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Surya is a cosmic being from Sirius. He wields the tremendous power of the God Star on behalf of the evolutions of earth. His flame is an intense blue tinged with white.


Surya appears in the mythology and religion of India as both the Sun and the Sun God. The Sanskrit word surya comes from the root sur or svar, meaning “to shine.”

Traditional Indian beliefs

During the medieval period in India, worshipers of Surya formed one of the five principal sects. Worship of Surya ranked with the worship of Shiva, Shakti, Vishnu and Ganesha. The importance of the Sun God Surya is evident in Vedic hymns and Hindu mythology. The Gayatri hymn from the Rig-Veda identifies Surya with the Hindu Trinity. The hymn is addressed to the sun and associates Brahma with the sun in the morning, Shiva with the sun at midday, and Vishnu with the sun in the evening. The worship of Surya is mentioned repeatedly in the Ramayana, the oldest epic in Sanskrit literature. After offering a prayer to Surya, Rama overcomes his enemy with ease.

Surya is traditionally depicted seated on a lotus in a chariot of gold drawn by seven horses or by a single horse with seven heads. He crosses the sky observing the good and bad deeds of both mortals and immortals. Surya’s chariot is usually depicted with only one wheel. The one wheel is seen as symbolic of the straight path of justice he maintains. The charioteer is the deity of the dawn, who rides in front of Surya, using his body to shelter the world from Surya’s brilliant rays.

The temple to Surya at Konark, India

One Hindu myth relates that the sun-god Surya married the daughter of the celestial architect of the gods. She found Surya’s radiance too strong to bear and ran away. Surya pursued his wife and after a long search found her. Once they were reunited, the architect of the gods refashioned Surya so that his wife would be able to remain with him. While singing praises to the sun god, the architect cut away his excessive radiance, keeping intact just a fraction of his original glory in spherical shape. Out of the excess radiance, he created weapons for various gods, including Shiva’s trident. Surya remained resplendent in spite of his alteration. He and his wife had many sons. The eldest was Vaivasvata Manu, who in Hindu tradition is the progenitor of the human race. We know Vaivasvata Manu as the manu of the fifth root race.

One of the most famous temples dedicated to Surya is the colossal thirteenth-century Surya Deula (Sun Temple) at Konark in the state of Orissa, India. This one-hundred-foot-high temple and its hall are designed in the shape of a giant chariot borne on twelve carved stone wheels and drawn by seven stone horses. Today the worship of Surya as the supreme deity is limited to one small sect, but an image of Surya is in every Hindu temple.

Sirius (lower center of the image) with the constellation Orion (on the right)
Image by the Hubble Telescope

The cosmic being

The ascended masters teach that God Surya is the hierarch of the God Star, Sirius. Sirius is the brightest star in the heavens and is the seat of God-government for this sector of the galaxy. Sirius (known to the outer world as the “Dog Star”) is known by astronomers to be a binary star of the constellation Canis Major. Sirius A, the brighter of the two stars, is a blue-white star that is twenty-three times as bright as our sun. Sirius B is a white dwarf star that is not visible to the naked eye. In the revolving of the lesser sun around the greater, we see the devotion of chela Cuzco to the guru Surya.

In a spiritual sense, all have come from Sirius. It is our point of origin and our home at the deepest level of our being. As Jesus said “In my Father’s house are many mansions.... I go to prepare a place for you,”[1] so we understand that there is indeed a mansion, a castle of light on Sirius, our original home that we left so long ago. Surya says: “Any number of you hail from the God Star and count it as your home base, as you have volunteered to serve with angels from Sirius and to enter these octaves of maya.”[2]

Sanat Kumara spoke of the God Star in 1979:

When we speak of the God Star, we speak of a plane of consciousness where life has accelerated to etheric perfection and to the octaves of light beyond the highest frequencies yet within the range of what is called Matter. The planes of heaven beyond the planes of time and space are exalted in the God Star through the God consciousness of the vast being known as Surya. Surya, the Great Guru, and his chela, the ascended master Cuzco, are the ensouling divinities of these two points of light that move as one—as Alpha and Omega in a positive/negative polarity.[3]

Surya’s service

From the God Star, Surya holds the balance for natural forces in the earth. He is assisted by the ascended master Cuzco, whose etheric retreat is at Viti Levu in the Fiji Islands in the South Pacific. This retreat comes under the hierarchy of Sirius. Cuzco journeys back and forth between the earth and Sirius to make his report before the twenty-four elders and the Sun God and Goddess of the God Star.

Surya is very much involved with the Lord Jesus Christ in the judgment of the fallen angels. He has promised to place his Electronic Presence wherever you are and wherever the fallen angels are on the entire face of the earth. You can visualize this mighty being Surya anywhere and everywhere on the face of the earth, seated in the lotus posture as a mighty Buddha of light.

For problems that seem impossible to solve, give a novena to Surya using his decree.[4] The response will be a very deep penetration of your being and world. Although the results may take time to manifest, the liberation is powerful and yet sometimes almost imperceptible, because it occurs at such deep levels of being.

In 1989, Surya spoke of our home on the God Star:

I affirm the origin of the sons and daughters of God at the point of the God Star, Sirius. I affirm this focus of the Great Central Sun as a point of origin for many who pass through earth’s schoolroom at this hour. Thus I come to reinforce the Order of the Blue Rose of Sirius, and I come to remind all of your fealty to the Order of the First Ray.

And thus, I desire to enable you to understand how the beloved El Morya, Son of Sirius, devotee of the will of God, is the lord of the first ray for a reason—that reason being, beloved, that he does tarry in the earth for the training in the path of chelaship of those who are descended from that God Star and need the sharpening of the mind, the soul, the heart and the desire body according to a path of devotion and service, according to a true activity of the Gemini mind of God that is truly founded in that will, that holy will, which is the grid of light of the divine plan.

If you can visualize the complex geometric form of earth itself, of a sphere, then understand that it is your congruency with that spherical pattern that does raise you to the vibration of Sirius, that does become the open door to the purity of Sirius and the open door to the return to that home of light.

This is our call to you, then, who are beginning to remember that you are pilgrims passing through earth’s schoolroom and that you have upon our star of light homes of truly great magnificence. You have left there and you have left great palaces and the golden age that is perpetual and the evolution with lifewaves who are in constant contact with their teachers....

Come ye, then, into alignment with the God Star. For this reason beloved Astrea and Purity have established this arc between the God Star and the earth.[5] I suggest that you take a moment when our star is visible to you to face that Central Sun and to give the mantra “I AM Alpha and Omega ... I AM Alpha and Omega in the white-fire core of Being.”

Blessed ones, the mantra of the affirmation of ourselves where you are as “I AM THAT I AM God Surya and Cuzco in my heart and soul and mind!” will enable us to anchor within you these currents. And believe me, beloved ones, there are currents from the stars! There are rays that do descend, and those rays are vital in the development of the spirituality of souls and of their chakras.[6]

The mighty Blue Eagle from Sirius

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The mighty Blue Eagle is a formation of blue-lightning angels who come from Sirius to assist Archangel Michael in his work on behalf of the evolutions of this solar system. When you study the components of the mighty Blue Eagle, you will see that every feather and part is a blue-flame angel. It is a vast formation that fills the starry heavens.

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