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The conflict in the Middle East is a complex situation that seems to defy solution. This paper provides a spiritual background to inspire illumined prayer and spiritual work for divine solutions to come forth in the Middle East conflict. The information is from the teachings of Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, messengers for the ascended masters. The masters have been speaking about the spiritual equation in the Middle East through their messengers since the 1960s. Their teachings embody universal truths, but they were also delivered in the context of events occurring in the world at that time. We can each ponder their application to the events of today.

The powder keg of the planet

The Middle East has always been the powder keg of the planet. The religious conflicts of this area have far deeper roots in the rivalries of ancient peoples. The ascended masters have often said that world war could originate from this part of the world, and the conflicts in the Middle East between the Arabs and the Jews are one of the most likely places to see the escalation of war on an international level.[1]

From a spiritual perspective, the Middle East is the white-fire core, the base-of-the-spine chakra, for the planet. It is the spiritual center that represents the white light of the Mother flame[2] and it has potential for great light.[3] At the same time, the greatest darkness often gathers where there is the greatest light.

The Mother light can be misused in many ways—pornography, child abuse and abortion, to name a few. War itself is also the misuse of the Mother light, as is the misuse of the energy of the atom in nuclear weapons. One way in which the light is seized is through the continual shedding of blood as brother kills brother. From the beginning, the aim of the fallen ones has been to drain the light of the base chakra of the earth in the Middle East and at other points. The dark ones, then, seize the lifeblood or light of these nations and turn that energy towards death and destruction.[4]

Global implications

The ascended masters have said for many decades that the conflict in the Middle East has global implications. In 1978, Shiva said:

This strife augmented by so many divisions and so many individuals seeking power within the Middle East has long been considered the trump card of the fallen ones. If all else fails, they intend to explode that condition in the Middle East....

Beloved ones, the entire Middle East is a setup. It is a setup of the fallen ones and the conspiracy of the fallen ones. Precious hearts of light, America is the Promised Land. It is the place prepared for the sons and daughters of God. Who are, then, the usurpers who would attempt to manipulate real estate, land, wealth, oil, and all of the resources? Those among both Arabs and Jews and those who are the impostors of both moving among them, for the fallen ones have also embodied among the Arabs and the Jews to take advantage of that karma that has existed between them.[5]

Gautama Buddha said in 1969:

The warlike manifestations currently being exercised in the Holy Land represent to us the most dangerous single factor that is calculated to plunge mankind headlong into a holocaust of planetary destructivity.[6]

An Ancient conspiracy of darkness

The equation of karma in the Middle East is complex and ancient. Some of the individuals now there have been embodying for hundreds of thousands of years and still have no desire for oneness with God.[7]

Much of the turbulence in the Middle East today exists between the descendants of the two sons of Abraham. Ishmael, the son of Hagar, is the forefather of the Arabs. Isaac, the son of Sarah, is the forefather of the Jews. Their descendants have fought many times in the past and they are still fighting today.[8]

Although religion is used as a justification for the bloodshed,[9] the origin of this warfare goes beyond even the time of Abraham. The Arabs and Jews are pitted against one another in an age-old strife that began long ago, beyond this planetary body, in the time when they used nuclear weapons and the highest technology to destroy their own planet, Maldek. The asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter is all that is left of that planet.[10]

One third of the evolutions of Maldek were given further opportunity, through the mercy of the Great Law. These evolutions, known as the laggards, were allowed to embody upon earth to work out their karma and hopefully once more to walk in the ways of righteousness and truth. Unfortunately, instead of being brought into the light through the influence of the evolutions of earth, they held onto the momentums of negativity that had destroyed their home planet.[11] These warring factions are still embodying on earth and they have come together once again to fight unto the death. This hatred is an ancient hatred and it manifests today through some of the individuals who are embodied among the Arabs and the Jews.

The Dark Cycle of mankind’s returning karma

The Dark Cycle was a period of the release of mankind’s misqualified energy or karma on a world scale where that karma was no longer held in abeyance but it was released into the planetary body for transmutation. This karma was released according to the cycles of the initiations of the solar hierarchies for balance in this time of transition into the Aquarian age. It signified a time of great travail, a time of cataclysm, a time of great heartache and even an eclipsing of the light of the Christ.

