Serapis Bey’s fourteen-month cycles

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On December 29, 1978, Serapis Bey, chohan of the fourth ray, announced that a fourteen-month cycle of initiation in the white sphere of the Great Causal Body had been inaugurated at winter solstice, December 21, 1978.

Since that time, every fourteen months has marked the initiation of another fourteen-month cycle through one of the bands of the causal body.

On January 27, 1980, Serapis Bey told us that the testings of the fourteen stations of the cross which we undergo during the fourteen-month cycles are the “opportunity for you and your beloved twin flame to transmute an extraordinary momentum of personal and planetary karma.”

The first cycle

In his dictation announcing the first cycle, Serapis said:

I inaugurate a year, a fourteen-month cycle beginning in the hour of the victory of solstice, beginning in the very hour of the release of the cosmic unfed flame into the heart of the earth....

Ascension’s flame as a living fire pulsates, increases, and is carried north and south and east and west out of Luxor. And the Pacific Ocean, site of the temples of ancient Lemuria, now is a blazing light as priests and priestesses of the Mother flame of the temples of Mu and of the Ascension Temple gather robed in white with banners of living flame.... A more-than-ordinary experience opens, then, as temple doors beneath the waters of that sea now open and you see coming forth ascended masters and their unascended chelas who have kept the flame of the Mother of Mu even beyond the sinking of that land and even beyond the destruction of its physical temples....

All who have responded to the call of Luxor in this year past and who are yet coming into our temple for their training on the Path will now receive acceleration at Luxor by the pulsating Light of resurrection’s flame in the very center of the Great Pyramid to now increase the flow of Mother Light, to now accelerate the Alpha-to-Omega within the seven centers of being....

The goal of this fourteen months is the passing through of your lifestream on the fourteen stations of the cross of the Woman and her seed.... Thus you will understand the persecution of the white light within you as it rises and pulsates in the person of Mother.... I announce to you, then, the dispensation and the means whereby you can increase the great white sphere of your individual causal body surrounding the light of Alpha and of Omega.

In this release, Serapis Bey was giving the momentum and opportunity of our own causal body, his, and that of the Great White Brotherhood to intensify our mastery of the white ray and the center sphere of the causal body that you see in the Chart of the Presence. The fourteen months was the cycle of the fourteen stations of the cross—twelve lines of the clock and then the return to the heart of Alpha and Omega.

The second cycle

The second cycle—“the thrust of illumination’s flame from the second ring of the Great Causal Body of Life”—began on February 19, 1980, as the sun moved into Pisces. It was announced by Serapis Bey in his Pearl of Wisdom of January 27, 1980, in which he counseled us

to be mindful as the tests of the fourteen stations would unfold at the change of the sun sign each month.

The first half of the fourteen under the Alpha current and the second half under the Omega current provide you with the opportunity to go over the cycles of sowing and reaping through the masculine and feminine aspects of each of the seven rays. The testings of the fourteen stations therefore become the opportunity for you and your beloved twin flame to transmute an extraordinary momentum of personal and planetary karma....

As the sun moves into the cosmic cross of illumination’s flame under the hierarchy of Pisces on February 19, so we come to celebrate the conclusion of one set of the fourteen stations and to inaugurate a second. This further intensification of the Light of ascension’s flame and of the path of the Mother within you is the dispensation of Sanat Kumara which I joyously announce to you today.

The third cycle

On April 19, 1981, as the sun moved into Taurus, Serapis Bey announced:

With the passing of the cycle of this day there will be the fulfillment of the fourteen-month cycle of ascension’s release of wisdom’s fire....

Thus, we press through the first and the second spheres and enter the pink sphere of this unfolding rose! And thus, the circle of petals of this spherical chamber move from the most delicate pink of sensitivity to the heart of the babe newly born, the throbbing of the bird in spring, sensitivity to the whispering of the sun, the delicate breezes, the burden of heart upon the loved one. Delicate shades of pink and golden pink glow-ray enfolding within move, then, to the more intense manifestations of the ruby light and the ruby ray which, as the laser beam, must go forth in defense of love!...

Blessed ones, in this fourteen-month spire abuilding from the spiral of our heart, there is the opportunity for you to enter a path of initiation whereby love is perfected in love.... But I come to warn you, as I have warned you with each of the prior releases, that the continuing intensity of ascension’s fire propelling out the cycles of the causal body will give you greater and greater initiations—more to conquer both of reality and of unreality.

The fourth cycle

On June 20, 1982, the day before the sun moved into Cancer, Serapis Bey inaugurated the fourth cycle:

By the Word of Alpha and Omega, by the majesty of Light, by the edict of Almighty God, I, Serapis, announce the release in this moment of the violet sphere of the Great Causal Body amplified by the white fire of the Mother, worlds without end.... In this very hour, you begin to experience the initiation of the condemnation to death of the Christed One that bears the flame of freedom in the name of the Brotherhood of Luxor, in the name of the Mother of the World, in the name of Omega, as Omega on earth in the Matter universe is the presence of Alpha in heaven in the Spirit universe....

This flame of freedom, amplified by the white fire core of Alpha and Omega, can remove the miscreations of many of your cycles and precipitations, can transmute the debris so that all unfinished spirals can be completed....

Blessed initiates of Luxor, I deliver to you the realization that this fourteen-month spiral is also a turning point, for it is midpoint between the first three and the last three dispensations. It becomes the fulcrum of life.

