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A beach in Hawaii

Hawaii is the most yin point of the United States. Since is it the point of the greatest flow of the Mother, it is also the point of the greatest perversion of the Mother.

The islands of Hawaii were the tips of a mountain range on Lemuria, the heart chakra of the continent, the heartbeat of millions of people who evolved there. The heart of Lemuria could not be covered when the continent went down.

The meeting of East and West

The meeting of East and West happens in the heart chakra—the only way in which there can be the meeting. And the flow of these energies from Maitreya to Mother is the means whereby the wisdom of the Father from the East will have the flow of the love of the Mother in the West.

In the West, the materialization of the God flame is the Mater, or Mother realization. In the West the flame of Mother is anchored in the retreat of the God and Goddess Meru at Lake Titicaca, the highest lake in the world, high in the Andes. And in the center of the lake is the Island of the Sun and the legend of twin flames who came forth from that lake to father and mother the race known as the Incas.

The masculine polarity of the Godhead is anchored in the Himalayas, in the Retreat of the Blue Lotus.

When we establish the fusion and the flow of the figure eight of Father and Mother from the crown to the base individually, we can began begin to do this for the continents. There is a caduceus action between East and West. Not only is Hawaii the meeting ground of these forces, the cosmic forces of Mu, but it is also the focal point for the raising of the seven aspects of the Mother flame in the seven chakras.

This manifestation of light is intended to be Hawaii’s contribution to the Aquarian age. The seven major islands are focal points of the seven aspects of the raising of Mother. It requires only sons and daughters of God dedicated to this cosmic purpose to raise up on these islands the focuses of the Mother and the Buddha as the open door to give forth the teachings that will set her people free.

The seven islands

Sanat Kumara has explained that the seven major islands of Hawaii correspond to the seven bodies of man and the seven chakras:

We see, then, in these seven islands seven aspects of God, seven bodies of man and the mastery of seven chakras. We see in the islands of Hawaii, Maui, Oahu and Kauai the development of the four lower bodies of mankind. And we see that the physical body in Hawaii is still expanding—still expanding to become the vehicle for the expression in Mater of Mother.

Here in Maui, there is the expression of the feeling of God as the feeling of Mother. It is the emotional body that is governed by the Mother flame; it is the place where souls will come to realize Mother, even as they come to master the astral bodies and the emotional energies. And because Mother is the flow of water, the desire in the water body will be mastered by souls of light here whom we will select to carry the flame of Mother.

The island of Oahu illustrates the mental activity of mankind and the acceleration of commerce and of many souls, for in America there is much mental activity—some the agitation of the lesser mind and some the activation of the Higher Mind. For good or for ill, the mental body must be mastered, and with these energies the light of Christ, the Only Begotten of your own Causal Body, will come forth.

Because mankind have failed the tests so many times of the Christ consciousness, we find that where there are focuses of the mental body, teeming thousands and millions are found in the large cities, and their mental activities are often a disturbance to those who prefer to meditate on the Mother and in the Holy Spirit.

Nevertheless, it is in the battlefield of the mind that Light and Darkness must be resolved. And the Light swallows up the Darkness and it is not, and the Light is the Light that lighteth every man and woman that cometh into the world.[1]

You know that civilizations have been lost because of the compromise of the mind and the conceptualization of the God flame. For the raising of the Mother, then, there must be the restoration of the Christ Child, for it is the children of the Mother, the children of Mu, who will reclaim the Cosmic Virgin on Terra. And unless they be endued with the power from on high of the Christ and the Holy Spirit, they will not be the possessors of that light, which is the light of the defense of the Mother flame.

Kauai, then, is the focalization of the etheric fire-body nature of the Holy Spirit—remote, removed from the mainstream of outer awareness yet very powerful as fohatic energy.

The interchange of the energies of the islands is for the mastery of the flame of Mother. The very ones who were a part of ancient Mu in the hours of her descent have been drawn to these islands for the balancing of karma, for the championing of the light, for making right that which has been the wrong of the ages.

The other three islands, Molokai, Lanai and Niihau, less important in the chain, show the recession of spiritual awareness, the lesser awareness of Causal Body, I AM Presence and Christ Self, yet very present and very much a part of the energies that we are to release this day according to the cosmic timetable.[2]

The retreat of Peace and Aloha

The retreat of the Elohim Peace and Aloha is over the island of Hawaii. Peace and Aloha represent the opportunity through the heart chakra for the balancing of the energies of the Buddha and the Mother. The peace of Buddha produces the activation of the power of Mother.