In the late 1960s the Brotherhood regarded the conflict in the Middle East as a powder keg which could easily be ignited into total global warfare involving the major powers.[12] It was considered expedient by the Lords of Karma to accelerate the lessons of karma, and therefore bring some measure of sanity to the people and to their leaders before such an eventuality should take place. Thus they released the Dark Cycle of the return of mankind’s karma on April 23, 1969.[13]

The coming of the Dark Cycle simply meant that the mercy that for centuries had stood between mankind and their own dark deeds was withdrawn. Instead, the law of God would bring swift and compelling judgment to those who thought they could flaunt the law and get away with it.[14]

The returning cycles of karma upon the world act to slow down mankind’s ability to make more karma and thus check the acceleration of the judgment of men and nations that could otherwise hasten “final ends.” In the midst of this period of darkness, the masters sent forth light as the opportunity, through the Everlasting Gospel, to take the teachings of the Christ to the people who were now confronted with this heavy karma.[15]

There are souls of light on all sides

There is right and wrong on all sides of the Middle East conflict. There are people of light on all sides and in all nations, just as there are fallen ones in every nation involved in the conflict.[16] The situation is worsened by the intensity of the emotions that arise in this part of the world. Hatred and anger become blinding and eventually produce insanity that outpictures on the world scene.

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On April 8, 1982, Archangel Uriel explained that the Middle East is where “the laggard generations have gathered for their final war of Gog and Magog.” He said:

Let those forces gather—but gather ye not and support neither the Right nor the Left but walk in the way of the Branch. Walk in the way of the righteous Branch and do not allow yourself to be drawn into the conflict of these fallen ones as they rival with one another in their blindness for the conquest of the world![17]

The forces of darkness behind this animosity think nothing of putting the whole planet at stake to achieve their aims. They carry an intense hatred and care for nothing else except to gain power and to carry out their ancient revenge. Death means nothing to them. Archangel Gabriel tells us that we must allow the “black ants” and the “red ants” to destroy themselves, because they will not stop until they do.[18]

We must see that we are not caught in the crossfire of their wars of revenge and ultimate destruction. And yet we must stand for freedom worldwide and also call for the protection of the lightbearers. Beloved Helios said in 1991, in relation to the first Gulf War:

Understand that God has so great a need for your devotions and prayers on behalf of those who are as shorn lambs, who do not have the protection of Archangel Michael unless you call it forth in their behalf as they go to war, give their lives to the cause of freedom that they believe in—even while they are being used by the forces of Darkness in an ages-old conflict that has nothing to do with freedom but with power struggles.... Your prayers have already spared many lives across the earth and in this war of Lightbearers on all sides. May you continue to keep the vigil for those who know not how to pray.[19]

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict

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One major ongoing conflict in the Middle East is that between Israel and the Palestinians. This turned into a major war on June 6, 1982, when Israel invaded Lebanon to go after PLO forces there. The messenger delivered two lectures on July 1 and July 18 on this conflict, which included the following comments:

The Palestinians are displaced persons. And so they were living in Syria, in Jordan. They have been kicked out of these areas and they have made their home in Lebanon, where they have built their stronghold in defense of their cause, which is a just cause. And this is the problem of the entire situation.

The Palestinians need a homeland. Their homeland has been stripped from them by the people of Israel.[20] And therefore, because the whole world has neglected to hear their cause or give a just and lasting answer, they have taken it upon themselves to form their Palestine Liberation Organization with Yasser Arafat at the head, which has become militant. You always get fallen ones in the midst who will then ruin the very cause and image of the just cause of the people. And therefore, on all sides there is right and wrong—human relativity.[21]

One sees the embodiment of Serpent on every side of this question. One realizes that it is a great temptation to rise up in indignation and sense the injustice of one side or the other. But where is justice? When the prayers of the people went forth to Almighty God concerning the activities of these fallen ones, the Ancient of Days sent forth the edict to the archangels and he told Gabriel to incite them to destroy one another. That history is coming to pass today in the Middle East....

