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Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, Johann Wenzel Peter

The Garden of Eden, located on Lemuria near where San Diego is today, was the first mystery school on planet earth after the Fall of man. It was founded by Lord Maitreya to train Sons and Daughters of God to become spiritual adepts, initiates of the highest order, that they might go forth from the mystery school to raise the consciousness of the children of God and to make the teachings of the spiritual path available to them and eventually to all mankind.

The Garden of Eden symbolizes the pure consciousness of God: E-Don, meaning divine wisdom, or Elohim Dominion.

The establishment of the mystery school

It is written in the Book of Genesis that “the LORD God planted a garden eastward in Eden.”[1] The Garden of Eden was the protected forcefield of initiation that was established by Lord Maitreya on the east side of the continent of Lemuria—the east, symbol of the place where man and woman realize the Christ consciousness.

Hence the garden was the place prepared, the place in the Motherland set aside for the redemption of mankind, who had lost their Edenic state long before. Here in the first outer retreat established by the Great White Brotherhood after mankind on Mu succumbed to the Luciferians, Lord Maitreya sponsored Adam and Eve. Twin flames from Venus, this beloved son and daughter had volunteered to take incarnation on earth to redeem fallen mankind, as many other teachers, avatars, prophets, messengers and Christed ones from Venus had done before and have done since.

The Paradise described in Genesis was in the etheric octave somewhere between heaven and earth. Adam and Eve, the archetypal twin flames, and numerous other sets of twin flames studied there under Lord Maitreya, who is named in Genesis as the LORD God.

The garden of Eden with the fall of man, Figures by Peter Paul Rubens, landscape and animals by Jan Brueghel the Elder (c. 1615)

The path of initiation in Eden

The second chapter of the Book of Genesis portrays the creation of the Matter sphere and the coming of Lord Maitreya, the Buddha, as the Initiator of those who will inhabit that sphere. It also portrays the creation of man and woman that they might meet the challenges of initiation on their respective paths to become the rod of wisdom’s power in the flame of the Buddha and in the flame of the Mother.

The raising up of this power through the mastery of the seven planes of God-awareness was their sole reason for being in the Garden of Eden. Had they accepted the covenant that Maitreya set forth, the raising up of the energies of the sacred fire would have formed the crown of glory that is the crown of the World Mother and the crown of the Buddha.

Instead of nakedness and shame, guilt and godlessness, they would have been filled with the glory of their Lord, their Guru. Working through their own self-realization of the I AM THAT I AM, he would have transferred to them the halo that is the crown of life, the hallowed life-force of those who have preserved the energies of the sacred fire as they walk the path of initiation.

Disobedience to the guru

Here in this very special setting, protected by the matrix of the Mother, held within the mathematics of the Father, man and woman were taught the fundamentals of the Path. They were given knowledge of the causal body, the I AM Presence and the Christ Self. They were taught step by step the exercises of soul awareness that Maitreya would give them from the twelve hierarchies of the Sun through the twelve trees “pleasant to the sight, and good for food.”[2]

When tempted of the Serpent to eat of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, many of Maitreya’s students disobeyed him. Even though the LORD had told them that “in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die,” these students of the Mystery School believed the Serpent’s equivocation, “Ye shall not surely die,” and partook of the forbidden fruit.[3]

All who entered into this act of disobedience paid the ultimate price: the flame of their immortality was snuffed out. Thus, they knew that their souls had become naked and that they were now mortal. Grief-stricken, they went forth from Eden, literally driven out by the LORD God, “lest Adam put forth his hand and take also of the Tree of Life and eat and live forever”[4] in his fallen state.

Adam and Eve Are Driven out of Eden (Gen. 3:1–6,13–24), Gustave Doré (1866)

Karmic consequences

And so, Adam and Eve and many sets of twin flames were consigned to the earth plane and to earthly bodies. To them the LORD God declared: “In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.”[5] No greater indictment has ever been handed down by the LORD God upon his people.

Had we not compromised our souls—had we remained in the Mystery School, submitting to our initiations in divine order, passing our daily tests—we would have graduated from the Mystery School and gone forth to bring Maitreya’s teachings to the world. Furthermore, we would have walked the earth alive with the flame of our immortality and clothed with the deathless solar body. Today, as mortals, we must weave our deathless solar body by spiritualization of consciousness, by sacrifice, surrender, selflessness and service.

When Adam and Eve incarnated on earth they had already attained to the level of initiation whereby they were no longer called children of God, but had risen to the level of son and daughter of God. As such, they were ready to be received as initiates of the sacred fire in the first mystery school established after the Fall of mankind on Lemuria.

The karma meted out to Adam and Eve was the result of the judgment corresponding to the level of responsibility of the elect of God. Eve, the Mother of all living, had come to earth to keep the flame of the World Mother, to set the example of divine womanhood for all womankind, to be the example of the feminine aspect of God, to leave the record of the thirty-three steps of initiation for those who would walk the path of attainment to realize the Self as the Mother of God.

It is written in karmic law that each of the thirty-three steps of initiation to which the initiate attains on the right-handed path will be challenged by a being of equal attainment on the left-handed path. In the Serpent, Eve did not meet her superior, she met her equal. He came to challenge her right to wear the crown of the World Mother.

In the same way, before his enlightenment, Gautama was denounced and attacked by Mara, who challenged his right to sit in meditation under the Bo tree. Yet Gautama remained determined to attain enlightenment according to the requirements of the path of Buddhic initiation. And Jesus was tempted by Satan, who with three demands challenged his right to put on the Christ consciousness and as a Son of God to reignite the threefold flame in many who had lost it.

The opportunity for redemption was failed by that son and daughter of God in the Garden of Eden. Through disobedience to God’s laws and the direction of the Guru, they were expelled from the Mystery School. Because of the wickedness of mankind and their failure at the opportunity for redemption, Lord Maitreya told them that they would have to wait thousands of years for another opportunity and that the opportunity would come through the incarnation of the Word in the beloved Son, the Christ.

The opportunity for redemption in the Garden of Eden was given long after darkness had appeared on the land. Following this episode, there was the sinking of the continent of Lemuria and the sinking of the continent of Atlantis, which is recorded in the Bible as the Flood.

The Mystery School come again

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In his May 31, 1984, Ascension Day address delivered in the Heart of the Inner Retreat, beloved Jesus announced the dedication of the Inner Retreat as the Mystery School of Maitreya in this age.

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