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The Good Samaritan, Pelegrí Clavé (1838)
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In 1984, El Morya spoke about the Order of the Good Samaritan:

Let us take the example of the Good Samaritan. Recognize that here is one bruised, hurt, robbed and wounded, and therefore left half dead. Realize that humanity in a psychological sense (and many times in the physical sense of the word) are in this condition. They have been robbed by their governments, by all sorts of individuals who have set themselves in seats of power to take from them their life, their livelihood, the value of their money, their estates, their children, and so on.

Thus, all have been robbed, even as God has been robbed. And therefore, as he proclaimed: Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse ... and prove me herewith, if I will not pour out to you a blessing and there will not be room enough to receive it.[1]

You see, beloved hearts, the giving unto God begets the full blessing. But how can one injured and half conscious respond to a sermon or respond to a lecture—“You should be doing this, and you should be doing that, and you are in the state you are in because of your karma”?

Beloved ones, this is not the path of the living Word. This is not the path of the ministering servant. Not to condemn, not to look down upon one as though his condition of helplessness somehow were a revelation of the tarnishment of his soul, but rather to see those who are burdened and suffering as walking in the footsteps of the Lamb and bearing his stripes and living for the sake of the Light.

Never mind what they have done before. We do not stop to examine, for we see all life as one and life itself worthy of succor. Therefore, one not a part of the established priesthood or the established religion of the day (which tend to become corrupted and calcinated,[2] beloved hearts, in a certain tradition and doctrine and manner of performance), but one who is free to be the universal Self—this is the one we call to the path of ministering servant and missionary unto life.

I like the term missionary because it bespeaks one who senses that his life is a mission—every life as a mission, as has been said.[3] And thus to define that mission and to understand that there are basics, no matter what the area of concentration or expertise, is to love the LORD thy God with all thy soul and heart and mind and thy neighbor as thyself.[4] All other callings proceed from this. There is no mastery on any of the seven rays unless God be adored and glorified and understood to be fulfilled in the service of one another. Thus—as Above, so below—the call to love precedes all other elections.

I speak, then, of the physical practicality of this missionary servant of God. Whither he should go on the highway of life, his first order of business must be to emulate the actions of the Good Samaritan.

Long ago I was called to be head of the Order of the Good Samaritans, and this I have told you;[5] and it was a part of my service and initiation on the path of the will of God. For when one pursues the will of God, one must always discover that it is not His will that any of His little ones should be lost. Proceeding from this premise, we must conclude that it is the office of the Son of man to save that which is lost or to save that which is about to be lost but for the care that must be extended.[6]

Inasmuch, then, as those who live in the physical octave cannot be found again from the state of being lost and pursue their salvation without their physical bodies, the first requirement of the Good Samaritan is to care for those in need—physical need, spiritual need, emotional need—to provide care and comfort and compassion, to go forth and to be able to intelligently help souls who are suffering from whatever dire accident or affliction has befallen them, and to be sensitive to the fact that many suffer extreme burdens of a psychological nature who also must be tended.

We begin at the beginning, then, and we desire to see the first step on the path of the ministering servant be that of one who has a new consciousness and awareness of the suffering of life and does not pass by as though it is the role of another to care, but does observe life in need and has within his heart and across his breast written the motto: I AM My Brother’s Keeper!

I AM my brother’s keeper in all ways.

In heaven and on earth, I live to serve

For the keeping of the Flame of Life in my brother!

Beloved hearts, in this walk of self-mastery, which is part of the discipleship of the Piscean avatar, we begin with the physical, with the outer, and move to the inner man. This is the path of the first-ray servants and those of the seventh ray. It is the power of the blue flame of the will of God and the power of freedom’s flame of transmutation that restores the physical universe to be the chalice for the pristine light of the etheric octave.

We have summoned you, then, to this seminar that you might learn the very first steps—such as first aid, such as training in CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation)—that you might understand that the way of the Good Samaritan is to be on hand in emergencies of life and death. We have seen that this course has enabled many to save life, to restore one who could live to think again about God, to become humbled for the miracle and opportunity extended, pulling that one back from the very grips of the toiler of death.