The Archangel Gabriel raises his hand and their hatred is upon them, and the reason that it is done in this manner is that it is obvious to the LORD God Almighty that these peoples would conquer the whole world if they were allowed to do so. And therefore, turning their hatred unto themselves spares the planetary body of that hatred.[22]

Spiritual solutions are needed

Heaven is deeply concerned about the conflicts in the Middle East and their impact on the evolution of life upon earth. Through prayer, dynamic decrees and the spiritual work of people around the world, the angels and masters can intercede. If the people of the Middle East would put aside their arguments, feuds and differences, and concentrate instead on striving to draw down the perfection of the Christ consciousness, the engines of war would be consumed and the rivers of hell would dry up.[23]

It is important that we pray for the resolution of the situation in the Middle East. If we do not, we may one day find similar battles taking place on our own soil. World conditions require the attention of all those who enjoy freedom. The freedom of all people of light everywhere must be defended, lest we one day find ourselves undefended, unable to do anything about it.[24]

Call to the masters

The master Jesus chose to embody in Palestine, the crossroads of the Middle East, for a profound reason. The greatest light was sent to the darkest corner of the earth to expose the darkness[25] and to hold the balance for the darkness in this area of the world. We can pray to Jesus and those who serve with him and to his legions of angels to help resolve the conflict.

The Ascended Lady Master Nada explains:

I come from our etheric retreat over Arabia, that extensive place of light which does focus over the Middle East a guardian action of the Cosmic Christ consciousness that does hold in check, mind you, the untoward darkness of laggard evolutions abiding there. Beloved, were it not for this retreat of beloved Jesus, were it not for his descent into this area of the world (truly the darkest place of the planet), I tell you this day, the fallen ones and laggard evolutions who were encamped there two thousand years ago, even a half a million years ago, should have wreaked far greater havoc on this planet. Thus, but for the Son of God, you would see a history of a planet Earth equal even to that of Maldek or Hedron.[26]

Other ascended masters who embodied in the Middle East include Mary, the Mother of Jesus, Saint Germain (the prophet Samuel and Saint Joseph), John the Beloved, John the Baptist, Hilarion (the apostle Paul), Lord Ling (Moses), Magda, El Morya (who embodied as Abraham), Lanello (who embodied as Ikhnaton, Mark the Evangelist, and Saladin), Serapis Bey, Zarathustra, Clara Louise (as the apostle James), Chananda, Cha Ara, and our messenger. We can appeal to these masters by name to assist in resolving the conflicts in the Middle East. We can call also to Archangel Gabriel, who dictated the Koran to the prophet Mohammed, and to Nada, chohan of the sixth ray and member of the Karmic Board, who teaches at the retreat over Saudi Arabia.

We can ask that all involved in the conflict go in their finer bodies to the masters’ etheric retreats in that region while their bodies sleep at night. Here they may learn about their role in the conflict and how the situation can be solved. Jesus Christ has an etheric retreat over Saudi Arabia. Jesus and Mother Mary have a retreat, called the Temple of the Resurrection, over Jerusalem in the Holy Land. Serapis Bey’s retreat is the Ascension Temple over Luxor, Egypt.

What can be done?

There are other calls that can also be given for the resolution of war and conflict in the Middle East. Call to all the heavenly hosts and all the masters listed above to intercede and solve the Middle East crisis. Call to Micah, angel of unity, Morya (the patriarch Abraham, father of Jews, Muslims and Christians), and Archangel Gabriel to bring union and oneness to this area of the world.

Pray for the legions of light to bind the forces of darkness at work in the Middle East by calling daily for the judgment of these forces.[27] Give your hourly call to Sanat Kumara to bring God-resolution. Ask the angels who are the reapers to bind the tares among the wheat and to expose the fallen angels who must be taken from the earth.

