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Gateway to the Heart of the Inner Retreat

The Inner Retreat is a physical outpost of the Great White Brotherhood at the Royal Teton Ranch in the Paradise Valley of southwestern Montana. It is the international headquarters of The Summit Lighthouse and Church Universal and Triumphant.

The land of the Inner Retreat and particularly the Heart of the Inner Retreat, a secluded mountain meadow at an elevation of six thousand feet, is consecrated ground and is considered to be a sacred or holy land.

The Inner Retreat is partially in the etheric octave, and numerous ascended masters have spoken of walking this hallowed ground. It is the place where the soul meets or encounters the Real Self, the guru in the form of the messengers and the ascended masters, particularly Lord Maitreya.

The prophecy of Jesus

Old Faithful geyser

Elizabeth Clare Prophet tells the story of the sign of Old Faithful and the miracle of finding the Inner Retreat.

The miracle of the Inner Retreat began two thousand years ago in a conversation I had with Jesus when I was his disciple Martha, sister of Lazarus and Mary. He was in our home in Bethany, and the circle of disciples that gathered there asked him many questions concerning the Second Coming, the end of times or ages, what would become of us, when would he take us to heaven.

He told us that the teachings would be lost and manipulated and perverted. He told us that there would be a dark age of spirituality concurrent with the rise of materialism and that in the end of the age, those teachings would be restored.

I remember one day when I was kneading bread in the kitchen and he was seated nearby. He spoke the parable that is written in scripture: “The kingdom of heaven is like a leaven, which a woman took and hid in three measures of meal, and it leavened the whole lump.”

He said to me, “You, Martha, will come at the end of that age. You will bring the leaven of the lost teaching.”... He said that as the disciples would be rekindled by the teaching, they, too, would go forth and this gospel would be preached in every kingdom. And then the end would come—the end of the Piscean age, the end of the balancing of our karma, the end of the necessity for our incarnation.

I wondered how this would come to pass. He told me he would take us to a new world and to a wilderness in that new world where he already had the place prepared, the site dedicated to the coming again of the Divine Mother....

Jesus said, “I will place my marker there, and it will be the sign of the coming again of the Mother and the Mother flame, which has been lost since the days of Lemuria and the sinking of the Motherland.” And he said the sign would be the marker of a giant jet of water coming out of the earth into the sky—water that would look like a flame and a fire infolding itself, water that would symbolize the rising of the Kundalini, the ascension flame, and the return of the soul to God....

After I came to this activity, I was called by the masters to be a messenger and spent twelve years with Mark Prophet. He passed on in 1973, and his last words to me, the night before his transition, were to take the organization and the teachings and go and protect them and preserve them on a piece of property that I was to find in Montana.... He told me that I would be led to the place prepared and that when I found it, we would be ready to purchase it.... And so the search began....

When we were looking for the property, we flew all over Montana and adjacent areas of Wyoming and looked at many, many parcels. And walking by the faith and the inner attunement and the direction that I received, this is the place that was selected.

Two years later, Jesus came to me and he opened the memory that I have described. He pointed out the fact that our Ranch borders Yellowstone Park and that it was the geyser, Old Faithful, that he was referring to when he prophesied to me that this would be the place and I would know it by that sign.

When the land was purchased, I hadn’t recalled that episode, and I asked him why he waited till now to tell me. He said that he wanted to show me that it is the Higher Mind of God and the soul’s communion with that Mind that is the true guidance, and we are not always aware in the outer mind that we are truly following the inner calling.[1]

The prophecy of Djwal Kul

Over the past 150 years, certain key masters of the Great White Brotherhood have anticipated this hour, and they have laid the foundation for the physical manifestation of their organization and for the protection of their chelas.

On October 2, 1920, Djwal Kul made the following statement:

Therefore the preparatory school will be located near some large city, preferably near the sea or some large expanse of water, but never within the city; it will be on the confines of the centres of learning within the city and will be readily accessible.