We have seen, therefore, what good karma ordinary and extraordinary men and women have made by assisting those who are burdened, helpless, and dying. We have seen, beloved hearts, in successive stages the alleviation of burden through other means of healing, which we also outline as prerequisites for membership in the Order of the Good Samaritan—which we therefore in this hour entrust to this organization, to this staff—as a religious order of lay brothers and sisters who will identify themselves not only as their brother’s keeper but as the Good Samaritan—at all times, twenty-four hours a day, responding to the call as those on duty in the fire station, on the police force, the paramedics, those who deal with emergencies in hospitals, identifying oneself always on call:

“I AM on Call because I AM the Good Samaritan!”

And have you ever called to El Morya and failed to receive an answer, beloved? I tell you, nay. Whether you heard or did not hear, I have heard, I have answered, and the molecules of the will of God have begun to turn and to change your life. And all this would become a physical fruit were it not for the fact that sometimes you abort the spiraling into form of the blessing we send in answer to the call, by your own anxiety or temperamental behavior or even an impatience or anger that the forces of Life are not serving your interests immediately as you think they ought.

Beloved ones, apropos this concept, let me say that according to the levels of density and karma, so is the definition of a descending cycle or spiral of opportunity that must pass through your four lower bodies to become physically manifest. Thus, you see, the burden of proof of the LORD’s answer must be upon you, and your faith that it will be forthcoming must sustain in you faithfulness and harmony and the will to be.

Now, beloved ones, the Order of the Good Samaritans in the physical octave, having the same sponsorship and endowment as the Church Universal and Triumphant, gives to many who are not yet prepared to be ministers in the full sense of the word the opportunity to demonstrate love and service and care and to learn more about themselves and others....

Beloved ones, it is not necessary, therefore, to be an advanced physician in the physical sciences to be known as a brother or sister of the Order of the Good Samaritan, but it is necessary to have love and to have an awareness of what one can morally and legally administer to others and where one must refrain. It is the ability to understand, to prepare individuals slain in life or accident victims for those personnel who will surely come to tend them who have the professional skills.

Beloved ones, we are determined that you will increase in knowledge and that you will add to your awareness such things as healing with herbs or proper nutrition or the knowledge of when to use certain liquids or juices or elixirs derived from herbs for certain conditions. But in all matters you must consider yourself a lay brother—and lay in the sense of medical science—that you do not usurp the role and therefore become entangled in a most difficult circumstance by attempting to do that which it is not lawful to do and that which the Order of the Good Samaritan does not contain.

The care, the comfort and the compassion—the giving of the gift of self and the keeping of the flame. Above all, you have the science of the spoken Word and the ability to call to the ascended masters and the mighty angels on behalf of the life that you would tend.

I would see to it, therefore, that you pursue these courses during this seminar and seek to fulfill the requirements to obtain a membership card in the Order of the Good Samaritan, that wherever you go you may recognize yourself in the service of the Lord Christ to his own—being that good neighbor that is required of thee for the balancing of thy karma, being one with my order of brothers and sisters who truly meet the needs of life in every occupation. As you know that it is the motto and the way of the Red Cross to treat all and to respect not their political affiliations or their walk in life, so the Good Samaritan always serves the life of God within the individual.

I commend you to a further understanding of this order as it shall be outlined to you....

It is not so much requirements such as these, but rather the spirit itself—the spirit that acknowledges that one must be the Helper, the spirit that acknowledges that the coming of the Comforter and the Holy Ghost must be through the embodied sons and daughters of God—that must prevail. The Holy Spirit may contact you directly (and has contacted many servants of God), but in order for much to be done for individuals in need, the Holy Spirit must have hands and feet and one who is not only kind but skilled to render aid.

Beloved ones, when you consider the founding of the Boy Scouts of America and the Girl Scouts under the sponsorship of Saint Germain, you will realize that our Order of the Good Samaritan is an order of service for adults and those younger ones who may qualify themselves. And in its goals it is much like that of the Boy and Girl Scouts. The order, therefore, takes Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts trained to “Be Prepared” to the full maturity of a continuing life of service as Eagle Scouts and beyond—truly as the perpetual Helper.