Demand that Almighty God bind the hate and hate creation directed against the Woman and her seed and bind the injustices on all sides. Pray that the people of light in every nation are protected. Pray for the transmutation of the karma of the laggard evolutions in this part of the world and its weight upon all people. Ask for forgiveness for all involved in the bloodshed.[28]

In 1970, at a time of ongoing fighting between Egypt and Israel, Mother Mary called for a perpetual vigil as the requirement of the hour. She asked us to keep the vigil with her to avert war in the Middle East. If war was allowed to continue, it could mean the greatest catastrophe that has ever been seen upon earth.[29] She urged us to be upon our knees daily praying for the angels of peace and the angels of victory to stay the hand of darkness in the Middle East crisis.[30] We can ask Mother Mary to draw a circle around the Middle East and around the laggard evolutions that have embodied there.[31]

The effectiveness of these calls, particularly those offered at the Inner Retreat, is maximized by the corridor of light established from the etheric retreat of the Divine Mother over the Royal Teton Ranch to the retreat of Lord Jesus over Saudi Arabia and the entire Holy Land and the Middle East. Light can flow along this corridor to hold the balance against war and to cap the darkness that could come forth out of the extreme anger of these lifewaves of the Middle East and the entire Arab world—anger against America, anger against the true light and the true avatars, anger against the Divine Woman. In announcing this dispensation, Nada explained, “Therefore know that your calls are instantaneously physically manifest there by this highway of light as though you were physically standing there.”[32]

The God-solution to the problem of the laggards

Solving the problem of the laggards is an integral part of resolving conflicts in the Middle East, and the ascended masters have released specific dispensations to this end. The first was announced in a Pearl of Wisdom by Helios, May 27, 1960:

In order to loosen the hold of the laggards and secure the blessing of freedom to all earth’s posterities,... this gift is now given:

All sincere students and chelas of the ascended masters who apply their hearts to their own God Presence I AM, asking that they be made a divine channel through which the power and presence of one or more of the Universal Christs located on other systems of worlds shall flow during hours of sleep—or even consciously as the Great Law directs—shall promptly and without delay be vested with our power in accordance with the cosmic law in order to enable these Christs to anchor their radiation and presence in the physical, thinking, feeling and memory worlds of such volunteers so as to provide a means whereby a Cosmic Christ can be assigned to each laggard on this planet ... in order to help control the spread of discord and transmute their thoughts and feelings to love for the light!...

I further declare that all so serving as channels for this service are afforded full protection from Lord Michael the Archangel and Mighty Astrea’s legions! Let this service be without limit as to time and place, continuing to function as an activity of Divine Love until all laggards are—with the earth itself—at last free!

The Goddess of Liberty spoke further about this dispensation in 1982:

In our examination of your lifestreams, we have considered ... that some among you ... have arrived at the point in your own dedication, constancy, and self-discipline, especially in the giving of dynamic decrees, as to be able to hold a more than ordinary balance against these laggards and their generation of darkness....

This dispensation gives to you the opportunity to bear a certain burden of laggard karma in order that the karma of the laggards and their evolution might also be brought to a swifter judgment. To that end, in answer to an old, old plea for a dispensation of intercession of the Cosmic Christs, you who would bear this burden would have in your world the assistance of a single Cosmic Christ at inner levels—an ascended master who would assist you in holding that balance and hold the line of your own attainment to see to it that none should be lost, the light should be not lost, and the individual’s current level of attainment be not compromised by taking on this burden....

The holding of the balance of the Middle East and other areas of the world has resulted in a certain staying action. But for a more complete victory and a final resolution of these conditions, more Christed ones in embodiment with courageous hearts will have to come to the messengers and say:

“I will hold the flame! I will expand my heart to make room for the Cosmic Christ! I will hold the torch of Mother Liberty. I will accept this opportunity, and I will stand with you in holding the balance of world karma—especially those conditions of laggard races—until God, in his great opportunity, may dispense and dispose of that situation, which cannot continue and cannot endure, ere a golden age as promised descend.”[33]

In 1995 Lord Himalaya announced another key dispensation for dealing with the problem of the laggards:

This is the hour and the moment when the LORD God Almighty would say through me to you: Enough is enough. These evolutions have had their opportunity. They shall be removed to other planets and other systems where they can make a go of life if they will.