The advanced school will be far from the crowded places of the earth and preferably in a mountainous region, for the mountains have a direct effect on the occultist and impart to him that quality of strength and steadfastness that is their pre¬dominant characteristic and must be that too of the occultist.

The inner retreat magnetizes the currents to focus the inner world, the spiritual manifestation of the light of each one’s being; and the outer retreat is the one that is the opportunity for the mastery of the Matter sphere. The inner retreat is for those initiates who are tried and true. The outer is open to the public where many can come and try their hand at the path.

The Goddess of Liberty spoke of this prophecy in a dictation on February 26, 1980:

Inasmuch, then, as there are serious conditions which, if not checked, could lead to further minor cataclysm and serious conditions, the Karmic Board recommends that a certain phase of the prophecy of Djwal Kul be implemented—which is the establishment of the inner retreat of the devotees of this activity of light that shall hold the balance for the outer activity.

Thus the figure-eight flow of these twin focuses will mirror the figure-eight flow of the two witnesses and of the Guru-chela relationship that is enjoyed by every chela of the will of God.

I speak of the prophecy of Djwal Kul of the inner and outer mystery school. [I speak] of the community, such as that which is established here at Camelot, that must be open to the world and open to all who wish to investigate the teachings of the ascended masters. And I speak of the inner community where initiates gather for the most important service to life—that of holding the balance of the white-fire core, not merely of an organization, but of a planetary body.

Gautama Buddha over the Heart of the Inner Retreat

Spiritual focuses at the Inner Retreat

The Place of Great Encounters

Main article: Place of Great Encounters

The ascended master Saint Germain, in his July 4, 1981, address, dedicated the Inner Retreat as the Place of Great Encounters.

The Heart of the Inner Retreat

The Heart of the Inner Retreat is a secluded mountain meadow, at an altitude of 6000 feet, at the center of the Inner Retreat at the Royal Teton Ranch in Montana. Gautama Buddha spoke of the Heart of the Inner Retreat in 1987:

In the heart of the Grand Teton, in the heart of Maitreya Mountain I AM Gautama Buddha, ever keeping the flame and the vigil at the Inner Retreat of the Western Shamballa.

My hand and my Presence does physically consecrate the Heart of the Inner Retreat as the international shrine and gathering place of the devotees of light and Christed ones of the world.[2]

On May 31, 1984, Jesus placed a focus of the Holy Grail over the Heart of the Inner Retreat:

In the name of the Holy Grail that I AM, I place now in the etheric octave over this Heart the true and living focus of the Holy Grail quested by all knights of Camelot, meditated upon in the immaculate heart by all ladies of the flame. I place it here as a shining light, a brilliant focus that none will miss seeing in their finer bodies. And it in itself is the magnet of my body and my blood. It is the magnet of the teaching and the great mystery of the flame in the bowl—Spirit infiring, enlivening, and breathing the breath of Life upon Matter.[3]

Maitreya’s Mystery School

Main article: Maitreya's Mystery School

Also on May 31, 1984, Lord Maitreya dedicated the Heart of the Inner Retreat and the entire Royal Teton Ranch to the Path and Teaching of the Cosmic Christ in order that those who departed from his tutelage, going the way of Serpents (the fallen angels who led Eve astray), might be restored and the children of the Light follow the Son of God in the regeneration.

The ascended masters have referred to Maitreya’s Mystery School at the Royal Teton Ranch as the Pure Land prophesied to be brought forth by the Future Buddha Maitreya.

The Retreat of the Divine Mother

Main article: Retreat of the Divine Mother

On December 15, 1985, Sanat Kumara announced: “The opening of the door of the temple of the Divine Mother and her Inner Retreat is also come. And this Inner Retreat, positioned now as a vast center of Light, is indeed above ... the entire area of the Royal Teton Ranch.”