I convey to you, then, the very spirit of the will of God. I convey to you, then, the necessity for establishing holy orders as has been throughout all ages in the churches of East and West. Realize, beloved ones, that orders are established because certain devotees desire to concentrate on a particular service, and all together learn and master that service and identify themselves as ministering ones.

This does not mean that you cannot be a member of another of our orders, such as beloved Kuthumi’s Order of the Golden Robe. It does not mean, beloved hearts, that you cannot enter into the orders of the seven rays; but it does mean that through discipleship unto the ordination of the ministering servant, you must acquire the ability to render minimal lifesaving physical aid always.

I commend you, then, to the teachings of various practitioners and learned ones in the art and science of health, diet, and fasting. I commend you to study all of these rays that lead back to the one Source and to not be beset by a certain fanaticism to espouse one or the other, but to realize that all paths are given that there might be alternatives selected and the best choice made for the need at hand.

I have asked the staff of the Center for the Disciplines of Wholeness to prepare for you a sample of an ideal kit containing those preparations and bandages and ointments necessary in an hour of need when you stand alone with one injured. This will be useful to you when you have passed through the necessary courses given. Thus, beloved ones, never without your kit but always practical, you will find yourselves in a very appropriate manner to be available.

And when you are available, somehow the angels bring to you those who have needs that you can meet. Have you ever noticed this, beloved ones? When you increase in awareness or have a certain accomplishment in a path of education, you draw unto yourself those whom you may teach and those of like mind.

Thus, suddenly you will come into a new awareness of those who are already Good Samaritans though not by name but by their very lifestyle and commitment to helping others. And I can assure you that there are many on earth and many in this country, and I, El Morya, sponsor them. And these souls of light who have prepared themselves may teach you many things and give you much understanding. And to their own devotion and attainment, you may add that which is your specialty—the whetting of the sword, the two-edged sword of the science of the spoken Word, and the drawing down of the sacred fire for healing.

Thus, when you have a flame and a bowl prepared, you are complete. Some have a bowl and a flame of devotion which must be added unto by the skill of the dynamic decree. And you yourselves who have the decree and convey such sacred fire must also have the skills, that the body and the body elemental might be given timely assistance to engage in the healing process in answer to your call.

Many have called to me for an outline of service in the ministering servant program. I have made this, therefore, the very first requirement, for I cannot see in any way how the Lord Christ or the Darjeeling Council could sponsor anyone who neglects the physical needs of his brothers and sisters.

Beloved ones, when you meet on the path of life and when you are approved as a member of this order, you may elect to call yourself “Brother John,” “Brother Paul,” or “Brother James”—or “Sister Mary” or “Sister Joyce.” Or you may elect to simply be called as you are. It is important that you come to understand that one who is a member of a lay religious order must act the part, must put on the mantle, must recognize that with the mantle are responsibilities not to go off again in riotous living or indulgences, not to say, “Well, I may do this or that today, for I am no longer being seen as a member of this religious group.”

Beloved ones, you are a profile of the ascended masters wherever you are, and your sense of self-awareness as a member of the Order of the Good Samaritan must give to you at all times the sense of deference to those in need. No longer can you say, “I do not have time,” or “This is my day off,” or “I am too tired,” or “Get help from another.” When called upon, you answer. And thus, you now enter into the role of the angelic hosts.

Thus, beloved, come to understand the great needs of humanity through the role of the compassionate servant. Under the ray of God’s holy will may you balance your threefold flame, for this service is not alone for the one in need but for thyself. It is for the development of the third ray of God’s love, in all due practicality of the Holy Spirit.

Thus, when love abounds you will find how easily wisdom does increase and how great is the power for action. We desire to see you become Christed ones and to fulfill this requirement of the threefold flame. Thus, in the power of the fifth ray of the law of Moses, you will come to know the grace of the living Christ balanced by the Trinity and the Presence of the Mother.

I have come to you that you might know and realize what is that true and acceptable and holy calling of your lifestream and that in the process of loving God and loving thy neighbor it is meet for thee to enter into this service, this love, this community.