Therefore ... there is ... the dispensation whereby certain laggard evolutions can and must be removed from the earth, for their weight is critical. It is critical, beloved, because it can tip the scales toward darkness if these particular lifestreams are not removed. A place is prepared for them and therefore they may continue at their pace. And one day, in the millennia to come, they will also face the opportunity to live, to embrace God, and to escape at the final judgment the second death at the Court of the Sacred Fire.

Thus, beloved, this is a dispensation that the tribes in the earth who have mourned, mourned the coming of the laggards, have waited for, for centuries upon centuries....

Thus, I enlist your decree power and your momentum. Not only in this conference ... but every day after you leave this place, remember: there are souls of darkness who are weighing down the youth of the world, the children, the babes in the womb, families and lightbearers who are working against all odds ... to complete their projects for humanity....

Take the opportunity to call for the binding of the dweller-on-the-threshold of the laggards being taken and even of those who are remaining. For that will be an assist to them to perhaps see the light and decide they may want to live forever in the heart of God, Elohim.[34]

In these excerpts we see the progression of the Brotherhood’s dispensations and strategies in dealing with the laggards. The very weight of the laggard evolutions increases the likelihood of earth changes and world war. They must be exposed, bound, judged and removed from the earth.[35]

Egyptian president Anwar Sadat addressing the Israeli Knesset, November 20, 1977

Saint Germain’s strategy for peace

On November 20, 1977, President of Egypt Anwar Sadat travelled to Israel to address the Israeli parliament. At that time, Israel and Egypt had been in a state of war since the 1948 Arab-Israeli War and Israel had occupied the Sinai Peninsula since the 1967 Six-Day War. Later that day, Saint Germain spoke about this event. We quote from his dictation extensively here since the master outlines a comprehensive spiritual strategy to support peace in the Middle East.

You who have risen early this day have witnessed one of the greatest events of all time—the meeting of the President of Egypt in the Knesset, in Israel, the meeting there of Prime Minister Begin and the entire membership of that body.

Beloved ones, it is not only the coming of the representative of the Arab world to Israel, but it is the hearts of the people in Israel who have received him by the flame of our love. Beloved ones, you who are the initiated must recognize that such an event, unprecedented even over thousands of years of division between the Arabs and the Jews, must have come about as the result of the alchemy of the Great White Brotherhood. And some of you who have seen beyond the television screen into the etheric plane in that very forcefield have witnessed as the President of Egypt approached the entrance walking by his side your own beloved Lanello, who sponsored his lifestream when he [Lanello] was embodied as Saladin.

Beloved ones, the motion pictures of these events will one day be read and all mankind will see how Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Michael stood in the Knesset to focus the energies whereby the members could receive a message formerly not acceptable unto them. Beloved ones, this is a daring step on the part of the Darjeeling Council through two courageous individuals who have descended from Abraham and who pray, then, to the one God out of whom issued forth the seed of David, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Beloved ones, I stand before you to make known to you that this effort—the manifest effort of many hearts in the Middle East, around the world, and of the ascended masters—will not draw the logical conclusion of a contract of peace, a covenant between these peoples, unless there is ignited in their very midst a fervent action of the violet flame. For centuries of hatred, an entrenched hatred scarcely understandable, still exists as record and in the hearts and souls of some among these evolutions; but, I say, not all.

Beloved ones, recognize that the fallen ones have ever determined to use the Middle East against the children of God upon earth. From the very foundation of the state of Israel through the Balfour Agreement unto the present, there have been working behind the scenes those who were determined to manipulate real estate—that certain real estate that is now the nation Israel—against the unity, against the God-harmony and the ultimate victory of the Prince of Peace from that very city, the holy Jerusalem....

I ask you to intensify your calls to the violet flame, to visualize the action of the violet flame by having photographs of the capitals of the nations of the Middle East and of surroundings so that you can enter into the visualization of those physical areas where the violet flame must be concentrated for the victory.

