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Mother Mary, Jesus, and El Morya have called us to join the Order of the Diamond Heart.

The call of Morya, Mary and Jesus

Mother Mary said:

I am therefore unto you a representative of the Divine Mother and of the path of the Diamond Heart. This path of the Divine Mother as the path of the Diamond Heart has been espoused by the beloved El Morya. El Morya does teach this path of devotion to the will of God by that Diamond Heart to each and every one of his chelas. Therefore you who have been in his retreat in the etheric octave in Darjeeling have heard much about this.

I come to tell you in this hour of this year’s Christ Mass and the celebration of the birth of my Son that El Morya does call you and call you again to be a part of his order in which I join him, the Order of the Diamond Heart. This order, beloved, is dedicated to the giving of one’s heart to form the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Whereas one individual may not be able to bear that Sacred Heart alone, many who pledge to bear it may become components of the one great heart of our Lord. It is the same principle of the Body of God upon earth, many members but one Body.[1] Thus, many hearts also form one Diamond Heart.

This Diamond Heart is Christ’s own heart of the will of God. Nothing can withstand it, for its Light intensity is greater than all Darkness of the dark ones in the earth.

Blessed ones, through the ages the saints have been called to give their lives for the saving of the Church or the nation or the community or the planet. This my Son also did, but the giving of his life was in living and not in dying, and the shedding of his Blood was not in dying but in living. For the immortal Light that does flow from his heart is a stream that never ends but does fill every communion cup on earth.

Understand this principle, beloved, that in this hour two thousand years hence all disciples of Jesus Christ upon earth are called to be a portion of that Diamond Heart....

And therefore, Jesus with myself and El Morya at the Darjeeling Council communing have said, Let us reactivate on earth the Order of the Diamond Heart. Let us call many disciples of Jesus Christ, many who have studied this path and teaching, many who know the hearts of the messengers.

Let them understand this calling. Let them understand that throughout all history the saints have given their lives that the teaching and the Word of God might live forever as opportunity. Let them understand that by the light of the dictations and the Holy Spirit and the Great White Brotherhood, there has come such an afflatus, such a descent of the Holy Ghost that truly numberless numbers of those whose auras are as the saints robed in white (these having internalized a just portion of Christ’s own Sacred Heart) may now become a part of that great Diamond Heart and serve to give a portion of their life that all might live and all might continue to be a vessel and a chalice as one great heart for the saving of America as a Christed nation and the path of the Master/Disciple relationship under Jesus Christ and the Servant-Sons of God in heaven.

Do you understand, beloved, that the hour of the Second Coming of Christ signaled by Jesus descending in clouds of glory is fulfilled only when his own upon earth choose to be the vessels of that universal Light?

Thus, beloved, that hour is come and ye are able. Therefore, on this Christmas night 1987, you are given the opportunity to give a portion of the light of Christ that you have realized to compose a Diamond Heart that is sufficient not only for the saving of America but to forestall that any saint or one of these little ones or the Messenger should have the necessity to lay down his life that others might live.[2]

The saving of America

On Christmas Day, Jesus spoke of the giving of one’s Christhood for the saving of America:

What is the calling, then, of those such as Saint Thérèse who enter the Order of the Diamond Heart? Truly it is to espouse the will of God and to set aside those goals which come after that central purpose of life.

Let us understand that the most direct calling of God in this hour is to save America. Why America? Why the United States? Some vehemently object to this seeming preference. Beloved, it is because this nation has the great endowment and sponsorship of Saint Germain, the greatest investment of Light of the Great White Brotherhood in the experiment of freedom on earth.

Therefore, to save America is to save a dispensation that has not been given to any other nation. To save America is to save the lost sheep of the twelve tribes, of the legions of Sanat Kumara, and to raise up such a Christ consciousness as will draw all Lightbearers of the earth. To seal and save this nation under God is to preserve opportunity for the victory in every other nation upon this planet....

Your Messenger, then, has no requirement by cosmic law to lose her life save in giving it utterly in service if, beloved, as my Mother has told you, there are many who come forth to up the level of their sacrifice, to actually be and know that they are twenty-four hours a day a portion of that Diamond Heart. Thus, beloved, to be a part of that order one must know and give one’s self in the mystery of surrender to the will of God.

