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Balance of violet-flame and blue-flame decrees
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The Goddess of Freedom has explained the importance of giving blue-flame decrees in conjunction with the violet flame:

Beloved ones, the violet flame is the key! And when the elementals receive it and the people receive it, I tell you there is always some misqualification of Freedom. Therefore, you who know the science of the seven rays and of the chakras must not let go of Archangel Michael’s sword, must not fail to call to Astrea daily for the binding of the forces who, [if you don’t,] will simply have a heyday [as they misuse the violet flame that is released through your decrees] and make more karma for Saint Germain and Portia.[1]

In 1988 Saint Germain gave a detailed explanation of this principle:

It is noteworthy, therefore, that as the violet flame has liberated in you certain God qualities, so it will also flush out and bring to the surface, as alchemists know and refiners, the dross of human creation. If, therefore, there is not called forth an intensity of sacred fire through calls to the Divine Mother Astrea for the clearing of that substance, the violet flame may have the action of bringing to the surface that substance. And because you do not finish the service that is needed, and you do not understand what service is needed, you may have lingering in and around your being those momentums of the human consciousness that seem to rise up and to frolic and to cause you to be somewhat out of alignment with your Holy Christ Self by the new freedom that you feel, no longer being heavily bound by your karma, nevertheless needing Archangel Michael’s sword of blue flame to cut you free to be fully in your God-control and God-Self mastery.

This does happen to elementals when they receive too much violet flame, and it does happen to the seed of the wicked that when Keepers of the Flame blaze the violet flame throughout the planetary body they sense their powers and kick up their heels, and their reaction to the lifting of the karmic burden of the planetary karma is that they go forth sowing greater Evil.

Therefore, it must be understood that the violet-flame tapes were conceived by myself with Portia to be sent forth universally to all those souls with whom we would acquaint the vibration of Aquarius and the seventh age, and indeed they have fulfilled this purpose.

We must, however, speak to our stalwart chelas and tell you that we absolutely count on you to hold the balance of the first ray through your giving of Astrea’s decree and calls to Archangel Michael daily on behalf of all upon the planet who are making these violet flame calls as you invoke the blue-flame will of God for the planet as a whole and for yourself.

There is so much of a liberating spiral that is created around you, so much of a loosening of old substance that to follow those violet-flame decrees with fiats to Archangel Michael, the use of a physical, tangible sword of blue flame consecrated to and by Archangel Michael, and the calls to Astrea and Hercules and the blue-ray masters is a most efficient use of the cosmic force of light. Beloved ones, in this you will discover how there is an inner alignment of your soul and your four lower bodies with your Holy Christ Self that occurs simultaneously with the transmutative fires of the violet flame.

You might say that all is in flux, all is in a state of change through the violet flame. But where that consciousness and energy will come to rest and solidify does depend preeminently upon how much blue flame is invoked, how much action of the sacred fire of the first ray is embraced by you, how much you do commit yourself to the will of God, do surrender to it and do recognize the path of the fourteen stations of the cross and the fifteenth as a means to that end—as a means to embodying the blue-flame will of God, as a means in itself to building the diamond heart within your heart that is made even more possible by the violet transmuting flame that does flood through that very same heart chakra.

Thus, beloved, as you look at certain events you can see that during the giving of the first violet-flame cassette there were changes in Nicaragua. Those changes, as the violet-flame action, created on the part of the people, the Contras and the Sandinistas the desire to move together, to talk together and to reason together. This is something that would have been desirable had it not been for the fact that World Communism working through the mentality and the deranged minds of the Sandinista leaders had another agenda.[2]...

What did take place, then, is that the people, individual by individual, those who had good hearts, no matter what side they were on or in what camp, did receive a blessing and a freedom through your violet-flame marathon. The downside of the entire experience, beloved ones, is that it will take many, many, many thousands of people dedicated to Archangel Michael’s Rosary and the calls perpetual to Archangel Michael to hold the balance when such an alchemy of cosmic freedom is taking place on a planetary scale....

