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The Book of Revelation is God’s gift to all who have answered his call to walk the path of initiation unto Christhood in the footsteps of our Elder Brother Jesus Christ. Its 22 chapters are a study in the psychology of the soul and the soul’s testings under the hierarchy of the Great White Brotherhood. These she must master on her homeward path leading to reunion with Alpha and Omega, the Father-Mother God.

God gave his Revelation to Jesus Christ so that his servants might know beforehand “things which must shortly come to pass.” Our Lord delivered this Revelation to his apostle John the Beloved, “sent and signified by his angel.”[1]

The Book of Revelation reveals a path of initiation that each soul in her season must pass through if she would ascend to God. It is a study in the psychology of the soul and the testings that she must master on her homeward path leading to reunion with Alpha and Omega, the Father-Mother God.

A personal path of initiation

Mother Mary teaches us in her New Age astrology that at any point in time and space in any century, the soul on the path of reunion with God may experience in sequence, one after the other, the initiations encoded in the 22 chapters of Revelation; these correspond to the symbology of the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

According to their soul pattern, evolution and attainment, lightbearers of the world are experiencing all of the leaves of Revelation; and each of those leaves is tumbling in its time and space, though not necessarily in the same dimension, for we are multidimensional beings.

Revelation portrays the juxtaposition of the soul and the collective planetary evolution between the forces of Light and Darkness as these are engaged in Armageddon. The outcome of this warfare of the spirit is either the soul’s resurrection unto eternal life or her Final Judgment. By free will the soul must choose either the path of initiation under the Lamb of God and his hosts or the path of Lucifer and the fallen angels in their rebellion against the Lord God and his Christ.

The Book of Revelation is an outline of these two paths and a prophecy of the outcome of freewill choices made—to be or not to be—each step of the way. Through a preordained series of lifetimes God gives each soul the opportunity (1) to serve the Lord and glorify him in her members or (2) to deify the ego, the synthetic self and the carnal mind while swearing enmity with God and his Christ and making war with the remnant of the seed of the Divine Mother.[2]

At the end of this cycle of opportunity the Keeper of the Scrolls reads the soul’s record before the Ancient of Days, who sits on the great white throne at the Court of the Sacred Fire; and before the Four Beasts and the Twenty-four Elders “every man is judged according to his works.”[3]

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