Many times preconceived notions of personal destiny do not allow one to see what is that holy and perfect will of God for one’s life. Therefore, I commend you to the giving of the Surrender Rosary and the calls to the will of God. And I tell you to understand that no denial of that which is the fullness of thy life [on earth] is required, but only a heightened vision as to exactly what is the fullness of that life plan—that divine plan of you and your beloved twin flame[—in order that you might fulfill it with all due diligence]....

Therefore, I speak of the Christ in you, of each and every one and of each babe who does sleep while at inner levels he does mightily strive in the spirit for the victory of nations. It is so of your Christ, beloved, as I said, For judgment I AM come into this world![3] This is your fiat of the hour, beloved, and that judgment of the world [and the world’s condemnation of the Christ in you and in these little ones] through and by your Christ Self is indeed the primary affirmation of the will of God for your life and purpose and daily service [in the Order of the Diamond Heart] in this hour....

Therefore, beloved, to espouse the will of God is the path of sainthood and, as Morya has said, it is the sacred adventure. When you see this you will know, all things coming under the grand design, that you are surely locked in to the Diamond Heart of my Mother Mary, that heart being the Immaculate Heart, that heart being the pulsation of a cosmos.

Thus, beloved, all things follow when you vow to do the will of God. And when you truly demand and cry out to the Father, “Show me what is that will!” and you are able to let go of pet plans and projects, you will be found called and sealed in the Order of the Diamond Heart.[4]

Holding the balance of karma

On New Year’s Eve following these dictations, El Morya said:

Many Keepers of the Flame bearing a portion and becoming a greater portion daily of that Diamond Heart can secure the spiritual grants and dispensations that flow through the office of the Messenger for the saving of the Lightbearers of the world and, if not for the saving of a nation, then for the saving of the opportunity of a nation to rise again.

Consider this which I have said, beloved. Some nations have been lost on earth and their dispensations are not retrievable. They will not rise again, not in this particular thousand years of cycles. In the case of America, as Saint Germain’s dispensation has been given, a portion of it has already been lost with his exit from the nation’s capital.[5]

Understand, then, beloved, that all those who raise up the Diamond Heart in the spiritual path for the maintenance and the holding of the balance of karma in the earth may also hold a portion of the mantle of the office of the president and in so doing, beloved, being a part of my heart, you are not only running for office but “occupying”[6] until a people may bridge the gap of their neglect and ignorance and once again by the momentum of your heart, by the magnet of the Central Sun and that diamond, come to a realization of who and what they want to be in that office.

And when they again come of age, to the age of courage,[7] beloved, then it is your magnet, your profile, your presence, your right action that will be the nucleus whereby a people once again deserve a Son of God in office.[8]

The facets of the diamond heart

Gautama Buddha has explained that the path of forming the Diamond Heart is comparable to that of weaving the deathless solar body:

Now then, being called to the Order of the Diamond Heart, this Diamond Heart being composed of millions of facets of good deeds and exact and exacting words, you understand that this is a comparable path of initiation to that of the weaving of the Deathless Solar Body. For that weaving is composed of an infinite number of stitches, and if this were physical, it would be a very thick knitting, inches thick. For after all, it is the soul’s garment unto eternal Life. The sphere of light of the base chakra provides the yarn for this knitting and it is fully abundant unless squandered in unholy and ungodly action.

Thus, beloved, attentiveness, attentiveness is more realizable in the Order of the Diamond Heart, for one becomes instantly conscious by the Gurus of this Order when one is not creating a facet of diamond mirror. One by one, as octagon crystals, they form a Diamond Heart that grows and grows within you. One is conscious, then, [through the Mind of the Guru] when one does not create this faceted, this mirrorlike piece of the mosaic of the Diamond Heart.

Thus, it is as though the building of the Diamond Heart were more concrete and to the soul a safer measure of progress [than the weaving of the Deathless Solar Body]. One can pursue both courses, for it is the action [of “Diamond-Heartedness”] whereby the weaving of this garment takes place for thy wedding day, wedded eternally to immortal Light.

By action, by word, as you go about the business of the Father/Mother God, you are weaving and knitting that garment; and the astral that was disappears. It is displaced, for this Body [the Deathless Solar Body] is Light. It has infinite strength, resilience, mother-of-pearl radiance. Know and see the beauty of this garment. Treasure it. It is the weaving of many lifetimes. Some weave slowly, some fast. Some return to their knitting in every spare moment. Some set it aside for years.[9]

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