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The seven holy Kumaras are seven great brings who hold the focus of the seven Elohim on the planet Venus. Sanat Kumara is one of the seven holy Kumaras. His position among the seven is on the third ray, and he brings the gift of love and the gift of the threefold flame.

Hindu tradition describes the Kumaras as the seven (sometimes four) mind-born sons of Brahma who forever retain their youthful purity and innocence and are called the “eternal youths” or “princes.” Sanat Kumara is said to be the most prominent of the Kumaras.

Their home on Venus

Venus is the planet of the third ray of this solar system, and it is known to be the training ground for avatars who have been sent not only to earth but to the other planetary bodies infiltrated by the Luciferians. This is the home of Jesus Christ, Gautama Buddha, Lord Maitreya, John the Baptist, Enoch and the entire hierarchy of Brahmanism, Hinduism, Lemurian and pre-Lemurian avatars. All of these have come through the great mystery schools of Venus and the halls and temples of the seven holy Kumaras.

Each of the seven holy Kumaras has his individual temple on Venus, and each one of these temples is dedicated to the initiations of the Mother flame on one of the seven rays. The initiations of the Mother flame are always the making practical in Matter of the initiations of the Trinity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Had the seven holy Kumaras not retained their God consciousness and their absolute purity, had they not retained Venus as a forcefield of love, had this forcefield not been held as the literal heart chakra of this solar system, the remainder of the evolutions of the planets would not have had the opportunity to be redeemed, and Sanat Kumara would not have been given the grant to come to the planet Earth.

Dispensations from the seven holy Kumaras

The seven holy Kumaras have released a number of specific dispensations for the raising up of the light in the earth. In 1975 they came to release to the lightbearers of the world “an increment of light that is the seed of Alpha, of cosmic illumination to raise the fires of awareness and to increase the penetration of the Infinite One.” This was an increment of light “that is delivered only once in ten thousand years for the elevation of consciousness and the centering of that consciousness in the crown.”[1]

In 1976 the seven holy Kumaras spoke in Hawaii of the raising up of the Mother flame of Lemuria. This flame was upon a central altar, and around it, on what is known as the fire ring of the lands that border the Pacific Ocean today, were twelve temples, all dedicated to the Mother light. The twelve temples were for the solar initiations of the twelve hierarchies. Each had its own tone and flame.

Sanat Kumara said:

We come, then, for one purpose, and that purpose is to anchor certain fohatic keys in the form of electrodes for the spiraling, rising energies of the seven rays in seven aspects of the Mother flame. The raising of these energies is from the point where they descended on Terra. The point of the descent of Lemuria and of Mother light must also be the point of the rise of that Mother light.[2]

Sanat Kumara and the seven holy Kumaras spoke in 1992 in Atlanta, Georgia, of the great love and concern of the evolutions of Venus for mankind:

Blessed hearts, I want you to know that the evolutions of my home star, Venus (who inhabit a plane that is not physical according to the physical nature of earth), are one and all in rapt attention as I address you with the seven holy Kumaras. And there are giant screens throughout that planet upon which all can see the messenger and see your faces and see your auras.

And they send love, waves of billowing love in support of your sacred hearts, in support of the increase of holy love in your hearts, beloved—an entire planet of lifewaves watching now what shall become of earth and what shall become of their brothers and sisters and twin flames and souls so close to their hearts, those gathered here and those gathered in the cities and those not yet in this community of the Holy Spirit but moving toward the heart of the Buddha and the Christ and of Sanat Kumara.

Yes, beloved, feel this love, for this love is something truly beyond this world, which all who are one with you in this cause and purpose are determined to manifest here by sending their love and also by journeying in the etheric octave to take their stand at your side.

Blessed hearts, there is a response to your striving and to your giving of yourselves. There is a response from other systems. There is a response from the Violet Planet. There is a response from planets beyond this solar system, and then those that are light-years beyond even this galaxy.

There is a hush in the entire Matter cosmos as the decisions of individuals are making the difference as to whether or not the entire tide of darkness will be turned around in planet Earth. For this cause have we come.... Therefore, together in the living flame, we multiply all that you are by the power of the love of Lady Master Venus.[3]

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