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An order of ascended and unascended beings dedicated to the illumination of mankind through the flame of wisdom, headed by the ascended master Kuthumi, with retreats on the etheric plane in Shigatse and Kashmir.

The purpose of the order of the Brothers of the Golden Robe is to carry illumination to mankind (illumined action). Illumined action merged with the ritual of freedom gives the sixth ray of ministration and service. The Brothers and Sisters of the Golden Robe are intended to be the teachers of mankind. It is an order of devotees who make it their business to carry in their auras the wisdom of the ages to impart it to teachers and all who will listen. In their focus over Kashmir, there is a library containing all of the books on the sacred mysteries—science, culture, and the wisdom teachings of the ages.


To wear the golden robe of the Brothers of the Golden Robe is a great opportunity and a great privilege. In order to be worthy to wear that robe you must garner a momentum of illumination, of wisdom’s ray in your aura. You will increase wisdom’s ray by increasing the action of the all-seeing eye, since this is the chakra of the emerald ray, which is made up of the will of God firing illumination—blue and yellow making the green ray.

Clearing the third eye clears another vessel for the energies of the Divine Mother to rise to from the base of the spine. The final clearance is of the crown chakra. If any of the chakras below the crown are dirty, are stopped up, are plugged with energy, when the Mother energy tries to rise, it will be blocked or it will be misqualified. So our goal is to raise our energy through the seven chakras step by step, keeping the pearl of the Divine Mother clear until it reaches the crown of illumination.

Summit University

Saint Germain has explained that the training at the early twelve-week sessions of Summit University prepared students for entry into the order:

And so the Lord of the World sends his angels with the golden-velvet robe placed upon each of you now as the mark of your having passed through these walls and stayed until the end, unto the finish, unto the hour of victory. That golden robe makes you eligible for membership in the Order of the Golden Robe under the master Kuthumi.[1]

The ray of wisdom

Illumination and the ray of wisdom is not by any means a delicate ray. It is piercing with the authority of the Godhead and with the authority of the Christ mind. The clearing of the aura by the violet flame and by the energies of the will of God clears the way for the surging of the fount of illumination and love in the heart; and without that clearing, the threefold flame cannot expand. So it is in order to do on the use of the blue and the violet rays. However, we also need to accelerate the action of the wisdom ray and accelerate the concentrated energies of the crystal of the mind of God.

When your aura becomes saturated with wisdom’s fire, it precipitates as a golden robe, and the golden robe is the inevitable outcropping of your own inner attainment. Therefore, you force membership in the Order of the Golden Robe by the action of your own aura. Only those who have an aura supercharged with wisdom can be counted as Brothers of the Golden Robe and Sisters of the Golden Robe.

The disciplines of the order

Kuthumi speaks of the disciplines of the members of this order:

I tell you, beloved, [when you come to] my retreat you will find brothers and sisters of the Golden Robe walking up and down the great halls, the courtyards and the pathways with book in hand reciting their prayers or going over the scriptural teachings of East and West. They review, beloved, what we have dictated through the messengers, that which is published and that which is not; for we do have a complete library.

And by studying [what has been given to students in embodiment in this century], they come to understand what Hierarchy perceives to be the needs of the lightbearers of earth and [especially of] those desiring to enter in [to an earnest discipleship under the World Teachers]. Thus they know what they must know and what they must emphasize in their own study in order to be able to assist those souls who come our way every day for assistance and training and a further acceleration on the Path.

You see, beloved, to these brothers and sisters of the Golden Robe there are no idle thoughts or words or moments or feelings; for they are looking straight to the goal of becoming bodhisattvas under Maitreya and rising to the twelfth plane. May you also know that the key to the second ray is the continual internalization of the Word and the Work, the Alpha, the Omega, of the Cosmic Christ. It is the continual eating of the flesh and drinking of the blood of the Son of God that [these brothers and sisters] might have life and more life and more life [in them] until by the process of assimilation they are all of that oneness in Christ.[2]

Ruth Jones

In 1976 Kuthumi explained that Keeper of the Flame Ruth Jones was a member of the order:

For I proclaim to you this day the ascension of a Keeper of the Flame who has served among you as a Sister of the Golden Robe. She has come with wisdom and with instruction and with a gentle caring for the children of God. I proclaim to you the first ascension of 1976, the ascension of the Keeper of the Flame Ruth O. Jones, who has lived and served with the messengers at the Retreat of the Resurrection Spiral for nearly a decade, whom God so loved that he placed her upon the cross to suffer there awhile with Jesus that he might take her down from the cross and raise her up with the Immortal One.

On January 3, 1976, at 5:00 p.m., this daughter of the Most High was raised by the grace of God in the current of the ascension flame. By consciously, willingly putting off the old man in time and space, she put on the new and exchanged the body terrestrial for the body celestial. Bearing all things, believing all things, hoping all things, enduring all things, she overcame by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of the testimony of the saints.

I transfer by the authority of her own ascended presence the ray of her mantle, the momentum of her dedication, to every Keeper of the Flame and every soul who will read this announcement and who will believe in Christ, in the ascension of her soul, and in the possibility of the ascension of his own soul. And the ray of her heart is filled with gratitude for the messengers and the masters who cleared the way for her homecoming. She stands with the immortals to pass on to souls climbing the highest mountain the techniques of self-mastery and of overcoming.[3]

Openings in the order

Kuthumi extends an invitation to join the order:

I am known as a Master of peace, but I prefer to be called simply a brother of the Golden Robe. That holy order which was founded long ago by one who saw true knowledge as the peace that passeth understanding[4] still functions today; and we count among our band Ascended Ones who have espoused the golden flame of illumination as a means of imparting peace to mankind as well as those unascended brothers and sisters who desire to become the peaceful presence of His wisdom to all mankind.

We are looking for recruits. Therefore I write to you to apprise you of the fact that there are openings in our chambers, in our libraries, and in our retreats—openings for those who diligently call and are willing to be the allness of the All to hearts hungry for the Flame, never chary. Yes, we have openings for those who are not chary in their use of the Flame as they call with a mighty fervor upon His name.[5]

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