The Western Shamballa

Main article: Western Shamballa

Gautama Buddha’s Western Shamballa, his etheric retreat in the West over the Heart of the Inner Retreat, is an extension of Shamballa, which is located on the etheric plane over the Gobi Desert in Mongolia.

The Heart of the Inner Retreat

The Chalice of Elohim

Main article: Chalice of Elohim

The Chalice of Elohim was constructed on the etheric octave over the Heart of the Inner Retreat during the summer of 1987. Sustained by the resurrection flame, it allows light to descend to the physical octave directly from the Elohimic level.

The focus of the Great Central Sun Magnet beneath the Heart

In 1982 Saint Germain announced that a focus of the Great Central Sun Magnet had been established beneath the Heart of the Inner Retreat:

The Great Central Sun Magnet is hereby focused beneath the earth of this Heart, and so builded and so reinforced by elemental life in the course of your giving of these decrees—and yet the focus has been here for longer than I can even tell you. Yet the activation of the focus could not come unless hearts magnetized and magnetically charged, magnetizing the light should appear. Thus it is always man who must respond to God and confirm the mighty secrets that are hid in the earth. How great is opportunity.

May you visualize a great sun disc beneath this earth centering in the entire Heart, a blazing electrode of light—in and of itself, the electrode that magnetizes the flame of Shamballa in the etheric octave and of Lord Gautama Buddha. May you realize that your trek to the Heart is both to charge the focus with your causal body and to be magnetically charged by it. Without hurting your feet, I would suggest that before you leave, you remove your shoes and place the precious feet without any covering on the very bare earth and grass, and meditate upon the currents of the great sun disc.

The power of this magnet could only be sustained by the presence of many surrounding mountains, forests, and nature. Therefore, guard the Heart, guard the Inner Retreat, and call for the protection of the national forests and sanctuaries that are nearby. For all of this is God’s country, and secured long before your coming to his purposes and his usefulness.[4]

Maitreya Mountain

Main article: Maitreya Mountain

The mountain on the Royal Teton Ranch known in the local area as Deaf Jim Knob was renamed “Maitreya Mountain” by the messenger. It overlooks the Heart of the Inner Retreat from the southeast.

Angels’ Ascent

Main article: Angels' Ascent

“Angels’ Ascent” is the new name for the landmark rock formation known as “Devils Slide” on Cinnabar Mountain facing the “East Gate” of the Inner Retreat.

Himalaya Mountain

Main article: Himalaya Mountain

Himalaya is a 6,316-foot mountain on the Royal Teton Ranch just across Mol Heron Creek from the Ranch Headquarters.

Electric Peak seen from the Royal Teton Ranch

Electric Peak

Electric Peak, located in Yellowstone National Park in Montana, is the highest mountain in the Gallatin Range (10,992 ft.). Its peak is 2.1 miles as the eagle flies from the southern border of the Royal Teton Ranch. Electric Peak is, geologically speaking, an extension of the same mountain range that makes up the Grand Teton Mountains. El Morya has revealed that “an arc of light from the Great Throne Room is anchored inside of Electric Peak.”[5]

Serapis Bey has said:

Electric Peak is not so named without reason. Though it is considered so called because of the lightning storms that are so frequent, we ourselves recognize the magnetism of the mountain as a point we can use in conjunction with other focuses within these mountains for the sendings of the heart of the Buddha.[6]

The Great Divine Director has said:

It is no accident that the mount was named Electric Peak or that the river was named Yellowstone. Therefore go to and find the condensed light of God in the earth! And understand that through Old Faithful and the Grand Tetons you have foci of light so ancient that you can indeed convey to a planetary body the momentum of freedom.[7]

The Yellowstone River

Main article: Yellowstone River

The Yellowstone River forms the eastern boundary of the Inner Retreat.

King Arthur’s Court

King Arthur’s Court

Main article: King Arthur's Court

King Arthur’s Court is the main chapel of at the Inner Retreat. The flame of the ark of the covenant burns at the high altar on the etheric plane.

