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The hierarchical office of Lord of the World is vested with the highest authority of the Godhead on behalf of a planet and its evolutions. Upon the recommendation of the Lords of Karma, the one who holds this office is selected by the Solar Logoi from among those who have passed the Buddhic initiations and qualified under the laws of hierarchy as the most advanced initiates on a particular world.

The Lord of the World receives the divine blueprint for the world from the planetary Silent Watcher and guards the threefold flame on behalf of angels, elementals and men, serving to externalize the flame of the Christ in the planes of Spirit and Matter. He also focuses all of the planes of God’s consciousness, including those of the five secret rays. Having mastery in both the inner planes (the planes of the five secret or passive rays) and the outer planes (the planes of the seven color or active rays) of the Great Causal Body, he holds the balance of peace in the four lower bodies of the planet.

Gautama Buddha, the current Lord of the World

Gautama Buddha holds the office of Lord of the World (referred to as “God of the Earth” in Rev. 11:4), having recently succeeded Sanat Kumara, who had held the office for tens of thousands of years. His is the highest governing office of the spiritual hierarchy for the planet—and yet Lord Gautama is truly the most humble amongst the ascended masters.

At inner levels, he sustains the threefold flame, the divine spark, for those lifestreams who have lost the direct contact with their I AM Presence and who have made so much negative karma as to be unable to magnetize sufficient Light from the Godhead to sustain their souls’ physical incarnation on Earth. Through a filigree thread of light connecting his heart with the hearts of all God’s children, Lord Gautama nourishes the flickering flame of Life that ought to burn upon the altar of each heart with a greater magnitude of love, wisdom, and power, fed by each one’s own Christ consciousness.

Sanat Kumara, the previous Lord of the World

Gautama Buddha received the mantle of Lord of the World on January 1, 1956, from Sanat Kumara, hierarch of the planet Venus, who had held the position of Lord of the World since the darkest hours of Earth’s history. Known as the Ancient of Days, Sanat Kumara volunteered to come to Earth thousands of years ago, when cosmic councils had decreed the dissolution of the planet. So great was mankind’s departure from cosmic law, that the Solar Lords had determined that no further opportunity should be granted humanity, who had willfully ignored and forgotten the God Flame within their hearts. The requirement of the Law for the saving of Terra was that one who qualified as the embodied ‘Lamb’ be present in the physical octave to hold the balance and keep the threefold flame of Life for and on behalf of every living soul. Sanat Kumara offered to be that one.

In The Opening of the Seventh Seal, Sanat Kumara tells the story of how Venusian devotees volunteered to accompany him and embody among mankind to assist in keeping the flame:

The joy of opportunity was mingled with the sorrow that the sense of separation brings. I had chosen a voluntary exile upon a dark star. And though it was destined to be Freedom’s Star, all knew it would be for me a long dark night of the soul. Then all at once from the valleys and the mountains there appeared a great gathering of my children. It was the souls of the hundred and forty and four thousand approaching our palace of light. They spiraled nearer and nearer as twelve companies singing the song of freedom, of love, and of victory.... As we watched from the balcony, Venus and I, we saw the thirteenth company robed in white. It was the royal priesthood of the Order of Melchizedek....

When all of their numbers had assembled, ring upon ring upon ring surrounding our home, and their hymn of praise and adoration to me was concluded, their spokesman stood before the balcony to address us on behalf of the great multitude. It was the soul of the one you know and love today as the Lord of the World, Gautama Buddha. And he addressed us, saying, “O Ancient of Days, we have heard of the covenant which God hath made with thee this day and of thy commitment to keep the flame of Life until some among Earth’s evolutions should be quickened and once again renew their vow to be bearers of the flame. O Ancient of Days, thou art to us our Guru, our very life, our God. We will not leave thee comfortless. We will go with thee.”[1]

Thus, they came to Earth with Sanat Kumara and legions of angels, preceded by another retinue of lightbearers who prepared the way and established the retreat of Shamballa—the City of White—on an island in the Gobi Sea (now the Gobi Desert). There Sanat Kumara anchored the focus of the threefold flame, establishing the initial thread of contact with all on Earth by extending rays of light from his heart to their own. And there the volunteers from Venus embodied in dense veils of flesh to see Earth’s evolutions through unto the victory of their vow.

The first from among these unascended lightbearers to respond to the call of the Lord of the World from the physical octave was, understandably, Gautama and close with him was Maitreya. Both pursued the path of the Bodhisattva unto Buddhahood, Gautama finishing the course “first” and Maitreya “second.” Thus the two became Sanat Kumara’s foremost disciples, the one ultimately succeeding him in the office of Lord of the World, the other as Cosmic Christ and Planetary Buddha.

Transfer of the office

At the moment of the transfer of the mantle of Lord of the World on January 1, 1956, Gautama Buddha assumed the responsibility for sustaining the lifeline to Earth’s evolutions through his own heart flame, and Sanat Kumara, as Regent Lord of the World, returned to his home star, Venus, where he maintains an intense activity of involvement with the Great White Brotherhood’s service on planet Earth.

Gautama’s former office of Cosmic Christ and Planetary Buddha was simultaneously filled by Lord Maitreya. In the same ceremony, which took place at the Royal Teton Retreat, the office of World Teacher, formerly held by Maitreya, was passed to Lord Jesus and his dear friend and disciple Saint Francis (Kuthumi). Lord Lanto took the chohanship of the second ray July 1958, which had been held by Kuthumi, and beloved Nada assumed the office of chohan of the sixth ray, which had been held by Jesus during the Piscean age of which he was also the hierarch.

Saint Germain with Portia assumed the rulership of Aquarius on May 1, 1954. While Maitreya represents the Cosmic Christ and Planetary Buddha, Jesus holds the office of the personal Christ as the great exemplar of each one’s own Holy Christ Self.

Representatives in the world

Lord Gautama presides as Hierarch of Shamballa, now on the etheric plane, to which the physical retreat has been withdrawn. Throughout the ages, the messengers of the Brotherhood, known and unknown, have held the balance in the physical octave for the flame and the Buddha of Shamballa. Thus Jesus, as the anointed messenger of Lord Maitreya, the Cosmic Christ, was the open door through his Sacred Heart for the light of the Father represented in the persons of Maitreya, Gautama, and Sanat Kumara to be anchored in the hearts of the multitudes of Earth’s people.

The Lord Jesus Christ defined his office in the physical octave according to cosmic law when he said: “As long as I AM in the world, the I AM that I AM, the Word which I incarnate, is the Light of the world.”[2] It was this anchoring of the Light of the I AM Presence in his heart chakra that enabled Jesus to take upon himself planetary karma, “the sins of the world,” in order that souls of Light might follow him on the path of Christhood until they, too, should bear in their body temples the Light of the Son of God.

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