Great Central Sun

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The Great Central Sun, also called the Great Hub, is the center of cosmos; the point of integration of the Spirit-Matter cosmos; the point of origin of all physical-spiritual creation; the nucleus, or white-fire core, of the Cosmic Egg. The God Star, Sirius, is the focus of the Great Central Sun in our sector of the galaxy.

This Spiritual Sun behind the physical sun in the center of the universe is not, as it would seem, in back of the physical sun; it is congruent with or superimposed upon it, but in another dimension. Man’s own causal body is a miniature replica of the Great Central Sun. Moreover, every atom in manifestation is built upon this same pattern of energy spirals evolving spheres within spheres.

The color bands of the Great Central Sun as well as of the atom are planes of God’s consciousness differentiated only by their frequency, or vibration; and the white-fire core is the focus of Spirit becoming Matter and Matter becoming Spirit. Thus in the Hub (the center of the Spirit-Matter cosmos) and in the heart of every atom, the Spiritual Sun and the physical sun coexist. Here in the white-fire core, the simultaneous manifestation of Spirit and Matter provides the necessary components for creation. Here and only here can creation be born.

Eleven concentric rings surround the core of God’s Being. These, together with the center, make up the twelve planes of consciousness found in the Atom of God—seven outer rays and five “secret” rays.

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