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Abraham Sacrificing Isaac, Laurent de La Hyre (1650)

Zadkiel is the archangel of the seventh ray. Archangel Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst embody God’s freedom, alchemy, transmutation, forgiveness and justice, the very same qualities embodied by Saint Germain and his twin flame, Lady Master Portia. Their work corresponds to the seat-of-the-soul chakra, and their color is violet. The day of the seventh ray is Saturday, which means we can receive a greater release of light, energy and cosmic consciousness from the causal bodies of Zadkiel and Amethyst on that day.

In his retreat, Archangel Zadkiel prepares children of God to become priests and priestesses in the Order of Melchizedek. In the days of Atlantis both Jesus and Saint Germain studied at Zadkiel’s retreat. Zadkiel anointed both of them into this priesthood.

The name Zadkiel means “righteousness of God.” In rabbinic tradition, Zadkiel is known as the angel of benevolence, mercy and memory. In some traditions, he was the angel who held back Abraham’s hand when Abraham was about to sacrifice his son Isaac. Holy Amethyst, Zadkiel’s divine complement, was one of the angels who ministered to Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane.

The use of the seventh ray

Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst are here for one purpose: to help us secure our individual freedom so that when we are free, we can free our households, our towns, our nations, our planet. The main block to our freedom is our negative karma. We can transmute it with the violet-flame decrees. We can also balance negative karma by sending forth divine love and compassionately-human love and calling upon the law of mercy and forgiveness.

Archangel Zadkiel describes what he and the ascended hosts see when a devotee of God calls forth the sacred fire of the violet flame:

We see from inner levels the tremendous effort you make to transmute the layers upon layers of karma you have made in this and past lives. It is truly a marvelous thing for us to behold. In one moment you sit surrounded with every kind of negative thought revolving in your aura. In the next, you decide to invoke the violet flame.

And lo! the mighty power of the seventh ray, as a giant electrode of cosmic energy, begins to form around your person. The violet-flame angels gather around you. With palms outstretched, they direct across your four lower bodies and your aura an arc of the violet ray. As that arc flashes across your being, it vaporizes the negative conditions. They literally disappear from heart and mind![1]

Zadkiel refers to the violet flame as the universal solvent that the alchemists have sought throughout the ages.[2] He says:

I possess in my heart the secrets of alchemy. Invoke them, if you will. And I shall release them to you in answer to your call.[3]

The violet flame can also give you a physical boost. Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst tell us:

Why will you wait while the candle of your life burns low? You can recharge your body with the violet flame. Do you think that God is incapable of vitalizing the atoms, the molecules and the cells of your body? He can flood them with violet fire and give you the glow of eternal youth![4]

Saint Germain tells us that joy is the motor of life, and the violet flame is the fuel. Forgiveness and mercy are qualities of this flame. To receive the greatest benefit of its power of transmutation, it is important to send the violet flame to all whom you have ever wronged as far back as you can remember in this life. And if you don’t know where the person is, write a letter to that person, ask their forgiveness and then burn the letter. You must also give that violet flame to all who have ever wronged you, so that there is forgiveness in both directions. Put all hurts and heartaches into the violet flame! Then let go of the cause, the effect, the record and the memory of those hurts and heartaches. And call upon the law of forgiveness.

Miracles through the violet flame

The angels can create miracles in our lives, but we have to call them into action to do just that.

Zadkiel explains that according to cosmic law the angels may not intercede in the affairs of men unless people pray to them and give them specific assignments. At this very moment angels are waiting for your direction. This law is based on our Father-Mother God’s recognition of free will. Unless you ask God to intercede in your behalf, he, by his own decree, will not, and does not, break that covenant of free will and enter into your life uninvited.

Zadkiel says:

When you invoke the light of our violet-flame legions, know that millions of angels of the seventh ray respond to your call immediately. We see the rise, the fall and the ebb of the tide of world karma daily as Keepers of the Flame worldwide do invoke the violet flame and therefore mitigate the effects of mass karma.[5]

How can we be effective in creating miracles to change world conditions?

The violet-flame legions of light are warriors of the Spirit who can meet any condition of planet Earth. We are reinforcements ... nearest the physical octave because the violet flame is the most physical flame.[6]

Second, be specific. Archangel Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst say:

The world is filled with many injustices. Examine the world scene and determine what causes are worth fighting for. Choose one or two, and then work on them relentlessly with your violet-flame decrees, your meditations and your active involvement in alleviating the burdens of your cities. Join with others in giving your violet-flame decrees to save our civilization.[7]

In answer to your call, we send missiles of violet flame to save planet Earth. I tell you, with God all things are possible![8]


The saints in embodiment must anchor divine intercession in the earth by saturating their auras with violet flame. This is the way to make the difference in turning negative world prophecy into positive world prophecy.[9]

Lord Maitreya tells us that miracles are the alchemy of the violet ray and the gift of Saint Germain. The momentum of violet flame that you build in your aura as you decree day by day without fail will enable you to build a storehouse of violet flame that will be available to you in time of emergency—just when you need a miracle. How many times have you heard yourself or someone say: “O God, I really need a miracle now!”

A miracle is sudden transmutation. And sudden transmutation takes place because someone in the universe has garnered enough light, enough violet flame to inject such a momentum, such a quotient of energy that the violet flame applied to a specific problem causes instantaneous change in the etheric plane, the mental plane, the emotional plane and the physical plane.

The final key that Zadkiel gives is to get involved:

The open door to light in the physical octave is you,... is the power of the spoken Word to protest, to demonstrate, to decree. Pray at the altar, then go forth and take your stand in all areas where life is threatened. You are the open door to safety and salvation in the earth.[10]

Amethyst crystal

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Through the amethyst crystal, the twin flame of Lord Zadkiel focuses the mother aspect of freedom to the evolutions of this planet. The amethyst is worn by all who serve on the seventh ray and their devotees. All jewels are actually precipitates or condensations of the flame that the jewel focuses. Thus, the amethyst is the focus of the freedom flame, and those jewels that have been consecrated by lightbearers contain in the center a replica of the flame that they represent.


Main article: Temple of Purification

Together with his twin flame, Holy Amethyst, and the violet-flame angels, Archangel Zadkiel serves mankind from the Temple of Purification. This temple, once physical, is now in the etheric realm over the island of Cuba. Priests of the sacred fire on Atlantis took their training under the order of Lord Zadkiel here, and their service to life drew the momentum that prevented the island from sinking.

The musical keynote of Holy Amethyst is the “Beautiful Blue Danube,” by Johann Strauss.


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