various civilizations of Atlantis. The four sides, being the four lower bodies that must converge at the point of the All-Seeing Eye, must synthesize as one vessel, even the chalice of the Holy Grail.

I have looked upon America and I have wept, for I have seen in the collective karma of the reincarnated Atlanteans here the same pitfalls that I found in my own karma. I could not come here free to rise as a servant of God but must pay every jot and tittle.

America is beset with the karma that the nation has made since its inception two centuries ago. It is beset with ancient records of Atlantis not yet paid. And it is bowed down by a false teaching that is not that of the Christ concerning this karma, concerning accountability.

So many false teachers abound and so little discrimination is exercised, even in the New Age movement. Wherever there is a claim or a personality or a new fad or some other exploration into the psychic, there do they run like chickens for feed.

Blessed hearts, find the truth of Being in yourself. Find others who have that truth of Being. And watch out, for the disease of the carnal mind is idolatry. Most people on or off the spiritual path are idolatrous of themselves, quite pleased with their meager knowledge and even less attainment, which they deem to be great.

Know ye not that the first step on the Path is one of humility and self-effacement? The first step beyond this is forgiveness toward all life.[3]

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