And then, beloved ones, as there begins the transmutative process of alchemy through the violet flame, you must understand that this releases out from pockets of the subconscious various forcefields of demon possession; for all hatred is demon possession, and fanaticism is demon possession, and there is this aplenty within these territories. And therefore, as the action of the violet flame increases, there must be a corresponding action of the calls to the mighty Elohim Astrea and to Archangel Michael and to the Archangel Gabriel.

Understand, then, that only an immense counterweight of the light of freedom can make the difference at the Geneva Conference, or wherever it may be held. Only this secret ingredient of those who are students of the ancient mysteries will, as you say, do the trick. But, beloved ones, hearts are willing. And this is the great redemption, that when the ascended masters come forth in answer to your call, there is a transfer of their hearts’ chalice into the hearts of the people. And the very ones who have said, “We will not give one inch” are suddenly saying, “Everything is negotiable.”

The peace initiative begun when Sadat addressed the Israeli Knesset culminated in the signing of a peace treaty between Israel and Egypt in Washington D.C. on March 26, 1979. Anwar Sadat and Menachem Begin with U.S. President Jimmy Carter.

Beloved ones, when people can see the moving stream of consciousness in time and space as the relative good and evil, when people can worship at the altar of the Elohim of Peace and resolve to conform all human events to peace with honor, then that comeasurement will release to them from the mind of God, as Peres said, answers which were not thought of a few moments or a few hours before. Therefore in deliberation, in negotiation, in meditation, and in prayer, let those who have seen enough of war come to our council table, come to the Darjeeling Council, and review not only current events but the records of karma which manifest today as cosmic justice in the Middle East and yet appear to some to be injustice.

Let the dignity and the worth of the individual be recognized. Let the Palestinians be recognized not necessarily with or without nationhood, but let the recognition be of the Christ flame within the heart, of the worth of the soul. Let the recognition be of the goal. Let the recognition be of every segment of life—Christian, Jew, and Moslem. Understand, then, that when people’s hearts are right, when they are attuned to God, then they are without fear, and without fear they will proceed boldly and deliberately for the resolution of conflict. But when people bring to the negotiating table their hatred, their self-concern, their desire for self-gain or to preserve the name of the ego then, beloved ones, the treaties that are signed may only reflect portions of the human consciousness perhaps imbued by some truth, and yet not all.

Let the student body, then, visualize the conference table with the violet flame burning in the center and all who come to negotiate as representatives of the Christ Self of the people, and of the Great White Brotherhood, and of the I AM Presence. Let all who come symbolically and actually surrender the human consciousness with its differences and divisions into the great flame, the violet light released instantaneously from the very Source of their own I AM God Presence. And as the violet flame burns in the center, so let the great virtues, the qualities, and the oneness of their hearts locked in their causal bodies descend into the vacuum that is created when the violet flame clears away the debris of that human consciousness.

Precious ones, though they be well-intended they know not how to call. Therefore I say to you, call in the name of their own individual Christ Self and I AM Presence. Stand with these. Offer yourselves as coordinates of the members of the delegations who will come from the Arab nations, many of whom are very concerned lest they lose position, power, or that focal point that is the fulcrum of control, man-made control, in the Middle East.

I ask you to invoke fearlessness flame around the nations of the East, around every individual Moslem, Jew, and Christian who has suffered, and especially around those who have passed from the screen of life and who have not been taken to the octaves of light because there are not sufficient souls living within the Middle East these days to counteract those who have been passing from the screen of life, some who have been brutally slaughtered, once again crucified for the Lord Christ. For though they be Jew or Gentile or Moslem, one and all have that Christ Presence, that Real Self, for whom the blood has been shed since the very release of the Christ Self from the heart of God.

Beloved ones, some of you understand that some of the evolutions of the Middle East have been those lifewaves who have come from the planet which you call Maldek, the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Therefore you see it is the entrenched forces of the laggard generations who have separated the light of God from the people and who have not worked diligently for peace, but rather have worked for power. In and among them there are great lights and souls of stature and attainment. These souls are the true descendants of the house of Israel, and they have gathered also in the Middle East for the redemption of all peoples and especially the evolutions of varying degrees of enlightenment who have recently and in past centuries evolved there.

