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Advent, the period beginning four Sundays before Christmas, is viewed by Christians as a season of repentance and hope in preparation for the celebration of the birth of Jesus. In anticipation of the birth of the Saviour, prepare the cradle of your heart that you might be found worthy to receive him on Christmas Day.

Clearing the four lower bodies

The Ascended Masters have dedicated the four Sundays of Advent to the clearing of the four lower bodies.

Include in your service on the first Sunday of Advent calls for the clearing of the etheric body, the envelope of the soul that holds the blueprint of your divine plan. Prepare the cradle of your heart for the birth of the Christ Child within you by giving Saint Germain’s Heart Meditation and violet flame decrees for the clearing of the etheric body.

In your service on the second Sunday of Advent, give violet flame decrees to clear the mental body.

In your service on the third Sunday of Advent, give violet flame decrees to transmute the records of karma lodged in the desire (emotional) body.

In your service on the fourth Sunday of Advent, give violet flame decrees to transmute the records of karma lodged in the physical body.

Zathustra’s decree

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Zarathustra has requested that his decree 0.06, “O Mighty Threefold Flame of Life,” be given daily for six weeks prior to Christmas each year. It can be substituted for the “Heart, Head, and Hand Decrees” in your morning decree ritual. Give it nine times with great fervor and intensity in preparation for the celebration of the birth of the Christ in you and all Lightbearers on Christmas Eve.

The dark night in the earth

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Beloved Kuthumi warns of the tests that come in the weeks leading up to Winter solstice:

The dark night of the Spirit in the earth takes place during the weeks preceding and following winter solstice. Thus, during this period, from this hour through the New Year celebration, discover and understand the records upon records of the acts not of the apostles but of the fallen angels—the false apostles who have come to eclipse the Light of each one’s God Star, each one’s focus of Sirius, each one’s I AM Presence. This is the hour when the Son of man cried out, “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?”[1]

Beloved ones, wars have begun; extreme forms of torture, terrorism, and torment have been heaped upon the body of Christ in these very dates and hours, century upon century—the mockery of the birth of the Son in the heart of His little ones, betrayals of nations in every form, and the sadistic rites of the denizens of hell.

These weeks are fraught with burden to the soul, for the god of lust stalks the earth. Witness the intensification of red as the anger of hell presenting itself as the joy of angels. Witness the greed in the marketplace and the leading of the little children with Christmas carols to the slaughter, where they empty their pockets for the treasures of the world and gain not the single light atop the tree which often goes unnoticed—even as they do not reckon with nor recognize the star of the I AM Presence.

Thus, according to the misuses of the Light by those on the left-handed path, the bowels of hell erupt in this season and many souls find themselves scattered hither and yon. Many pass from the screen of life, as it is also the end of the year and the harvest of souls through the same winter-solstice Light. That which descends from the Father may return to the Father in that hour.[2]

Even so, the descent of your beloved Mark on Christmas Eve[3] was to that same purpose that Christ did come: to hold the balance of Light in a period of the year when, by the magnetism of bodies planetary and systems of energy, there is an increase in the challenge and the trial through each one’s own karmic cycles and ‘electronic belt,’ as you have called it.

Thus, you can expect to find heightened emotions surfacing, the energizing of the astral body, and the coming to the fore of old momentums like “Old Nick”—that is another name for the dweller-on-the-threshold. These must be slain once again, with the sounding of the final death knell upon that carnal mind, by your own enlightened spirits which take the sword of Maitreya and stand guard in the Church Universal and Triumphant and in the heart of the mystical body.

The gains of the year must be kept by the faithful. The Light of Helios must not be squandered. Heed my Word and Call, for during this season this Church and its members shall face together a more than ordinary challenge from the forces of darkness. It is an hour of great alchemy of the Holy Spirit, and those who are steadfast and stand fast will find the reward great.

In the hour of the New Year’s conference, in the coming of the Lord of the World, in the dawning of the day of the new year, we trust to find you in your right place, being therefore the recipient of the great Christmas gift of the fruit of the causal body of the Universal Christ, Lord Maitreya, bearing fruit in hand as the harvest of the multiplication of Light since the coming of Helios. Therefore, you shall be ready to face the new year—not emptied and vacant, having spent thy Light; but on the momentum of the preceding cycle, moving swiftly with that strength of eagles to meet, then, the glorious challenge for expansion which comes with 1985.

Beloved hearts, it is the prayer of Lord Maitreya, the consensus of the Darjeeling Council, and our will—to which many of you have assented by your attendance at these meetings—that the day of the seed of Satan and of the fallen ones and their heyday which they make each season of the Christ Mass shall go down! shall be no more! because we shall keep the vigil, because we shall recognize the strength of Light in the body, in the Word, and with our God with us. [4]

Testing before the solstice

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The ascended masters teach that everyone on earth receives a yearly final exam at summer and winter solstice. Lord Lanto warns us to prepare for the winter solstice exam. He says:

You have been told that at winter and summer solstice you receive final exams. Each year you must prepare for those exams. The Christmas season is particularly difficult because of records of ancient pagan rites and the world in merrymaking. What with the populace entering more into ... sensuality and the misuse of the sacred fire, surfeiting themselves in all manner of drugs and alcohol and sweets, it is a precarious time of the year for the devotee.

Do not get caught in the vortex! For I, Lanto, am your Mentor and Guru and I tell you that many a chela has regularly failed the December tests in the name of family and family mesmerism. Therefore I warn you in advance that these failures go on your record and it does take some doing to scrub that record until you can get out that spot.[5]

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