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The term psychotronics is often used to describe the machine-age application of telepathy, hypnosis, and telekinesis as well as novel uses of low-frequency radio waves, microwaves, and other technologies. A 1981 U.S. Army study referred to psychotronics as the “projection or transmission of mental energy by individual or collective mental discipline and control, or by an energy-emitting device—a kind of mind jammer.”

Using electronic generators to broadcast energy over long or short distances, psychotronic weapons can alter the mind, emotions, and physical state of an individual. Some experts claim that these weapons can generate earthquakes, control the weather, modify behavior patterns, and even induce disease or death. A growing body of evidence indicates that the Soviet Union developed and may have been using advanced techniques of psychic warfare that have the power to manipulate or harm populations.

Dangers of psychotronics

The Elohim Cyclopea warned of the dangers of this technology in a dictation given October 9, 1976:

In the hour of the rise of civilization to a peak of mechanical perfectionment on Lemuria and Atlantis, it came to pass that the manipulation of the subconscious of the people was so great that their four lower bodies were absolutely filled with the machinations and the manipulations of the fallen ones. That saturation of the earth body itself, even of the very grains of earth, was so intense that the cataclysm that resulted was not only for the destruction of the works of the fallen ones; but it was to give the souls and the vehicles of the bodies of mankind and of the earth body a rest and a necessary period of transmutation and requalification—whereby the four lower bodies of the earth and the people could be cleared of all that saturation of the fallen ones and their rebellious signs and formations and symbols that they have placed in implants in the people.

And therefore the desert places on the earth and those places that are uninhabited, these also are in that period of rest. It is a cosmic rest and a cosmic interval. And during that period of rest there is an intense fiery action by elemental life and by the angelic hosts for the cleansing of the very atoms and molecules of the physical earth as well as the mental, astral and etheric planes.

Now, after the clearing of the earth, there was the bringing forth once again of virgin land, conceived in the All-Seeing Eye of God in the Mother and held immaculate for sons and daughters of God to come forth once again to write a new page in creativity. Now, since the bringing forth, then, of the new land and the New World and the coming of Saint Germain and all those who are a part of the mandala, there has been a race—a very intense race by the fallen ones on astral planes and those who have reincarnated from the days of Atlantis—to once again saturate the four lower bodies of the earth and of the people with all of these tactics of programming, wedges of rebellion and witchcraft, so that, helplessly, mankind are the victims of these signs and symbols. And therefore, in the moment of crisis and in the moment of choosing to be or not to be, by the subconscious programming and manipulation of the energies of God within them, they automatically make the choices for the death cult, the success cult and the sex cult.

Understand, then, that we are concerned—we, the seven mighty Elohim as well as the Council of the Royal Teton and the Darjeeling Council. We are concerned about the levels of the saturation of consciousness, not only in the American people but in all peoples on the planetary body.

And most of all we are concerned for the little ones, the little children who come into embodiment and while they are yet in their mothers’ wombs they are bombarded with these subliminal thoughtforms that come through the media, come through the television, come on the waves of psychic manifestation that are also projected by the archenemies of mankind. We are concerned that the little children, even before they arrive at an age of majority, are thereby so programmed against the true expression of free will and the election of the path of the ascension. We are also concerned about the pollution of the earth body and pollution that begins in the astral plane with this programming.[1]

Effects of psychotronics

There is an enormous preoccupation with materialism in the West. There is a demoralization, a spinelessness correspondent to that, and a general sinking of a race of people who before December 31, 1959, and the astrological configurations which changed at that time were a tremendously fiery people, people who had vision, people who desired to take a stand for freedom around the world, people who fought World Wars I and II, people who were ready to see with clarity what is real, what is not real, to defend life. The questions that we debate today, whether they are right or wrong, were clearly seen before that time.

I feel, then, that the manipulation of Tesla technology has something to do with this and that the Soviets have been using these weapons for a long time. If you are sensitive and you know what psychotronic energy is, you can feel a certain bristling in your skin, on your body, when you’re in the presence of it—a certain agitation, a certain inner disturbance in your being. The symptoms can be loss of memory, nausea, and other various debilitating diseases. It can come very slowly. It’s like being slowly cooked by microwaves.

So I think we have to understand that the forces of light and darkness have had their confrontation on Atlantis through the misuse of technology. This was the primary reason for the sinking of Atlantis, only twelve thousand years ago. This is not very long insofar as the evolution of the soul is concerned. It was a warfare of light and darkness misusing a very advanced technology, which caused the crumbling of civilization and its susceptibility to polar changes, to ice melts, to flood such as the sinking of Atlantis, which is recorded in the Bible as the Noah’s Flood. So this experience is recent to us. Most of you were on earth at that time. We are coming full cycle again—a twelve-thousand-year cycle. We are seeing the same misuse of technology today.

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