We find that the opportunity for peace to become power has not yet been realized. We find that peace becomes perverted in a way of lethargy. We find that the islands are a place where we can simply relax and lead a life of ease that we call peace, but that really is a false peace. We can talk about peace, but there is no real peace because peace without a sword is not peace.

And the word sword is simply an abbreviation for sacred Word, and without the sacred Word—which belonged to the Hawaiians in their chants, which was mastered by the Kahunas, who had a tremendous power of precipitation[3]—the peace is inert. And there is no such thing as inert peace, because peace is rest in motion.

And so Hawaiians’ contribution to the entire planetary body is the externalization of the flames of the Elohim Peace and Aloha for the mastery of the solar-plexus chakra, which relates to the emotional body and the water element. Jesus, the Piscean conqueror, came forth in that water sign and demonstrated the mastery of God’s energy in motion by the arcing of the solar plexus energies to the throat chakra and the release of the science of the spoken Word. Jesus used words to coalesce miracles which were the fulfillment of cosmic law.

So for the people living on the islands—whether they come from the mainland, whether they are descended from the original Hawaiians, or whether they are a mixture of peoples who have come from around the fire ring—their challenge, their initiation is to make the peace of Buddha the power of the Mother. When this happens there will be that fusion of the energies of East and West and the opening of a new culture and a new age.

The water body, the desire body, is the most powerful of all bodies. The mastery of this body is necessary to the manifestation of the Christ consciousness on the sixth ray and the fulfillment of the mission of the sixth root race, which predominates in the Christian religion that is so prevalent on the planet. Therefore the mastery of that sixth dispensation and that chakra is paramount to the forward progress of the entire planet and the coming of the seventh root race on the continent of South America.

We might say, then, that that which takes place on the Hawaiian Islands becomes the crux for all that happens on Terra. And as Maui is the focal point of the emotional body and the point of the Mother, we can say that what happens on Maui is the crux of what happens in the Hawaiian chain.

The Garden of Eden

Some say that Hawaii is the focal point of the Garden of Eden, and there are many esoteric scholars who agree that Eden was the paradise of Lemuria, and it was there that the fall of man through the descent of the Mother light occurred. This entire scene is described in the Book of Genesis in allegory.

The remnant of Lemuria in these islands as they were before the white man came was perhaps the highest paradise of purity yet remaining on the planet. The Hawaiians were a great, a magnificent and a beautiful people. However, with the coming of the white man, what had taken hundreds of thousands and millions of years to create was almost destroyed. The population of the island dropped from three hundred thousand to fifty thousand a century later, the diseases of the white man killing off thousands.

This, however, is not something that is necessarily evil or negative. It is the natural process that happens with the mingling of peoples and their expansion. It was deemed necessary by the Lords of Karma for these souls to continue to evolve through taking on the attainments that had been won by Western man. The price that was paid was a heavy price—the same price that was paid by the American Indians and the inhabitants of South America. But for the total evolution of a planetary body, this becomes necessary.

It was also necessary for the cultures to blend for reasons of karma, and the Hawaiians who lost their lives under these conditions reincarnated on these islands and also on the mainland—some of them in bodies that were a mixture of the white man and the original inhabitants of the islands, and some in white bodies to further evolve, to further contribute to the return of the Mother flame on Mu.

The restoration of the Word

It remains, then, for those who have the contact with the Brotherhood to teach those who have the contact with the soil, with the flame of Mu, the inhabitants of these islands, how to activate the peace of the solar plexus, the peace of the Buddha through the spoken Word of the Mother. The Hawaiians had the use of the spoken Word, and they remembered it from Mu. The opportunity to use that Word must be restored to them, and the giving of the chants, affirmations and decrees in Hawaiian is entirely in order if they can be translated to that language.

The raising of the Mother Flame of Lemuria

In 1976, Sanat Kumara delivered a dictation in Maui for the rising again of the Mother Flame of Lemuria:

This is an era when light is oncoming. It is the era when the flame of Mu must rise, compelled by the call to light of cosmic law. This is an era for the raising of the consciousness of the Mother flame in the seven rays.

We come, then, for one purpose. That purpose is to anchor certain fohatic keys in the form of electrodes for the spiraling, rising energies of the seven rays in seven aspects of the Mother flame. The raising of these energies is from the point where they descended on Terra. The point of the descent of Lemuria and of the Mother light must also be the point of the rising of that Mother light.[4]

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Conference conducted by Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Maui in June 11 to 13, 1976, titled Peace in the Flame of Buddha; available in audio format from www.ascendedmasterlibrary.org.


Elizabeth Clare Prophet, lecture to Summit University, June 17, 1976.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet, “Hawaii’s Contribution to the Culture of the Aquarian Age,” June 12, 1976.

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