I trust that there shall return to the lightbearers of earth a new sense of brotherhood, a new sense of being a part of the Great White Brotherhood, a new sense of camaraderie and love, brotherly love—all a member of one great heart, the heart of Christ, all in the way of being his hands and feet.

Thus, I commend you in this vow of consecration to the path of the other seventy, to the path of the disciples, knowing that in caring for the sick or the dying that you also are casting out devils, pursuing the ritual of exorcism, and doing those things which more skilled practitioners either do not have the time to do in an emergency or may not have the knowledge or awareness of.

When you stop at the scene of an accident and you find many who are dead and dying because of drunkenness or because of drugs or because of rock and all the deadly intents of darkness, you realize how much work there is to do at inner levels for the binding and the judgment of that cause and core on the astral plane of that negative force which has devoured these youths or these children of Light before they could fill their divine mission.

Thus, when there are those who have passed from the screen of life or are about to pass, being beyond help, you must escort, by prayer and invocation, their souls to the inner octaves and call with great intensity for the sword of the Divine Mother, for the power of Astrea to cut them free from the astral hordes that entrapped them and did cause some terrifying accident such as happen daily on the highways of life.

Realize, then, that the Good Samaritan does enter into the purposes of the Order of the Golden Lily (which was founded by the Goddess of Liberty), assisting the angels and calling them forth to escort these souls to a higher domain where they might learn of their mistakes. When these things are not tended to, the astral shells, ghostlike, of the departed—and many times their souls—hover earthbound at the scene of the accident for weeks and months and sometimes even years. And thus, certain areas become areas of repeated accidents and fatalities, as increasing numbers of discarnates, together with the demons that cause the accidents, form a vortex there. And therefore, there are danger areas known.

Beloved hearts, you can go forth as a Good Samaritan to clear these. For the Good Samaritan, though he tends the physical, is ever alert to the spiritual equation and the spiritual dimension in life and understands the law of cause and effect and does not leave anyone prey to the astral denizens that desire to have them and to sift them as wheat.[7]

Thus, the Order of the Good Samaritan and your office in it as a brother or sister will be as much as you make of it. There is room for great creativity and an acceleration of skills. I merely give the basic requirements and draw with broad brushstrokes an outline of this endeavor. As every office that comes forth from God is expanded and individualized by the individual, so you must realize that within the parameters of helpfulness there is much that can be given. So do thou this, and let this order become known worldwide as an association of individuals who truly care and put that care into effective action.

I deliver you now into the heart of the living Christ Jesus who himself gave this parable because he himself descended to earth in the very role and guise of the Good Samaritan. For this is the reason for the coming of the Son of God: to save that which was lost, to go after souls maimed, marred by the fallen angels, by the sinister force. So he has come, not to leave you by the highway alone to suffer and die, but to be with you in the walk of life.

Therefore, in fact, the great archetype and the true and living Presence of our order is the Lord Jesus Christ, who himself includes in this service his brother Saint Francis and many of you who have served with them through the ages. It is a mighty order at inner levels. I come forth as the head of that order because I am the one who trains the troops. Once you have mastered what I have to give you and to teach you, beloved hearts, you will also walk as the brother and sister of Christ, needing me no longer, for you shall have become truly the heart and essence of the will of God.

Thus, I look forward to the day when brothers and sisters of the Order of the Good Samaritan may be crowned with the mantle and title “Good Shepherd”—shepherd of the sheep. Thus, the goal “feed my sheep” must well be accomplished by every member of this order, and thus you open successively the doors to Paradise and the doors of the City Foursquare.

I AM El Morya. I have opened the door of opportunity, called by Jesus so to do. May it be for you the fullness of the satisfaction of the divine within your soul that you feel ultimately and supremely useful and needed hour by hour.

Beloved hearts, can any of us endure the trials of life or its burdens except by the knowledge of that great love given to us and that which we give?...

Because these little ones and those great and small need me, I live.

Thus, the order becomes one’s reason for being. With a reason for being, you can fly, you can run—and you can ascend to God.[8]


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