The Good Samaritan Hospital

Main article: Good Samaritan Hospital

In 1984 Sanat Kumara announced a tremendous dispensation of light from the Great Central Sun in 1984 to dedicate the land of the Royal Teton Ranch to the healing light and a world healing center. He prophesied a city of light and healing and the building of the Good Samaritan Hospital.

The Inner Retreat and the Royal Teton Ranch

The physical land of our retreat is called the Royal Teton Ranch. The spiritual retreat is called the Inner Retreat. Mighty Victory explained how these two terms differ:

First and foremost, the Inner Retreat is an etheric retreat. And thus, there has been some confusion as to just where the Inner Retreat is located at the Royal Teton Ranch. Some have the idea it is here or there or only in the “Heart” or perhaps it is the entire Ranch. Beloved ones, the Royal Teton Ranch is the physical focus of the true Inner Retreat, which is the etheric octave. And that etheric octave is the living school of Light and the Retreat of the Divine Mother.

Therefore, those who would enter the [physical] “Heart” of the Inner Retreat must also understand the “rites of passage” into the etheric octave. Believe me, beloved, it is necessary to follow the legions of Victory that you might pass through physical molecules and understand what being truly is in the Heart of that Inner Retreat—in the very heart of the etheric plane.

Therefore, when the right hand of Maitreya is raised there is the turning back of those who may not come into the etheric octave, for they have not woven the wedding garment. Understand this principle, beloved. There may be some who come, there may be some who attend Summit University or even enter the work/study program. There may be souls of long standing who have been in this movement for years. But they who have not woven the wedding garment, I tell you, they shall not enter in. And as the Mother has said that the land rejects those who are not fit for the Path, so it is, beloved, that in the etheric plane and the etheric octave the angels thereof do remove those who are no part of the Mystical Body of God.

First and foremost, then, upon recognizing where is and what is the Inner Retreat, let those who embody it and who are becoming it truly understand that you are the guardians of this physical focus of the Royal Teton Retreat located at the Grand Teton. As you will preserve this place [the Royal Teton Ranch] prepared for the Lightbearers of the earth, so will this activity prosper.[8]

The messenger teaching Summit University in Mother Mary’s Meadow, near the Heart of the Inner Retreat

The sponsorship of the Inner Retreat

The messenger has explained the importance of the sponsorship of the Inner Retreat:

Morya says that the sponsorship of The Summit Lighthouse is one thing. But the sponsorship of the Inner Retreat is a grand and cosmic and noble sponsorship that comes from beings far beyond himself because and for the very reason that the chelas in this activity have earned that sponsorship, have earned the opportunity to be initiated by masters and cosmic beings beyond himself. But that initiation demands a giant leap to a new level of the sense of chelaship.[9]

The Great Divine Director has said that this land is an ancient spiritual focus:

This very land itself must be protected and prepared, for it has a very ancient, ancient spiritual focus, beloved. It is indeed a cradle. But I would tell you that the feet of archangels were placed upon that land long, long ago in its formation, making etheric tracks in akasha and sealing that place as a magnet for the drawing of pilgrims. It is truly the shrine of this international movement. It is truly the point of convergence of suns.

Let it become a more permanent place. Let the facilities be there, for you will see that we will bring members of the nations and the root races.... It is indeed a place prepared for twin flames and the cosmic cross of white fire and solar lights and the aurora borealis and the descent of mighty souls from above, in those twinkling causal bodies, to waiting parents below.[10]

Gautama Buddha has also spoken of the ancient focus of light:

Understand that the Western Shamballa, sealed over the Heart of the Inner Retreat and extending for many miles, radiating out therefrom, is a consecration of a shrine made holy by the footsteps of archangels long ago. Now you understand that the white-fire/blue-fire sun that has come in the establishment of the retreat of the Divine Mother, with Lady Master Venus presiding over the Ranch, is also the polarity of that Western Shamballa.

