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Saint Francis receiving the stigmata, fresco by Giotto in the Upper Basilica at Assisi

The mystical stigmata [Greek, literally “marks”] is the scientifically inexplicable appearance of the wounds and corresponding sufferings of the Lord by sharing his suffering for the expiation of the world’s sins.

The stigmata may be invisible, wherein pain is experienced without any physical signs, or visible, wherein open wounds or scars are seen on the hands, feet, near the heart, on the head, shoulders or back. These wounds may bleed either continuously or periodically, usually on Fridays or during Lent.

Spiritual significance

Jesus had five wounds on the cross—the nail prints in his hands and feet and the piercing of his side. This was the initiation of the five secret rays, which is why he was pieced in those places. The saints who receive the stigmata also receive that initiation. Through the secret rays, very highly concentrated energies are released to the planet, and souls of light who have attainment in those rays find that much energy goes into the world through these centers.

Saint Francis of Assisi is the first known to have received the stigmata. In 1375 on a visit to Pisa, Catherine of Siena received the stigmata, which at her request remained invisible until after her death. Over 320 physical stigmatics have been confirmed as being by divine action, including the twentieth-century stigmatist Padre Pio.

Stigmata in the etheric body

The stigmata may be received at inner levels, in the etheric body. The reason for this is that once the wounds appear in the physical body, this incapacitates the one on the path of sainthood. One is weakened. One’s wounds must be dressed because of the flow of blood every Friday or however it is that the Lord directs it. All of this limits the physical service of the one receiving the initiation.

The etheric stigmata is the sign of the path of sainthood and the sign that the individual is carrying the weight of planetary karma, that portion assigned to him. And because he is carrying the weight of that karma, he may receive the flow of the wounds of Christ which are the means of its transmutation.

When we invoke the violet flame through the science of the spoken Word, that action of transmutation is stepped up and accelerated. Jesus desires you to know it is not necessary that the stigmata descend to the level of the physical body. The cycles are shortened for the elect, and you may go through the Passion in the joyousness of victory and of world transmutation.


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