You have known the initiations of the white, the yellow, and the pink. Through the violet-flame ring, there will be the restoration of the memory of the Ancient of Days and other worlds and experiences to the level of your soul. And your soul will learn the meaning of the inner blueprint. And your heart will be enfired by this memory, even though you may not entirely contain it in the outer vehicles.

The fifth cycle

The fifth cycle was announced in a dictation of August 28, 1983, after the sun moved into Virgo on August 23. It is interesting to note which sun sign the cycles start with because that becomes the keynote of the cycle. This one began in Virgo; the first one in Capricorn, then Pisces, Taurus, Cancer, Virgo.

This is what Serapis Bey said at the release of the fifth cycle:

I have come with a crystal of purple fire.... And I am in the midst of a mighty crystal of a many-hued light resembling amethyst, but not amethyst; resembling alexandrite, and almost alexandrite—yet not quite. This crystal from the ascended octave bears within it flecks of gold, a spectrum of blues and violets moving to the pink and containing at the very center, invisible to the eye, a single ruby light. [This is all contained in that purple-blue sphere that you see in paint on the Chart. If you can imagine all of this life and activity in the purple sphere, you can imagine what pulsation of life there is in every sphere.]

The initiation of this fourteen-month spiral ... begins your course to penetrate this crystal [to go through the purple band and penetrate the ruby crystal].... And you will understand that by the path of ministration and service, which truly is an exercise in the initiation of the Path of the Ruby Ray, you will first master the purple fire, then the flecks of gold within it. And then you will be, as it were, a pianist before a grand piano or a harpist counted among the angels, plucking the many strings, playing the grand chords of the multifaceted hues of these rays of the purple and gold and the violet—so that there is movement, there is adaptability, there is skill in many areas of service....

This is indeed the point of transition where the remaining bands of the causal body, being the green and the blue, will lead you back. And then, the succeeding challenges from the heart will again enter the five secret rays.

Thus I give you a glimpse of how the Path is accelerated and shortened. For each of these fourteen months might have been unto each of you a seven-year term of the bearing of your karma—or a one-year cycle. Thus, seven-times-seven and fourteen-times-seven would reach beyond even the span of an expected life term on earth. Thus, my dispensation from Almighty God has been and will continue to be the means of the shortening of the days for the elect.

Initiation in the secret-ray bands

On February 28, 1987, Serapis Bey announced the inauguration of “fourteen months of planetary initiation in the first secret ray” as the first of “five [fourteen-month] rounds in the five secret rays.”

On January 2, 1988, Sanat Kumara addressed the challenges of initiation in the secret rays:

Blessed ones, the very forcefield and the aura of the sons of God can be in the earth the full power of the Great Central Sun Magnet. Therefore, I say unto you, invoke the Great Central Sun Magnet and know how serious and how complete are the fourteen-month dispensations of Serapis Bey. Each and every fourteen-month cycle, you are calling to the Great Central Sun for the amplification of one of the spheres of the causal body by the power of ascension’s flame....

Blessed ones, understand that this is for your ultimate protection, and we have explained to you that the initiations of the five secret rays, which have succeeded those of the seven, are most difficult. For here is the place of the violation of the heart.[1]

Catching up on previous cycles

On April 25, 1988, in his dictation initiating the Second Secret Ray cycle, Serapis Bey explained that where we had fallen short in diligently pursuing the opportunity for self-mastery in the First Secret Ray cycle, we may “make calls for the opportunity to go back and lay the foundation of the first simultaneously with the second, thus as building two levels of a house at the same time.”

The Messenger also explained in her October 28, 1984 lecture on the fourteen-month cycles that those who were not aware of these cycles of initiation or who felt they did not take the greatest advantage of them could “go back and make calls from the center ring of the causal body going outward to the present and ask to be given the initiations of those rings according to the will of God and the discriminating intelligence of your Higher Consciousness.”

Dates of each cycle

Cycle # Start date Ray Line of clock
1 12/21/1978 1 12
2 2/19/1980 2 1
3 4/20/1981 3 2
4 6/20/1982 4 3
5 8/28/1983 5 4
6 10/28/1984 6 5
7 12/28/1985 7 6
8 2/28/1987 1st secret ray 7:30
9 4/25/1988 2nd secret ray 8:30
10 7/4/1989 3rd secret ray 9:30
11 9/4/1990 4th secret ray 10:30
12 11/4/1991 5th secret ray 11:30
13 1/4/1993 13th ray 12:30
14 3/4/1994 14th ray 6:30
1 5/4/1995 1 12
2 7/4/1996 2 1
3 9/4/1997 3 2
4 11/4/1998 4 3
5 1/4/2000 5 4
6 3/4/2001 6 5
7 5/4/2002 7 6
8 7/4/2003 1st secret ray 7:30
9 9/4/2004 2nd secret ray 8:30
10 11/4/2005 3rd secret ray 9:30
11 1/4/2007 4th secret ray 10:30
12 3/4/2008 5th secret ray 11:30
13 5/4/2009 13th ray 12:30
14 7/4/2010 14th ray 6:30
1 9/4/2011 1 12
2 11/4/2012 2 1
3 1/4/2014 3 2
4 3/4/2015 4 3
5 5/4/2016 5 4
6 7/4/2017 6 5
7 9/4/2018 7 6
8 11/4/2019 1st secret ray 7:30
9 1/4/2021 2nd secret ray 8:30
10 3/4/2022 3rd secret ray 9:30
11 5/4/2023 4th secret ray 10:30
12 7/4/2024 5th secret ray 11:30
13 9/4/2025 13th ray 12:30
14 11/4/2026 14th ray 6:30

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