As you have heard, then, and understood, you can see that for aeons heaven has been banking upon this area as a place preserved, reserved, then, for evolutions who will come apart because they have been taken to the inner retreats of the Great White Brotherhood.[11]

The road to the Heart of the Inner Retreat

The crystal dome over the Inner Retreat

Main article: Dome over the Inner Retreat

The Brotherhood has revealed that the Inner Retreat and outlying areas are protected by a great crystal dome in the shape of an igloo. The purpose of this dome is to shut out the astral plane and all the human consciousness of the planet. There is then the opportunity for the etheric octave to mesh with the physical, and for the property to be the place prepared where the physical and the etheric planes are one.

The etheric and the physical

In 1993, Jesus Christ explained why many people, not only members of our organization, can feel the sacredness of the land at the Inner Retreat:

The level of your reality is even closer in this geographical location than anywhere else in the earth for the circle of light, for the protection, for the dome and the wall of light and for the Retreat of the Divine Mother and the Western Shamballa. Here is the meshing. Here is the experiment. Here is where we would unfold, unwrap the etheric plane in the physical. And here many people, coming from many different points of view, have all agreed that this land is sacred. They have set aside the parklands, the forest lands, the wilderness lands. Here is land that will be kept pristine—thus an ideal place for the merging of the etheric and the physical that men might see and behold that there is a passageway to octaves of light.[12]

The messenger explains how this relates to the concept of the Pure Land in Buddhism:

A Pure Land is a spiritual realm or paradise presided over by a Buddha.... Bodhisattvas, out of compassion for sentient beings, vow that after they attain supreme Buddhahood they will establish a Pure Land where conditions will be ideally suited to the attainment of enlightenment....

There are legends and prophesies that say the Pure Land shall be in the West. And so I like to think of this Western Shamballa, the etheric retreat and the Heart of the Inner Retreat where we are gathered as symbolical and perhaps actual of that Pure Land.[13]

This is the altitude, the place and the abode of the adepts of all ages. This is the high country. This is the pure land and streams and fire and air. This is the place where the great Gurus gather with their chelas.... As this place was chosen for us and planned for us by the Saviour Jesus Christ in consort with many, this is what they had in mind, therefore it is the Place of Great Encounters.[14]

A place to hold a spiritual balance for the earth

In 1988 Elizabeth Clare Prophet summarized the importance of the land for holding the balance:

We are surrounded by National Park land, Forest Service land and wilderness land, millions of acres of mountains, trees, forests, untamed land that is a frequency and a vibration that forms a giant chalice for the sounding of the Word, the intoning of it and the holding of a balance for an earth in transition even during a period of earth changes.[15]

The Goddess of Liberty has also spoken on this subject:

It is actually a very precise mathematical formula that governs the destinies of men and nations.

Therefore, seeing this very complex equation and problem of life, our recommendation is for the swift establishment of the Inner Retreat in an area of intensely less population—an area where the light of the dynamic decree and the love of the community can, in a freer way, multiply the action of light without hindrance of the surrounding populations of the greater cities. Thus the mission to save America—positioned in the center of the cities, in the teaching centers, and in the hearts of our Keepers of the Flame—continues.

You realize that the vigil that you keep and the light that you draw forth is lapped up by many hungry souls and others who do not appreciate the sacrifice but indeed enjoy the currents that result therefrom. To place a momentum, an extraordinary momentum of light in an isolated community in a greater physical area would result in the same amount of decrees having a result of a much larger balancing action for the planet Earth. For Nature herself, surrounding such a retreat in the hills and the mountains and the open plains and in rich and lush vegetation as well as in the waters, would create a natural reflector and multiplier by the Holy Spirit that is so redundant in the cells of life, plant life that abound in the open spaces that yet remain to be claimed for Saint Germain.

Thus for the survival of earth and lightbearers, this isolated community is required—and the sacrifices to establish it must be made.[16]

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