And so you see, we are calling upon the concentrated energies of lightbearers who are in America, the New Jerusalem, to lend support, to lend your causal bodies and your knowledge of the law unto those who have not that knowledge. Therefore by dispensation from my causal body I, Saint Germain, give to you each one contact with that individual lifestream for whom I call upon you to hold the balance. Beloved ones, ere this dictation has concluded those of you who have already appeared before the Lords of Karma to volunteer your service in this life will receive that tie, whether you are a baby in arms or whether you are of full maturity and waiting for the Lord’s day of your ascension.

Understand, then, that when the tie is extended heart to heart and soul to soul you, then, make contact with the energies of immense turbulence and turmoil which are in the Middle East today. It is difficult for you to realize the intense passions and hatreds and weeping and wailing that continue even in the face of this apparent victory. But it will not be hard for you to imagine very long, for having established this tie you will begin to feel the waves and the currents of this turbulence. I call upon you to enter the stillness of your heart, to go into the secret chamber, to practice the exercises and meditations which have been graciously given to you in preparation for the hour when you would be called upon in a very deliberate and direct way to hold the balance for the Middle East which is the white-fire core of the very earth itself.

Beloved ones, indeed as Morya brought to you his message of impending war and cataclysm due to conditions in the East, so as you have answered that call and given your decrees the Darjeeling Council could provide that dispensation whereby overnight Anwar Sadat determined to go to Israel. Beloved ones, I want you to know it was because your Lanello overshadowed him—every hour all through the day and the night—to protect him from all of those within his own camp who would oppose him. And therefore he stood alone with his God in that determination.

Precious ones, no matter what the failures or the misgivings or the partial comprehensions of individual lifestreams, we are the sponsors of life. We come not to condemn. And therefore we will back any lifestream who will take even a single stand for a single platform of our cause....

Beloved ones, if you expect the people of Israel and of the Arab nations to make those necessary sacrifices of their age-old prejudices and hatreds for the cause of world peace, considering their level of consciousness, what do you suppose that the Great Law expects of the initiate of the sacred fire who has within his hand and in his heart all of the access to our octaves of light just for the asking?...

Beloved ones, you must not only make the calls but you must realize that upon you individually—each and every one across the face of the earth—is the daily responsibility to set aside all that is not necessary to your life for the establishment of the ascended master consciousness....

In the early hours of this morning, I sent my messenger contact all teaching centers, for in those hours we had not the reservoir of energy to continue to stay the mounting tide darkness being fomented in the Arab world in objection to Sadat. It was as though the well had run dry just as you feel when the is not enough money in the account to pay your current bills.

Beloved ones, we use every erg of energy that you invoke in your Keepers of the Flame services. And when you fail to appear Saturday night or you withdraw yourselves early, just that moment, just that much candlepower is withdrawn and the multiplication factor is reduced. We, then, have used all of the energies given hour by hour this week to allay those conditions to hold back the tide of darkness that this meeting might take place. And by four this morning we required an increase of light, and therefore we called upon you to increase your calls, and therefore I sent the call for a vigil for America and for freedom and for the resolution of differences in the Middle East to continue throughout this day until the midnight hour.[36]

Resolution through the Mother flame

Following the November 20, 1977, dictation by Saint Germain, the messenger gave further teaching on the spiritual work needed to bring peace to the Middle East:

We can see that some of these demands [of the leaders of Egypt and Israel] are based upon fear and some are based upon pride and some are based upon hatred. But above all, Saint Germain commented to me this morning that the hearts of people were very much desirous of peace, but they had a certain mental intransigence. Their minds are incapable of coming into alignment with their hearts. The Israelis polarize mentally and the Arab nations polarize emotionally. We find that these conditions, then, must be counteracted and balanced if the minds of the people are going to meet at the point of the heart. And this is the problem that we encounter.