Thus, beloved, the violet flame worked to the advantage and the upliftment of the individuals who were of the light. It did work change, but whether or not that change shall bring about a new level of God consciousness or of the will of God depends entirely upon the players in that scene and the parts they have played and shall play....

When you look at the fallen ones in positions of power, you come to understand that the violet flame can and is accomplishing a great deal of good among the people but it does quickly reach optimum levels of what it can do for want of the necessary bracing of freedom by the will of God....

Thus, we turn your attention once again to the calling forth of the judgment of the Most High God upon the capitalist/communist conspirators and those who move in, because they have such established power, to take advantage of the joy and the lightness and the freedom and the hope that is gained when the violet flame floods the earth and a people. So you understand, as I have said before, beloved ones, that it is more than the violet flame that is at stake: it is free will. And that free will in the hands of fallen ones can be exercised at any time against the very humanity who stands to benefit most from the violet flame.

There is, then, a general clearing of planetary karma through the giving of these invocations on the seventh ray. Some in past years have wondered why we have so stressed and so emphasized the calls to the first ray of God’s will—to Astrea, to Archangel Michael. It is because of this very equation, beloved, the very equation that too much freedom via the violet flame in the hands of those who have always abused it will only beget more abuses of freedom. And for this reason the Karmic Board did decide to initiate the Dark Cycle whereby there should be an acceleration of mankind’s returning karma and that of the fallen ones—this for the sole purpose of curtailing their wickedness and their evil deeds. Thus enmeshed in their karma and their karmic problems they would be so confined as to not be able to create world destruction and world holocaust.

Although the judgment calls that you have received have been placed whether in the illumination section of the decree book, in the fifth ray, the third ray sections and so forth, all calls for the judgment of the unjust deeds of the seed of the Wicked One are calls which come under the first ray of God’s holy will. And therefore, in combination with your blue-flame decrees it is absolutely necessary and it becomes more necessary daily ... that you should in no way let down your guard or be chary with your calls to Archangel Michael and Astrea or in giving the judgment calls....

The only way, then, that these fallen angels can be curtailed in the time remaining in their life span is through your judgment calls, for they are in your domain. Once they pass on naturally—and we do not advocate any other means—at that hour they become subject to that Final Judgment. They do become subject to it but, beloved ones, they use all of their forces and their momentums and they wage war against the very angels who come to bind them and take them....

Therefore, let it be said that wise Keepers of the Flame—who understand so much of the Teachings and the Path and what are the necessary decrees—will provide the foundation whereby those who do receive our violet flame tapes may have an immediate transmutation of the misqualified substance of negative karma in their worlds which has kept them from the Path and the study of the Teachings of the Ascended Masters so long. Above all, they need violet flame transmutation and indeed calls for the tube of light and to Archangel Michael for his unfailing protection.

As they become enamored of the violet flame through the beauty of your voices and harmonies and through the rhythm and the sound of the Word, they shall make swift progress. They shall be cut free from false gurus and false teachings or those paths which are half-truths and represent old dispensations which cannot and will not carry them into the New Age dispensations of Aquarius nor prepare them for the planetary changes which may come.

Thus, beloved hearts, when ... there is that building momentum of violet flame, we surely do look forward to the action of Cosmic Christ illumination reinforced by tremendous calls to the will of God and to the Archangel Michael, that in every area where there is ground that is gained for the soul, the state, the family, the planet, it shall not be lost through those who have abused power and come in as the archmanipulators to tear from those who are the new souls on the Path the great joy of entering in.[3]

In 1982, Saint Germain spoke of the necessity of guarding the release of the violet flame:

You will understand, therefore, the extreme necessity to guard that violet-flame action from giving any more fuel to the laggard races in the Middle East and anywhere else upon this planetary body.

And, therefore, by the authority of my own office, as Hierarch of the Aquarian Age, I empower you in my name to make the call for the withdrawal of all support of the violet flame and the white fire of the ascension light from all laggard evolutions, that they may not misqualify the light of God, that they may not turn light to darkness.[4]

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