There must be compromise on both sides. And the factions in the Arab world outside of Sadat seem not willing to compromise. In fact, many Arabs do not even care to recognize that Israel exists at all, because Israel was formed out of Arab territory at the conclusion of World War II by the United Nations. The Arabs feel that Israel is territory that has been stolen from them by an international body over which they have had no say. The Israelis feel that this is their homeland established for thousands of years and they have a right to this land, especially in the view of the slaughter of the Jews during the Second World War. So we find no matter what is right or wrong on either side of the question that cosmic justice is outworking.

Abraham Sends Hagar and Ishmael Away (Gen. 21:1–14)

Sarah, the wife of Abraham, who gave birth to Isaac, who became the head of the Jews, turned away Hagar, the bondswoman of Abraham and the mother of Ishmael, her child conceived by Abraham.[37] The generations of Ishmael are the entire Arab peoples. And, therefore, when [Anwar Sadat, Menachem Begin, and Shimon Peres] spoke today, there was mention of our father Abraham. Arabs and Jews recognize their common father Abraham, and yet there has been this division among them because of the division and enmity between their mothers. Hagar and Ishmael out in the desert became the Arab people, and the Arab people inherited the desert. They also inherited Israel when the Jews were dispersed because of disobedience to the Laws of God.

Now the Jews have returned, as they say, according to the fulfillment of prophecy.[38] And it is time for the resolution of the conflict between the mother energies. There is no conflict with Abraham. The conflict comes with Sarah and Hagar. So it is by the initiation of the Mother flame, her crucifixion in this hour, that all peoples come to a resolution. And so let us invoke the Mother flame, which is the white-fire core of purity that is focused in the Middle East, in Serapis Bey’s ascension temple. And out of the white light of the Mother, let us visualize all races and peoples coming into love because their mothers have both been the object of the love of Abraham, the great patriarch. And their mother truly is the Cosmic Mother, for the Cosmic Mother is in all mothers.

And so if we can tackle in our decrees this misqualification of energy in the Matter body—fire, air, water and earth—the misqualification through the four types of animal magnetism, we will be getting at the very core of the conflict. The core of the conflict, then, must be decreed on from that starting point, from that hatred that was first in Sarah and Hagar, and as it has been translated through these generations....

We must be students of history and aware of what must pass into the flame. The Arabs have a responsibility to forgive the Jews, the forgiveness going back to the action of Sarah, and in that forgiveness to do exactly what Sarah did not do—Sarah did not give a place to Hagar. Now the descendants of Hagar must turn around and in their forgiveness give a place to the Jews. By the same token, the Jews must forgive all that has come forth as hatred. And they, themselves, must resolve whatever has been less than the perfection of the Christ in their attitudes within the Middle East....

We must pray for the Palestinians. They have become extremely fanatical and possessed with hatred because they have been deprived of a place they could call their own for so long. Upon them is the necessity for forgiveness and the necessity to surrender a lesser identity to a greater identity. These are the ones who have done the bombings and the hijackings of aircraft around the world, and this they have done to attract attention to their cause. They are feared by the Jews and even by the Arabs. They are a separate group, a fanatical group, that is a burden to all, yet everyone in the Middle East recognizes that they must be dealt with.


Many souls are brought low by the controversies that have not ceased in this part of the world. The continual conflicts draw the energies of darkness from the underworld—a darkness that becomes darker day by day. There ought not to be war in the Middle East, nor should the youth of these nations be denied life because of political issues, nonresolution and continual warfare.[39]

Our calling is to be watchmen on the wall, mitigating world karma and standing with the archangels to intercede on behalf of millions. The answer to the dilemma is in prayer and spiritual work. Heaven can have great influence upon the affairs of earth, and more things are wrought by prayer than we can dream of.[40]

Implore the hosts of heaven to intercede to resolve the conflict in the Middle East, prevent war and the escalation of war into global warfare and the destruction of the planet as a platform for evolution of mankind. Decree in God’s name that the perfection of Almighty God shall take dominion in the crisis in the Middle East and all over the world, wherever the pain and anguish of hearts brings about destruction, brother against brother. Pray in the name of the Prince of Peace that peace will come to the hearts of all men everywhere.[41]

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